Sex in Krishna consciousness is for the sole purpose of bringing into this world devotees of the Lord - Rays of Vishnu. Sex is not condoned in Krishna consciousness for fleeting sensual pleasure, or some recreational activity. Therefore such deviations, and abuse has NOTHING to do with the teachings of Krishna consciousness - end of subject.

There is no provision what ever for pedophilia in Krishna consciousness. Those who have exploited the trust of parents and children in their care and have abused them, taking advantage of their innocence will in due course be punished.

They will be punished by being denied human life; they will be punished by legal restraint and incarceration; and further they will be punished for their inappropriate actions by the sharp laws of karma, under which they will suffer even more than you or I could inflict upon them.

If you know of a known pedophile hiding in the guise of a devotee, please inform us and we will get it dealt with.

More to come