Here are a few more pictures and information.

last updated 19th January 2008

Haribol prabhuji!

PAMHO. AGTSP. Once again I have more new shilas. I suppose its because I recieved a new shila on the first day of this year. Hopefully for the rest of the year, Krsna will keep coming to me in the form of Salagram Shila. I have 4 new shilas: two of them are Rama shilas, one is a Chakra shila, and the last one is Laxmi-Kesava. I am attaching photos, please update my profile. Thank you again.
Your servant,
AKinchana Nitai Das

from left to right Ram Chakra Ram and LAxmi Kesava on the bottom

Our shilas welcoming Pancamrta Abhisekha

Pancamrta Abhisekha

All my shilas together

Our new shilas with Gokulanand and Mahaprabhu