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last updated 10th May 2008

Haribol Prabhuji!

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupad.

I was just recently given 9 Salagram shilas and Giriraj shila by Dasarath prabhu, who brought them back all the way from Vrndavan. One of the Salagram shilas is in the shape of Krsna's footprint, and the rest are Krsna shilas. My sweet new Giriraj's name is Girigopal and looks exactly like a smaller version Sri Giri Govardhan. I feel truly blessed to be able to have all these shilas. It is known of course, that it is very difficult to please Giriraj outside of Braja Dham, therefore I offer my humblest respectful obeisances to all who worship him outside the Dham and ask for blessings so that I can worship Him and continue to worship Him properly. For Him to come to me again in the form of Giri Gopal is so amazingly wonderful. He is so merciful and truly makes me feel like I am close to Vrndavan Dham, which i miss so much. I pray that he may one day bring me back with Him to the eternally blissful Goloka Vrndavan.

your humble servant,

Akinchana Nitai Das

left - middle and right altar pics
for bigger size see below

9 krsna shilas & 1 Nrsingha shila, the temple's and my new Giriraj shilas

Rubbing Nrisinghadev with oil

preparing for abhisekha

sitting in the bathing tray

bathing Bhava prabhu's new Nrisingha shila

bathing sweet Giri Gopal

bringing my 9 salagram and Giriraj shilas back to my room altar

putting eyes, mouth, & tilak on Giri Gopal

Giri Gopal after bathing and dressing

left altar

middle altar

right altar

the second day bathing

Giri Gopal up close

my other Giriraj shilas

new shilas with some of the other shilas

after bathing and dressing