Here are a few more pictures and information.

last updated 3rd January 2008


Hari Hari!
PAMHO. AGTSP. Happy New Years! I hope that everything is well and with the coming of the new year our devotion grows for the Lord!
My New Year's began with the most wonderful gift: a new shila! He was given to me by Dasarath prabhu, a Prabhupad disciple from ISKCON Tukson. He has many shilas and parted with one of them to me. Previously the shila was in Sedona Center of Vedic Culture. He was also given to me without a name. This new shila has a cow hoof-print on his back so I belive that he is a Krsna Shila. I named him Nila Madhava.

your servant,
Akinchana Nitai Das

Sri Nila Madhava

Being bathed with panchamrita

Nila Madhava's hoof print on His back

A close up

Nila Madhava all dressed and ready to shower His mercy