108 Names of Lord Caitanya by Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya and 12 Names of Lord Nityananda

Oh great soul! It is recommended that in the morning (6-8:24 a.m.), one faithfully approach and recite this sin-destroying prayer to Shri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. One who does will fill the awakening of ecstatic loving devotion unto Lord Hari - of this there is no doubt! Even if one is afflicted with an incurable disease, one becomes freed from all danger of the ailment. Even if one has committed all types of offences, one becomes freed from their effects. If one chants this great prayer with faith and transcendental devotion on Lord Caitanya`s appearance day (Gaura-Purnima), then one perpetually attains the fulfillment of their each and every pure desire. If a devotee couple wishes to have a child but are unable, then they will obtain a child without a doubt. And at the time of death, they will attain remembrance of Shri Caitanya-deva and enter His eternal pastimes.

108 Names of Lord Chaitanya mahaprabhu

namaskritya pravakshyami, dev-devam jagad-gurum
namnam-ashtottara-shatam, caitanyasya mahatmanah

Oh great soul! After offering obeisances unto the lord of lord, Who is the spiritual master of the entire universe, I will now narrate 108 holy names of Lord Caitanya:

Vishvambharo jita-krodho, maya-manusha-vigrahah
Amyai mayinam shreshto, varo-desho dvijottamah

Gauranga sustains the universe, is victorious over the influence of mundane anger, and He assumes the illusory form of a human. He is bereft of fradulent behavior, is the foremost of cheaters, appears in the best of lands and is the ultimate brahmana.

Jagannatha-priya-sutah, pitr-bhakto maha-manah
Lakshmi-kantah shaci putrah, premado bhakta-vatsalah

Gauranga is the dearest son of Jagannatha Mishra, Gauranga is the devotee of his father, and He has great mental power. He is the beloved husband of the goddess of Fortune, the son of mother Shaci, the bestower of ecstatic loving devotion, and He is very affectionate to His devotees.

Dvija-priya dvija –varo, vaishnava-prana-nayakah
dvi-jati-pujakah shantah, shrivasa-priya ishvarah

Gauranga is dear to the twice-initiated brahmanas, He is the best among the brahmanas, and He is the hero of the devotees`s life and soul. He worships the brahmanas. He is peaceful and saintly. He is very dear to Shrivasa Pandita, and He is the supreme controller.

Tapta-kancana-gaurangah, simha-grivo maha-bhujah
Pita-vasa rakta-pattah, sad-bhujo ´tha catur-bhujah

His complexion is like molten gold, His neck is like a lion`s, His arms are very muscular. He wears yellow cloth (as householder) and red cloth as a sannyasi. He exhibits a six-armed form and also a four-armed form.

dvi-bhujash ca gada-panih, cakri padma-dharo ´malah
panca-janya-dharah sharngi, venu-panih surottamah

Gauranga exhibits a two-armed form, holds the mace, discus, lotus, and He is sinless. He holds the Pancajanya conch shell, the bow, the flute, and is the foremost of the demigods.

Kamalaksheshvarah prito, gopa-liladharo yuva
Nila-ratna-dharo rupya, hari kaustubha-bhushanah

Gauranga is the Lord of the lotus-eyed Lakshmi. He is beloved to all living beings. He is the abode of cowherding pastimes and is supremely youthful. He likes to wear sapphires, silver necklaces, and is adorned with the kaustubha gem.

Shrivatsa-lanchano bhasvan, mani-dhrik kanja-locanah
Tatanka-nila-shrih rudra, lila-kari-guru-priyah

Gauranga is decorated with the mark of Shrivatsa and His form is embellished with many brilliant jewels. He has lotus-petal-shaped eyes. His majesty is enhanced by sapphire earrings. He sometimes enacts the pastimes of Lord Shiva, and He is very dear to His spiritual master.

Sva-nama-guna-vakta ca, namopadesha-dayakah
Acandala-priyah shuddhah, sarva-prani-hite ratah

Gauranga is aware of the attributes of His own hoy names. He imparts teachings about the holy names. He is dear even to the lowest of outcastes. His character is totally immaculate. He is engaged in the welfare of all living beings.

Vishvarupanujah sandhya, vatarah-shitalashayah
Nihsima-karuno gupta, atma-bhakti-pravartakah

Gauranga is the younger brother of Vishvarupa. He incarnated during dusk. He wants to cool the burning sufferings of living beings. His compassion is limitless. He is very secretive. He preaches devotion unto the true self.

Mahanando nato nritya, gita-nama-priyah kavih
Arti-priyah, shucih shuddho, bhavado bhagavat-priyah

Gauranga is absorbed in the greatest bliss. He behaves as a dramatic actor, and is fond of dancing, singing, and chanting holy names. He is a learned scholar and poet. He is dear to those who are suffering. He is meticulously clean and spotlessly pure. He confers ecstatic loving emotions. He is intimate with the great devotees.

Indradi-sarva-lokehsa, vandita-shri-padambujah
Nyasi-cudamanih krishna, sannyasashrama-pavanah

Gaurangas`s divine lotus feet are worshipped by Lord Indra and all the rulers of various heavenly planets. He is the crest-jewel of renunciates. He is the all-attractive Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is the purifier of the renounced order.

Caitanyah-krishna-caitanyo, danda-dhrig nyasta-dandakah
Avadhuta-priyo nitya, nanda-shad-bhuja-darshakah

Gauranga is the all-attractive living force of all creation. He carries the staff of the renounced order, and also abandons it. He is dear to Shri Nityananda Prabhu, the divine madman. He shows His six-armed form to Nityananda.

Mukunda-siddhi-do dino, vasudevamrita-pradah
Gadadhar-prana-natha, arti-ha sharana-pradah

Gauranga gives perfection to His devotee Mukunda. He behaves with meek and humble mannerisms. He gives nectar to His devotee Vasudeva, the leper. He is the Lord of the life of Gadadhara Pandita. He removes the distress of His devotees. He bestows ultimate shelter to His devotees.

Akindcana-priyah prano, guna-grahi jitendriyah
Adosa-darshi sumukho, madhurah priya-darshanah

Gauranga is dear to those who possess nothing. He is the life and soul of all creation. He accepts only the good qualities of others. He is victorious over the influence of the material senses. He is blind to the faults of others. He has a pleasant face and is supremely sweet. He is very precious to behold.

Pratapa-rudra-samtrata, ramananda-priyo guruh
Ananta-guna-sampannah, sarva-tirthaika-pavanah

Gauranga delivers Maharaja Prataparudra from obstacles. He is the beloved of Ramananda Raya. He is the spiritual master of every living being. He is endowed with limitless good qualities. He is the sole purifier of all places of pilgrimage.

Vaikuntha-natho lokesho, bhaktabhimata-rupa-dhrik
Narayano maha-yogi, jyana-bhakti-pradah prabhuh

Gauranga is the Lord of the anxiety-free spiritual world, and of all material planets. He assumes different forms according to the desires of His devotees. He is the supreme shelter for all living beings. He is the greatest performer of yoga. He imparts intellectual knowledge of devotion. He is the Lord and Master of all.

Piyusha-vacanah prithvi, pavanah satya-vak sahah
Oda-desha-jananandi, sandohamrita-rupa-dhrik

Gauranga´s words emit showers of pure nectar. He is the savior of the earth. He speaks truthfully. He can endure all forms of misery. He delights the people of Orissa. He embodies the form of all universal nectar.

12 Names of the Moonlike Nityananda Prabhu by Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya
One who recites these 12 auspicious holy names of the moonlike Nityananda-candra everyday between 6 - 8.30 a.m. will become free from all difficulties, and attain all his most cherished desires. Very soon he will receive the mercy of Shri Caitanya-deva.

nityanando ´vadhutendur, vasudha-prana-vallabhah
jahnavi-jivita-patih, krishna-prema-pradah prabhu

Shri Nityananda Prabhu is the embodiment of eternal bliss. He is the moon of all avadhutas, and the beloved of the life-breath of Vasudha (his wife). Lord Nityananda is the husband enthusing Jahnavi with life. Nityananda Rama bestows ecstatic love for Krishna, and He is the Lord and Master of the devotees.

Padmavati-sutah shriman, shaci-nandana-purvajah
Bhavonmatto jagat-trata, rakta-gaura-kalevarah

Shri Nityananda is the dear son of Padmavati, and He is full of splendrous transcendental majesty. Nitai is the older brother of Shacimata´s son Nimai. Nityananda Avadhuta is maddened in overwhelming ecstatic emotions. Shri Nityananda Prabhu is the saviour of the universe. His complexion is golden tinged with red.