last updated 8th October 2007

....and keep coming back between now and December 

Dear devotees of ISKCON New Zealand,

Please accept my humble obeisance's. All glories to Srila Prabhupad.

Last year I had the good fortune to participate in the the Jagannatha Family Festival in Rotorua and Hamilton. I was very inspired by the enthusiasm and Krsna consciousness of the devotees. The organization of the programs was also efficient.
I understand that there will another Jagannath Family Festival at the end of this year and I would request all of you to kindly give your support in whatever way you can.

I hope this finds you in good health and Krsna conscious mood,

Your servant,
Prabhavisnu Swami

Kuliraga In-house Stage entertainment is an opportunity for you (the devotees) to organize a performance. The entertainment is dependent on the devotees performing........... at present a couple of devotees have something to present..............., MORE NEEDED! (poetry , theatre, dance, comedy, skits, music, .... ) this is for anyone, young /old, amateur / professional ....So get those creative thinking caps on!

Also, if anyone has an inspiration to help out in any arena it is much needed and would be greatly appreciated to make the festival happen.Below please find an 'e-mail' and a 'print' version of our festival brochure please forward this to anyone who may like to attend! (as we need to know how many we are catering for please register/ or confirm you attendance with Trivikrama by December 10th)

Click HERE to view an information  .PDF file regarding all aspects of the festival

Click HERE to download a printable brochure of all events

Click HERE to download the printable poster

(Download latest Adobe PDF Reader HERE)

Download the “Niladri Mela” Flyer in Word format

So if last year is anything to go by this year’s family festival promises to be a beautie! Such a wonderful opportunity for sanga guaranteed to charge you up for the rest of the year!!

We would like to invite and enlist the involvement of all ISKCON devotees and friends to prepare something as an offering for the pleasure of Lord Jagannatha and the entertainment of the devotees for a specific feature of this Niladri Festival “Kuli Mela” nightly in-house stage entertainment.

This could take the form of Music / Bhajana , poetry, theatre, dance or other cultural presentations. As was the case last year we are desirous that the devotee youth are able to be actively involved.

For expression of interest and further enquiries phone:

Hanuman 09-836-0622  ( or
Trivikrama 07-552-0029  (

Whangamata: 5 days from 26th to 30th December 2007
How can you help? We need funding for the following:

Marquee Hire: for Venue site $2,175
Cooking site facilities $800
Devotee Prasadam: Bhoga $3,000
Free Distribution Prasad: $1,000
Porta loo’s: $820
Portable cool room: $300
Lighting system for programs $500
Plus other general expenses

We also have our club 108 where you can make a general donation of $108

We already have 20% of our desired total of $10,000

For general information and donations/pledges please contact:
Trivikrama das:
(or 07-552-0029 / 021-134-0507)

Please send donations (specify for JFF) to:
ISKCON  1229 Coatesville / Riverhead Hwy, RD 2, Kumeu.
(or hand to Rasabihari dasi at the temple shop)

For Online payments:
A/c Name:  ISKCON Deity
A/c No:  010141-0015054-00
Reference: JFF + Surname

Remembering the 2007 Festival

Contact Details:

Trivikram dasa (07) 552 0029 (Tauranga/Katikati)  or
Hanuman  (09) 836 0622 (Auckland)
Yashoda Dhula dasa (03) 960 7832 (Christchurch)