12 Pathways To Become
A More Spiritual Martial Artist.

...to the point with Ian Waite (taken from NZ Martial Arts Magazine)
Welcome all to this issue of "To the Point". Firstly congratulations to Keith Biddle for his persistent effort in lifting the profile of New Zealand Martial Artists, his courage and foresight in setting up the magazine has left its mark. I am sure everybody will wish him many opportunities in the future. Also, congratulations to Geoff Todd and Edward Yee on their ownership of "New Zealand Martial Arts" and completion of the April/May issue. Their motivation will continue to elevate the magazine's profile for the benefit of all concerned. Remember change is at the very core of the sub-atomic particles that make up our bodies and this constant change moment by moment is at every level of life. So let's embrace this change and all move forward together.
    This issue, I will endeavour to open up instructors and students alike to the frequently forgoten aspects of spiritual teachings within Martial Arts. Many instructors may not wish to involve themselves with these aspects, prefering to tell the student to go to church or see a priest and some may even choose to make jokes and criticise the principles of spiritual understanding. Although we are all coming from where we are coming from, maybe we should not limit our students progression by own own lack of knowledge.
    A large number of students are drawn to the Martial Arts for a deeper understanding of life. This may not be their initial motivation but I have found there is a prominent underlying drive for universal truth in many students. It is not necessary to become a monk, live in a cave or sit on the top of a mountain to help students with this knowledge. The holistic approach to the Martial Arts handed down for hundreds of years may not be your cup of tea, but I believe this shouldnot stop you from making available a broad range of information on this subject. This approach will empower the student to make their own choices and this is the path of the real teacher.
    To reach the highest level of the Martial Arts you must put your body, mind and spirit in harmony with the universe. This state is much easier to describe than to achieve, but I feel that as Instructors we should teach our students understanding of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual techniques at each Belt level, then this desired state will become more accessible. This is the holisitc approach that I teach my own students and part of what I openly share to all students and Instructors that attend my seminars throughout the country.
    The Martial Arts are in part about fighting or "real" self defence and this is a very important pratice. As our society slowly moves towards destroying itself this practice of the "Arts" will become increasingly important. Even more important is the practice of spiritual and mind-spirit that is senior to all other aspects of life. Disciplining yourself to these studies will allow you to really take control of your environment. The following is a brief outline of the twelve pathways to become a more spiritual Martial Artist. These guidelines are for you to consider, focus on and discipline yourself to live by, one at a time, step by step. As the student works on flexibility of the body, so I believe we should all embrace flexibility of thinking.

1.    The Spiritual Martial Artist understands that they are all connected to the pulse of universal energy.
...this allows them to be multi-sensory in the perception of life, not limited by just the five senses.

2.    The Spiritual Martial Artist knows that inner guidance is available through this universal pulse.
...this guidance can be accessed to steer the stdent through this life experience.

3.    The Spiritual Martial Artist knows that thoughts are things and are bad as real actions.
...this knowledge instills the discipline of thinking as well as the discipline of physical training.

4.    The Spiritual Martial Artist understands that intuition is a technique to be practiced, developed and trusted.
...they know there is no such thing as good or bad luck or coincidences.

5.    The Spiritual Martial Artist practises meditation or prayer.
...one great wise man said all man's troubles stem from his ability to sit quietly in a room alone. This practice stills the mind and allows communication with our own understanding of God.

6.    The Spiritual Martial Artist works toward a life of unconditional forgiveness.
...they know that holding grudges and seeking hateful revenge poisons the health of the body, causing sickness, disease and painful death.

7.    The Spiritual Martial Artist is motivated by the personal and business ethics of honesty, quality, harmony and peace.
...they understand that the (get them before they get you approach) will turn against them with intensified negativity.

8.    The Spiritual Martial Artist focuses on authentic power to control, not the external power for controlling and manipulating others.
...they know external power has its place but the real authentic power is the development of the mind, spirit and soul.

9.    The Spiritual Martial Artist discipline themselves to a life of moderation and purity for the physical body.
...they look towards a cleansing and strengthening of the body treating it like a temple, slowly withdrawing from toxic poisons immersered in our food chains.

10.    The Spiritual Martial Artist understands that a violent approach to anything less than self-defence is just adding to the violent energy in our society.
...they focus on what they are FOR (peace, hamony, etc.) not what they are against.

11.    The Spiritual Martial Artist knows that the only creative forces controlling our world today, are our thoughts, our feelings and the spoken words.
...they know the world is in turmoil because the minds of the people are in turmoil.

12.    The Spiritual Martial Artist knows they are a leading example to students, fellow students and all people in our community.
...they draw their responsibility of leadership from the heart and promote the principles of unconditional truth in all things.

        These twelve pathways to spiritual development may not suit everybody, some may have their own rules of life that they live by while some may not have any rules at all, but I find it interesting to note the testimonials of some modern Karate leading masters on this subject. Choki Motobu (1871-1944) wrote, "In Karate we go beyond physical training to seek wisdom through self knowledge and humility". Gichin Funakoshi (1865-1957) wrote that, "...iner discovery provoked a deeper understanding of life". Bushi Mastsumar (1809-1904) Ryukyu Kempo's most famous master wrote, "Let humility the spiritual cornerstone of the fighting Arts place virtue ahead of vice, values ahead of vanity, and principles ahead of personalities". By putting this spiritual knowledge to work everyday, slowly but surely, step by step, we can enrich and fulfil our lives in ways we could not have dreamed possible. Let us all have the courage to make that change"

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