The first commandment from India
Honour Thy Mother and Thy Father.

Who gives you everything
plus extra special care ?
Who worries when you're sad
or you're not there ?

Who gives all her love to you before any other ?
Who would do this but your very own mother ?

Who works hard all the day-long just to give you food, clothing, and a safe place to live ?
From him you learn the secrets of body and soul, so you can choose later which way to go.
From him it is no bother.
Who is it ? you loving Father.

Who gives you her milk, cheese and sweet butter ?
the generous cow is everyone's mother.

Who tills the land for grains
and many a vegetable ?
Did you guess your second father
is the hard-working bull ?

Just as your mother gave
her time, care and guidance,
you'll get careful love
from her helper, the nurse.

From a patient teacher you'll learn letters
and how to be respectful.
In ways of the world and of spirit
he'll teach you how to be quite thoughtful.

A King must see all in his kingdom
safe, peaceful and well fed.
He wishes them good happy lives
on their way back home to Godhead

The Queen loves all in her
kingdom as a mother does her own children.

The importance of life for the brahmana's wife is knowing
the best part of love is for God.

Who but the high priest
is a brahmana who must teach the King to rule all nations under God ?

The Spiritual Master teaches the way back to Godhead to disciples eagre to listen.

His wife is faithful to him, and these students are just like her children.

Mother Earth gives more than enough for all your needs.
Her mountains are full of fresh water, jewels, plants and seeds, her forests full with trees fruits, flowers and honey; and fields full with vegetables, cereals, all things a-plenty.

And who plants the seed ?
The Father of all that be !
The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna gives shelter and feeds the elephant, the ant,
the flower and bee, my mother, my father and yes - even me.

(Written by Parvati devi dasi. 1989. My Little Lore Books. printed in Hong Kong.)