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Video showing the dangers of GM foods.

GM or GE:
There is a great deal of controversy about the introduction of genetically modified (GM) crops and foods. Many people are concerned that growing GM crops could lead to irreversible harm to the environment. Others argue that GM crops have been rigorously tested and offer many benefits. Here we are trying to present a balanced view, but with the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach, and looking to see what other positive alternatives are available, possibly less environmentally implicating, less possibility of karmik reaction, or genetic mutation, and possible further entanglement in areas that could create monsters out of everyday situations that today are mere challenges.

In our Environmental pages we have noted numerous incidents where man has interfered with God's plan (nature's plan) and created mutated and complicated situations with dangerous ramifications to the entire planet. Scientists who speculate like children with new chemistry sets at Xmas, and motivated corporate industries coughing up moratoriums and commissions are NOT reliable sources of information due to their own vested interests. The need for an unmotivated unbiased approach as we're trying to present here, looking at both positives and negative realities without masking or hiding the truth is much needed in the world today.

Genetic Modification, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology including Cloning are very real and serious issues in today's world, and for future generations clear paths need to be set by clear minded, unbiased, materially unmotivated persons. The preservation and propagation of Human Values based not on mere economics, but based in the higher principles of reality that look toward the REAL welfare of human society, those principles are that of Krishna consciousness.

So far here in New Zealand "No approval has ever been given under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act to release any genetically modified organism — seed, plant, animal, insect, bacteria, virus — in New Zealand. No genetically modified organisms (with some limited exceptions, such as medicines) will be approved for release into the New Zealand environment before October 2003. Without approval, no genetically modified crops can be grown here commercially and no genetically modified seeds can be sold here."(10 Facts on GM) However, due to pressures by commercial enterprise and prestigious scientific awards, etc we really don't know how long various aspects of such greed will stave off change, that will come disguised in a silk covered sword presented as being the best thing for us, due to ...............(well...a pandora's box full of cleverly presented avenues, that could be a threat to; health, the economy, et al.)

We cannot be directed by those with commercial interest, nor those with ambition, or the need for power, or political clout, all sponsored by "well wishers" from various vested industiral environments; pharmasutical, energy and power, meat and dairy, et al.

The power is genuinely with the people, but propaganda by the motivated at present outweighs education or informed decision making.

These pages are so designed to help us all make conscious decisions for the benefit of all Mankind.

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