Namaste All:

I have been reading quite some fiery messages on this group over last few days. Sri Vivek's enthusiasm is worth appreciation. I hear that a lot needs to be changed and quite agree to the fact that hypocrisy has become perhaps inculcated in our genes. Hundreds of years of slavery has actually entered our blood. There seems to be so much desperation to come out of this slavery once for all. But I believe that this desperation needs to be even more intense. Whatever talks of freedom from slavery and hypocrisy we do are also embedded into some other variants of same hypocrisy and slavery. The solution is not to replace one set of wrongs with another for  a stop-gap arrangement. But to take the challenge, if we really have the mettle, to march forward with the flag of pure unadulterated truth. Let us ask ourselves - do we have this courage? The courage to delete our entire past and start afresh with only principles in place. If we as proud claimants of vedic heritage claim vedas to be divine, do we have courage to accept the pure divine knowledge of vedas as our lighthouse and reject EVERYTHING else? If yes, we are ready for the war. if not, let us prepare ourselves further for the war!

I might be sounding confusing - what does this fellow actually mean? What is anti-vedic in war cry for Hindus and opposing the injustice to Hindus by outsiders and insiders? I tell you - the whole concept of Hinduism is the most demeaning thing and biggest slur of slavery on our heritage. Do we have guts to reject it and call ourselves Arya and Arya alone? Arya - the noble ones who follow the science of Vedas in thoughts, words and actions?

What is wrong with Hindu?

The word Hindu is a mark of our slavery. Tell me, which ancient text has this rubbish word to describe people of India. I bet- you will find none. The word Hindu, dervied from Sindhu was used to refer derogatorily to people on eastern side of Indus river by those on the other side. To them, Hindu meant a Black Thief. And we are stupid enough to accept this word as a matter of pride!! Our great social-leaders and thought-leaders appeal to us to be proud of being Hindus- black thieves!! How many have guts to say" I am proud to be Arya". And Arya doesnt refer to any cast, creed, race. It just refers to people who live a scientifically justifiable life, as detailed in Vedas.

The movement of transformation can succeed only if we accept that we dont represent any race or even ideology, We represent acceptance of the truth and truth alone and reject everything else. And the goal is not to defend ourselves - that is the strategy of the weak and incapable. Our goal is to transform the whole world into Arya!!

We are to blame ourselves
Whatever durdasha that Bharat is into is due to our own incapability and wrong ideologies that we made into hallmarks of our culture. And we are so proud of it!! How many of us have the guts to reject all the stupidity of Puranas, their grossly vulgar stories, illogical rituals and say that it is all trash. It is against Vedas and hence we reject it. We believe only in the science of Vedas.

How many of us have guts to say that the frauds of Astrology/Kundli that has time and again robbed us of great opportunities to improve and have caused our slavery are all trash? How many of us, who really want freedom, can break away from clutches of the frauds of this temple and idol worship business that actually takes us away from god and acts as opium for masses. Vedas dont utter a word on such crazy kinds of worship, it infact talks against it saying dont seek god in inanimate. It talks of only three ways of reaching God - gaining right scientific knowldege (jnana), putting best efforts in our lives (karma) and meditating through yoga (upasana). We left all that behind, hid vedas from common masses, got entrapped in frauds of puaranic teachings without once referring back to vedas to see if all this trash is actually correct or not, divided the society, let fatalism overpower us in form of various rituals, pujas, mantras, jaap, mala, anguthi, siddhi, made mayavaad our ideology, ignored the problems of society and nation and attacks of enemies considering jagat to be mithya, seeked solace in powers of various idols and astrology, made vulgar strories of Puranas and their grossly cheap desriptions of our great heroes like Krishna, Shiva as representation of our culture, and then let foreigners misinterpret vedas the way they felt like. And still instead of standing out in favor of pure truth, we are able to gather courage to only talk of half-hearted measures.

If we really want to transform the world, esp India, going to temples and doing mala-jap of Ram, Krishna, Hanuman will not do. We need to actually follow what these great fellows followed.

My question is - do we have the guts to stand up for such a change? A total change. We will have to shed away the tendency to be opportunistic is choosing what is right and wrong as per demands of situation. Instead we will have to gather guts to follow only the truth and truth alone  with belief that if we are in path of God, and He is all powerful, we need not bother about anything else.