Quoted from the Visnu Purana  Canto 3, Chapter 13: (As quoted in Hari Bhakti Vilas.)

 "Intelligent people should bathe the dead body very nicely and decorate it with flower garlands properly and take it outside the village and burn it in the crematorium area, and then take bath in complete clothes, facing in the southern direction. He should then offer some water to that dead person, stating his own name and dynasty (gotra). Every day until the house becomes purified, he should eat only boiled rice without any dahl or vegetables. If brahmanas want to eat in the house, he should feed them because by feeding brahmanas, the dead person feels satisfied. On the third day, seventh day and ninth day after death, one should take bath and give water to the dead person, mixed with some sesame seeds. On the fourth day after death, one should take some bones or ashes of the dead person to put in a holy place. A man should not copulate with his wife until the house is purified. A person's house remains contaminated for only one day if the person who died was a child, or if he died at a long distance or in a different country, if either a saintly person or fallen person died within the house, if he died either by drowning or by being burnt in fire or due to suicide such as hanging himself.

 "One should not eat in the house of a dead person for at least ten days, and in unclean condition, one should not give charity or take charity, perform sacrifices or teach others. This ten days uncleanliness is only for the brahmana. For the ksatriya, the period is twelve days and for the vaisya it is fifteen days. A sudra's house becomes purified in one month. On the eleventh, the thirteenth, the sixteenth or the thirty-first day, one should perform a sacrifice and invite brahmanas to feed. The remnants of their food should be given to the dead on kusa grass. Then every month on the death day, he should perform some sort of a sacrifice and feed the brahmanas until the end of one year. He can do pinda-dana in Gaya. One should invite a brahmana who knows the six limbs of scriptures, who can chant the Vedic mantras clearly, who performs sacrifices, who is very austere, who knows the Sama Veda, who chants japa, his own nephew, his own brother in law, his own father in law, his maternal uncle, a brahmacari (celibate), a yogi who burns five fires, a disciple and a person who is very dear to his parents. These kinds of brahmanas should be invited.

It is further said:

"A person who has betrayed his own friend, one who has bad nails, an eunuch, one who has black teeth, one who enjoys his own daughter, one who does not know Vedic knowledge, one who sells soma juice (beer), one who is criticized by the society, a fault finder, a ritualistic smarta brahmana, one who educates after taking salary or one who gives salary to be educated, one who is the husband of a twice married woman, one who has rejected his good parents, one who takes care of a sudra's offspring, one who is the husband of a sudra woman, one who earns his livelihood by making a business out of spiritual life. Such persons should not be invited to eat in the sraddha ceremony.

 "He should invite the brahmanas the day before the sraddha ceremony, and if there is an uninvited sadhu who comes in, he should also feed him sumptuously and nicely. When the brahmanas come to his house, he should wash their feet very nicely and offer them acamana and a seat to sit down. If he is inviting brahmanas for his forefathers' sraddha ceremony, he should invite an uneven number of brahmanas. If he is inviting them to please the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna, then he should invite an even number of brahmanas. He should feed the brahmanas who were invited for the forefathers' sraddha ceremony with them facing the northern direction. He should face the brahmanas who were invited for pleasing the Supreme Lord in eastern direction while feeding them. If there is a hungry person who comes, he should also be given some food. Before feeding the brahmanas, he should prepare a red hot fire and place a little ghee, some food which is free from salt and leafy vegetables in the fire. After feeding the brahmanas he should give them some charity (daksina) and silently, he should himself accept eatables.

 "A real nude person is he who is not educated in spiritual science. Another kind of nude person is he who does not fall into one of the four asramas (brahmacari, grhastha, vanaprastha and sannyasa). Another kind of nude person is he who, after taking grhastha asrama, does not, in due course of time, take vanaprastha and sannyasa. Another nude person is he who does not take to and follow proper Vedic instructions even though he is capable of doing so. If a person is healthy and not in a difficult situation, but he does not perform his daily prescribed duties, then he can only be purified by performing an act of atonement. If someone comes to see a person who is not following Vedic principles properly, but looks Vedic, and touches him, he should take a cloth bath for his own purification. Any grhastha is considered sinful if within his house, the demigods, the sages, and the forefathers are not respected and welcome, but are criticized. One should not speak to such a person, or sit with him, or associate with him. If somebody sits in the same seat or eats in his house or sleeps on his bed (with such a person), he immediately becomes fallen. Anyone who eats without feeding saintly persons, demigods, and guests, verily eats sin. A brahmana, after giving up his own religious and occupational duties, who takes up another's duties, is similarly said to be nude. Wherever all of the four asramas are combined in their actions, all saintly qualities diminish. One should not speak with hypocrites, especially on the fasting days or after bathing. One should do his daily routine or spiritual services. If any person sees a house where there is no daily routine done for at least one month, then he should see the sun for his own purification. Just by associating with hypocrites, by speaking with them, sitting with them, etc. one becomes sinful. Hypocrites, impious people, those who do dirty activities secretly, those who are hard hearted and selfish, show bottle spiritualist, one should not respect them and should avoid their association by staying at a distance. By associating with such people and scripturally nude people, one ruins at least one day's merits."