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The attributes and qualities of glorious womanhood
last updated 13th July 2005
There are many links here, and with much good material that will enable those of us embodied souls in the various genders to respectfully transcend mundane misconceptions and adopt the genuine role as portrayed by some great Vaishnavas and Vaishnavis found in the links. As we are looking for good tomatoes amid a pile of tomatoes in the marketplace so to speak, we have come across mushy ones, fury ones, grey hairy ones, down-right slimy ones and so on. However, as with the contents of some of the articles that come from non devotional sources, what we are looking for are nice ripe tomatoes that can have some minor purification done prior to us offering those fruits to the Lord for His ultimate pleasure. So please bear with us and try to see the essence in the pages and try to use what we can to help all devotees appreciate the functionary roles that due to circumstances we are all bound by.

The qualities and attributes of glorious womanhood:
How to see all women - by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur from his biography called "Sarswati Jayasri"
Ideal Qualities of Womanhood - 25 Qualities of Srimati Radharani - Through Mahavegavati dasi :
Qualities of Srimati Radhika by Lord Krishna from Rupa Goswami's Lalita Madhava:
Saints who had women's bodies - great saintly role models for women everywhere:
Women in Hinduism  - (a mirror page here for emergency)
Seeing all women other than one's wife as mother - mataji:
The Worshippable Mother:
Mother's Day - that special one day a year to honour our mothers:
Mother's Day Every Day - By B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami
Women unprotected leading to mistreatment and abuse of women folk:
Manipulative men mistreat women:
Pumschari - women who allow themselves to be manipulated by lusty men to get ahead:
Domestic Abuse
Real Equality - Mutual Appreciation of Differences - Spiritual Nature:

Sadhvi Today - for the contemporary Vaishnavi - Empowering Women Devotees:
Women in Vedic Culture by Sri Nandanandana dasa ACBSP (Stephen Knapp)
Reactionary Modern day women:
Feminism as misrepresentation of womanhood:
Equity feminism - a contradiction
The Absurdity Of Feminism:
Ifeminism versus Gender feminism
iFeminism - individualist feminism: an introduction:
Feminism's Third Wave by Angela Fiori:
Ladies Against Feminism
A criticism of iFeminism
Some views at the motive and intent behind feminizam: (with some good links)
Exposing the 12 myths of Feminism:
Topless - bottomless - gains no respect:
Women are children - feminists today say all heteosexual sex is rape because women collectively have no will to resist evil men:
Men becoming victims of feministic manipulation:

A Good Wife Article from Housekeeping monthly 13th May 1955.
Mother's Day - Father's Day:
Pages in relation to sex - seX-files: (abstaining from..., indulging in..., perversions...., misunderstandings...., addictions too...and more)

Qualities of Manhood:
Being a Gentleman:
The Vaishnava Calendar DataBase with all Vaishnava Acharyas Avirbhav - Tirubhav - Panjika - Panchanga - Events etc - takes a "middle of the road approach" By B. V. Tripurari Swami :
many articles by B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami


Good Wife Article from Housekeeping monthly 13th May 1955.