Here are a few more pictures and information.

last updated 27th April 2009

    These are a few pics from the ISKCON PHX temple when Bhakti Vidyapurna Swami and Guruprasad Swami was visiting there. They graced me with their presence and were able to take darsan of Sri Salagram and Giriraj. During this period I was also lucky enough to be able to spread the glories of Salagram and Giriraj at an assembly for the Interfaith Society.
Please give your blessings so that I may continue to serve my Lordships nicely and give Them pleasure.

Humbly your servant,

Akinchana Nitai Das

The Full Altar

Bhaktividya purna Swami taking darshan

Guruprasad Swami taking darshan of Salagrams and Giriraj silas

Salagrams and Giriraj

Absorbed in Their mercy

Akinchana Nitai dasa (me) spreading the glories of His Lordship at the interfaith assembly