Tamal Krishna Goswami's Disappearance Festival 16.03.02, Mayapur Dham

Master of Ceremonies: Sivarama Swami

Speech by Keshava Bharati Prabhu. [a lot of text missing from this one]

Om ajnana timirandhasya...................

TKG, when I heard the news yesterday I could not conceive of how it would be for you possible to be in the car and run into a tree. You were so attentive  to details. Our lives were intertwined. During Prabhupada's presence when I watched you, when I assisted you in serving him. How attentive you were.

All day ysterday I could only chant Hare Krushna and it was inconceivable.

I only could conceive one thing that Prabhupada has called you back. I want to make it as short as I can because  I can't speak. The essence of TKg's heart was ecstatic love for SP. Wherever he went before and after disappearance
of SP he always had the murti of SP.

You're not an ordinary person. You are a great soul. Great souls are never attracted to anything mediocre. They are driven by energies that are very difficult to understand. I know that you're one of most misunderstood personalities that I met in my life. When Srila Prabhupada departed I was fortunate enough to be in the room and assist you in serivng SP during those days. When SP deprated the world became vacant.

Externally SP used you to keep you, to use you with very deep intelligence and orgainae things to push KC from one place to another form San Francisco, to India, China, etc. He used you as an instrument because you wanted to I

Some people, please forgive me for mentioning this. Some people have actually criticized him for not crying when SP left this world .. how could he have the ecstatic love for SP when he was so unmoved I But the next day when we took SP on his flower aiplane around Vrindavna, he was fanning SP and I was next to him. I was watching very carefully and tears started to
> shoot from his eyes, that it knocked his glasses off and he couldn't put
> them back on. At that moment I knew I was watching someone with ecstatic
> love for SP.
> I could go on the whole day to explain so many things, but I want to say
> that in all the years that we were together when our relationship became
> interesting that sometimes it became too hard to take,  I would go and
> backI And at some point I realized that I was being trained in a way that
> was inconceivable, and I was trained by a person who was trained like that
> by SP. I eternally indebted to you for the training that you gave me, for
> opportunities of service, for introducing me to SP. I am going to miss you
> lot, a lotI He was so intelligent and so organized and I don't know..
> somehow or other some different kinds of things that wereI I pray to be
> to be serve SP with you as soon as possible. It's not possible to explain
> with any words.. it's inconceivable.
> Message from Bhavananda Das, as read out by Sivarama Swami:
> TKG is my dearest and first friend in ISKCON. I will suffer his loss for
> rest of my life. First I lost my spiritual master and now I lost my best
> friend.
> Your servant, Bhavananda Das
> Giridhari Swami
> It's difficult to speak in these cirumstances, I was very shocked on
> the news. I had the great fortune from the beginning of my live in Krsna
> consciousness to have his assoicataion many places, times, various types
> service, and I witnessed a great unceasing determination to serve SP,
> through each and every activity he did. Many qualities we could focus,
> is his determination to spread KC and overcome all obstacles. Particularly
> from when we went to Hong Kong in 1980.
> In those days it was still British, but had tremendous restrictions and KC
> hadn't blossomed there. So from beginning he worked very hard to
> re-establish, worked with lawwyes, had to grow hair, get society
> re-registered, just to lay the groundwoek. No local devotees and we tried
> conceive how to spread through yoga in an undercover way. A number of
> attracted by yoga became our first devotees, and then we were able to do
> harinam, books, and all other outreach programs.
> >From 1987 we were inspired by Kirtiraja Prabhu to try to do more in
> Up till then it was closed and one could hardly get a visa for more than a
> few days. But then opportunity arose, so inspired by him TKG said "now or
> never. Let's try". He was feeling the push of SP to do something bigger.
> were bold, in devotional attire and did harinam sitting in parks for
> Hundreds of people were attracted, surrounding us, inquisitive about us.
> between the chanting he would speak with a translator, and attracted
> the first devotees. We kept on, then couldn't continue in that way, and
> again we went undercover, but this was the foundation. From that time we
> number of devotees in various places, participating in KC. He inspired it,
> worked tirelessly all day, working working. How to organize better,
> engage others, delegate, use time best way.  . . . I witnessed all my
> devotional life with him that he was tremendously determined. Others would
> give up, he would overcome obstacles. Extraordinary. He was very kind
> personally though I didn't deserve it. He went out of way to inspire,
> encourage, train, give me responsibility. Always pushing me forward.
> Sometimes against my conditioned will but he knew how to get the most out
> me. It was hard as I limited, but later when I thought about it I saw he
> always correct in his perceptions. What to do, how he trained me to do
> properly. Eternally indebted. From beginning to present, will go on for
> every breath of this life to render service to him and disciples and
> followers. I pray that together we'll be able realize his dreams in
> projects and please SP in the way he strived to.
> Ekacakra Prabhu:
> He is one of the devotees responsible for preaching in China.
> Namo 'om etc.
> So I have had quite extensive association with HH TKG in the preaching of
> in China. And just to illustrate a couple of the qualities he had I would
> like to relate some incidents from our preaching. As Giridhari Swami said
> just how TKG was such a determined preacher.
> Once in China in 1988, there was no devotees so we used to attend English
> corners: gatherings of Chinese practising English together. We'd go there
> and start speaking. Find some way to preach to them. I remember once he in
> one hour could speak to someone who had no idea about KC, present them the
> whole philosophy in an easy and concise way. Take them to the hotel, feed
> them vegetarian Chinese prasadam. Some of them on the spot, everything
> time, they would surrender and ask "What now?" Then he told them the 4
> 16 rounds and they started from the first day they met him. This is one
> aspect.
> Expert, forceful preacher. Another aspect is his kind gentle nature. He
> appears heavy, but actually gentle and kind. I remember once in China the
> first time I cooked. I wasn't very experienced. He told us to buy
> cooking books so the locals would relate and become vegetarian. I had no
> experience, and we know that to cook for him one has to be together.
> Every five minutes he was checking me. I was nervous. I managed a few
> subjis, rice, soup. I was serving but he told me to eat together with him.
> This was all in the hotel room. The kitchen was on the desk, the bathroom
> was for washing. Then he got up went to the bathroom, washed and came out
> and asked what he could serve me. I was a 6-month bhakta and he was
> me. I was embarrassed but accepted. As Kesava Bharati Prabhu said, he was
> one of the most misunderstood devotees, but I can assure you from my
> experience that nobody was more kind than him. So today I pray I become a
> perfect tool for preaching KC in China and a pure servant of HH Tamal
> Krishan Goswami and the acaryas, and develop the strength and humility to
> serve the Vaisnavas properly.
> Jahnava wife of Ekacakra. She is translator of Srila Prabhupada's books in
> Chinese.
> (Speaks in Chinese with Ekachakra translating in English)
> I don't know what urgent matter Krsna has to take away GM so suddenly. To
> this just like thunder striking in clear weather. Sad experience. Not
> feeling sad for him so much because he has gone to SP and Krsna and is
> with them. Now I feel so much regret, tortured by regret. Krsna was so
> merciful to give me such a merciful GM but I didn't properly treasure it.
> first saw him 8 years ago, initiated 6 years ago. Since then he was always
> so merciful to me. But I wasn't properly reciprocating and grateful
> So fallen, he wanted me to take the elevator to Krsna but I was struggling
> with his mercy. To take diksa is in one sense a formal ceremony. But to
> to do according to the guru's heart's desire isn't so easy.
> So in process of trying to serve him and be of one mind, I had 4 stages.
> Today I tell this in front of the Taiwanese devotees so they don't make
> same mistakes at initiation. I speak in front of Radha Madhava, Srila
> Prabhupada, and all devotees in a confession so I can be relieved from the
> bottom of my heart. From the first day he gave me strong pressure. Then I
> was distributing books in China. He said, "I wanted to have a disciple in
> China who can do 100 Gitas a day". Then I was doing books for 8-9 hours,
> do 30-40 at most. When I heard this I thought "This is impossible, I'll be
> spitting blood to do 100!" Then a devotee saw my doubt and came to me:
> guru gives instruction he also gives the power to accomplish it. Try your
> best to follow then you'll be successful." I didn't understand but tried.
> After 2 months, miracle happened. After 6 hours of book distribution, I
> done 70 books. Then I went home tired. I thought "I did 70 in 6 hours, a
> little more then I could do 100." Next day I did a bit longer and did 90
> books, 3rd day more than 100.
> (Clapping, Haribol)
> (Choking) - not my own strength, Krsna was pleasing GM through me. Then I
> went to meet him in Hong Kong and he gave me his own murti of Lord
> He also gave me his chadar. But I was such a neophyte and hard-hearted and
> didn't appreciate this. Then after initiation he told me translate in
> Chinese. He wanted all SP's books in Chinese in his lifetime and I
> do it. And in process of translation, some incident happened. These things
> are Krsna's tests to me but then I was stubborn and didn't understand. GM
> wise, so experienced in management so when he considers something he does
> best.
> I was stubbornly attached to my idea thinking I was right and others
> Even though he spent money to fly devotees to the Phillipines to speak to
> me, he talked on the phone for one hour from America but still I failed. I
> was not submissive so my heart became harder. Even up to the point that I
> thought he didn't understand me, and I didn't want to see him anymore.
> by my husband's mercy I met many senior Vaisnavas and realized my mistake.
> Then I felt I was so dirty, unfit to appear in front of GM. When I had the
> chance to meet him I hid and tried to avoid his association.
> This happened till about 6 months ago when we met him in Hong Kong. He
> personally said we now have to establish with full trust a father and
> daughter relationship. He said if you fully surrender then you will have
> more anxiety or worry.
> Then I did as he said. And I finally started tasting the guru-disciple
> relationship only for half a year. Just when I started to get it, Krsna
> him away. So human beings are like this, they don't treasure something
> they lose it. Now I don't know what to do.
> If I do something right who will encourage and praise me? If I do
> wrong, who will mercifully and lovingly chastise me like he did? And when
> doubt and hesitate who will help me with the right decision? The only
> is that this time he has seen so many devotees from Taiwan, which gave him
> so much happiness and satisfaction. This was his greatest wish and desire
> have all Chinese people accept KC. It was the instruction he received from
> his own spiritual father. I have an unrepayable debt to him. So I can only
> try best to do some service for him. So he may be pleased and come infront
> of me again one day.  (Applause)
> Abhiram Prabhu.
> Vanchakalpa
> TKG has been my dearest friend and brother since a long time. The most
> unusual relationship and combination of people. We are as different as oil
> and water. I didn't have any intention to love him but instantly I did. I
> met him in 1974. And from then on our realtionship was intense, moving,
> efficacious, inspiring, challenging, annoying, disturbing, but always
> causing growth, increasing love. TKG was a Vaisnava, a personalist, not
> cultish not singular in dimension, he was multi-faceted. Like chuntey: hot
> and sweet at the same time. Always loving. Not love that is understood
> materially. Not always sugary. But always inspiring.
> A few words, this not cohesive, but here are a few comments:
> One of most profound aspects of my association with him was the sense of
> failing. I think you all have some experience of seeing him, speaking,
> sharing prasadam, or your heart with him. Whoever touched him came into
> family and remained there. This was not an issue of cionveiniece. God
> in my case he pulled me out of the gutter a number of times, I didn't ask
> welcome him, but he did it. Now I can just be eternally grateful.
> Impossible: He loved the challenge of the impossible and demanded it from
> and got it. Obtained it. He tasted every type of joy and sublime rasa that
> disciple of Srila Prabhupada could be expected to taste in this lifetime.
> One thing eluded him, as I know him, and I pray he has that now, and that
> peace. I pray (choking) I know his connection with SP and Krsna is only
> deeply intensified with the death of the body. That which drove him which
> kept him up and annoyed him, that desire to unite I'm sure he has found
> that. Perfect union. Or will do so very shortly.
> Last word: Grief
> I was with a very dear Godsister Kusa on the way to Vrindavan when I heard
> the news. And I began crying, vomiting, convulsing. She said I should
> grieve, but I had a different view. We grieve for those of this world whom
> we love or share, to let them go, release them and us from that pain. That
> grief should be engaged and dispensed and we go on. But the grief for a
> devotee becomes a part of us, moulds us, ennobles, drives us, it's not to
> dispensed with, it beautifies the soul. So the Vaisnavas pray "I bang my
> head, no hope". This is the proof that a Vaisnava is on thee Absolute
> platform because even in grieving for him we get encouraged, strengthened,
> find our way forward. I think you will all know very well about this
> So I suggest this is a grief we should embrace positively since he was a
> Vaisnava, a contradictory person from a mundane point of view, always
> driving us, always loving us-- maintaining his family and expanding it
> selflessly, indiscriminatingly, not just ISKCON devotees, or Godbrothers,
> men. . . .
> Vaisnava Gosai ki jai!
> Thanks to Abhiram and to everyone for keeping your talks limited. Lot of
> speakers but can accommodate only if can keep in mind. TKG liked one tune
> Niranjan Swami in 1976, so we'll sing it now.
> Niranjan Swami:  Boston Gaur Nitai installatoin in 1976. He was doing the
> installation and came to me and asked me to please sing this melody for
> whole installation. It was two hours long. Then he said this is my
> tune. So I thought I would take the opportunity to chant it for him; last
> week we were chanting together, he was relishing it, remembering this as
> favourite melody. So I chant it for his pleasure today.
> (Kirtana for 15 minutes)
> Visvambhar Prabhu, disciple.
> The night before, he asked me to come upstairs and sat me down nicely. He
> said I would like to have your association though I am packing. And he was
> packing just like a baby. I was observing every single movement and I said
> "Oh you are very neat and clean and very organized. He said, "Yes
> I got this training from my mother. She is German. Tomorrow I'm going back
> home, right?" That's what he said, and I stopped, and assumed he meant
> "Oh, you like the home in England." Then he smiled.  And then he was
> me some advice of what to do with some rupees that he had in his drawer.
> What to do? Either to take them to England or leave them here. It's
> to take them out of India, I told him. "Yes I won't need". Then Naresvara
> Prabhu and Bhakti Purusottama Swami came. I know he likes to be with his
> Godbrothers, he said SP left him only this wealth. So I was just about to
> leave, saying goodbye. Then he told me "You go to the Ganga and my pay my
> last obeisances, bathe and represent me". I though last meant of this
> but then the next morning. . .
> He was so excited while packing like a child going from boarding school to
> see his parents. I feel he was expecting to go. I think he knew. I
> in UK when he invited us to Christmas Dinner, along with Kesava Bharati
> very dear uncle, he invited my family: "Don't serve, go to KBP and bring
> and we'll all sit as a family. He sat at head, your uncle there, you as
> sit here with your wife and kids on other side. We were eating, he said
> "this is very family-like, this like the last supper. It looks like the
> Supper." We had a toast like karmis, with a drink. Hold a cup with grape
> juice, and wished. His wish was "I hope everyone goes BTG soon."
> All these indications. Last supper with my father. Ganga pranam on his
> behalf. He also said "I'm going back home tomorrow" I think he knew he was
> going. Pure devotees know Krsna's plan and guru's. But act like
> conventional. But I felt him very enthusiastic. He wanted me to come to
> Mayapur when he was there.
> He wanted to give me these 15 days, I got deep realizations with him in
> kirtana and with his Godbrothers. About his affection to disciples and
> everyone. I finish here. I just want to say please all of you kindly,
> goduncles, godaunts, godcousins, to look upon us very mercifully. A great
> loss, very sad, we need to be kept in your mercy.
> I was supposed to be there in the car with him. My train was 5pm so I told
> him I don't know what to do in Calcutta for 6 hours so I'll take a taxi at
> 12pm. I feel very sad and just like the senior devotees said we have to
> shelter of the holy name and senior Vaisnavas. So my duty as Godbrother is
> to ask all of you to kindly don't give up your determination or
> of your spiritual master and take association of his Godbrother and
> Godsisters who were his only family. Thank you very much, Hare Krsna.
> Radhanatha Swami:
> Vanchakalpa etc.
> The first time I met HDG Tamal Krishna Maharaja was in March 1971 in
> It was Srila Prabhupada's first major large scale programme in India with
> tens of thousands of people. I was asked to sit close to Srila Prabhupada
> the stage. There was kirtan, je spoke from Srimad Bhagavatam, and at then
> end when he was leaving he walked in front of me. I went to touch his
> just then Tamal Krishna Maharaja thundered: "No-one touches Srila
> Prabhupada's feet!" I was fearful and retreated. I thought it was an
> offence. Srila Prabhupada smiled and said to me "You can touch my feet."
> (laughter)
> Next in Vrindavan in November 1971. Srila Prabhupada would give afternoon
> darshan and then the devotees would do sankirtan. I came from the
> with long matted hair, not a devotee yet. So TKG saw me sitting with SP.
> said: "All devotees must  go out on sankirtana, no sitting here." I showed
> him my locks and said I was not devotee. And SP said to him also "He is
> a devotee let him stay". (laughter)
> This was TKG. He didn't concern himself with popularity. Just to serve the
> order of his GM. SP told him what do do, "don't let anyone touch my feet",
> etc. SP saw in him one who would do anything at the risk of his life, so
> could entrust him with things that nobody else in the world could do.
> SP wanted land in Mayapur, all the other devotees failed to get it. Then
> sent TKG. Brahmananda told me that SP sent TKG because no-one else could
> it. It was against all odds, would take weeks, almost impossible. After
> great efforts he did it and returned to Calcutta at night. He came in to
> Srila Prabhupada's room: "I was waiting for you". Maharaja gave him the
> deed: "The land is yours!" Srila Prabhupada said, "Thank you very much,
> you can take rest."
> He told me the most hard service was to publish the first Krsna book in
> Japan. A whole story in itself. SP used him to do impossible things. When
> the books came to India SP wanted it for the pandal programme. But there
> strike at the docks. Violent criminals were lined up to block, and beat
> kill anyone who tried to enter. But SP wanted the books. What would you
> He went to all ministers, they told him no-one can get through, it's
> impossible. He went to Delhi, he would not accept that it's impossible. SP
> demonstrated this principle through him. Eventually some very big minister
> signed a paper, then he went from office to office in Calcutta. In the end
> he did it, had all the books to be distributed.
> He was Temple President in Los Angeles. Top temple in world. Then he went
> London, SP called him there to enliven the preaching. Then he did it
> then Prabhupada called him to India to enliven the preaching. As Kesava
> Bharati Prabhu said he was unpopular sometimes as he didn't care for
> himself, only wanted to execute the instructions of SP, so all who love SP
> must be eternally indebted to him... Of all leaders SP wanted him by his
> side the most and had full faith in his surrender. If we keep his example
> and follow then we also become dear to SP and Radha Madhava.
> TKG Ki jai!
> Gaur-Narayana Prabhu
> So Guru Maharaja,  HDG Tamal Krishna Maharaja has left us in the midst of
> the ocean of grief. Though he is not present still his vani is present
> forever with us. So GM has now accepted a permanent residence in our
> . . . when he was present we would remember him sometimes and forget him
> sometimes, but now in seperation we will always remember and try to
> Many of us had less association with Maharaja. They might feel alone, but
> behalf of all of the Godbrothers I want to assure that all his disciples
> never alone. The whole society is here to help them and guide in spiritual
> advancement. The way we saw yesterday how all came forward with love and
> consoled us and did all the correct activities for Guru Maharaja. So on
> behalf of all Godbrothers I express gratitude to all the devotees and
> God-uncles. Again this has proven that our society is in union and not
> dismantled.
> So about my relationshop with GM: He has been very affectionate and
> gave me residence at Giriraja. Once he wrote from Dallas that, "My dear
> Gaura Narayana, (sobbing) You are very fortunate to live there at
> But I am not so fortuante as for preaching I have to be away, so when I
> qualified to live there I'll come". I wrote back, "You are the most
> qualified to live here, even if you are elsewhere your heart is here. I am
> not qualified, it is only your mercy that I am here, I have no
> qualification".
> He told me that there your only service is to serve Giriraja and the
> devotees of ISKCON. So he got that project as a facility for the leaders
> devotees so when they get tired from preaching outside, they can come and
> stay for a few days, do bhajans, parikrama and re-charge their batteries
> enthusiasm. He made this facility for the whole society but he couldn't
> it himself. He told me that after completing his thesis on SP's
> to the world, after that I'll come for 2 months. (Sobbing) I'll give you
> sannyasa there.
> Once I was serving in Vrindavan, and when leaving I asked him "Gurudeva I
> have committed many offences while serving you. Pelease forgive me". He
> replied "You can't make any offence, by chastising you I made an offence.
> Please forgive me. I am doing it so you can serve in a perfect way. That
> his mood in chastising us, to train us to be perfect devotees.
> Many may misunderstand that he is so heavy, but his real mood is to train
> his duty as guru. He always instructed us to treat all Godbrothers as
> to me. He taught us like that. We will try to follow this, treat our
> and now take shelter of them.
> (Crying)
>  Please excuse me, I can't speak any more. Hare Krsna.
> Kalasamvara Prabhu
> He was in the car with Maharaja. His wife will be honoured shortly.
> Hare Krsna. I don't know how people many are here as I don't have my
> glasses.
> Different people have different relations with Krsna, same with the
> devotees. My relationship with TKG was based on friendship, and guidance.
> didn't exhibit his power to me. Were were in touch by email. Great
> relationship. He'll be missed in my life, like it will be for everyone.
> Friendships are very rare in this world. We should appreciate devotees
> before they leave, express this, as devotees are so rare. Now the whole
> ISKCON is disturbed by one Vaisnava's disappearance.
> A devotees life is like chapters, when do we judge a person as we haven't
> seen all the chapters? We'll always remember this Festival as he added the
> hariman kirtan which is what we are here for. To relish Lord Caitanya's
> Nityananda's mellows. SP said devotional service is an apprenticeship, to
> learn how to deal with the devotees on a higher level. . . If we believe
> Krsna, TKG has finished his apprenticeship. He was so expert and
> intellectually strong. His lectures can take us where we want to go. I
> as life goes on my conviction will get stronger. I can't help but think
> he has finished his aprenticeship. I have full conviction of that.
> He never chastised me, had great feeling, and will be dearly missed. How
> you replace this? For us it's sad, for him with Krsna, it's the greatest.
> we should think of that, we all want that, if he is there then it is a
> joyful day to think of him.
> I'll keep it short: TKG ki jai!
> BVV Narasimha Maharaja:
> Invocation:
> Before meeting TKG I heard a lot about him. I saw him in 1974 in New York.
> He showed his beautiful etiquette of bringing silver presents for the
> deities, and holy water and dust. We can see how he was always very expert
> in dealing. He could handle all difficult things easily.
> Later I joined him in the Phillipines, preaching together. Not easy to
> preach, Catholics, we were not big there. But he was able to meet Marcos,
> the President. And the cardinals, church heads, he would ask them, "Can
> tell me about God's activities in the spiritual world?" "Oh, we don't
> He had 5 questions like that and they failed to answer any of them.
> Then in China in '88. Srila Prabhupada could speak English in US, but we
> couldn't spaek any Chinese when we went to China. Only Ekacakra could
> a little bit. "Impossible" was not a word in his dictionary.
> After some time in China he said "Now I can see why SP sent me here: these
> people know what discipline is!" China was good for him for that reason.
> rented big presidential suites in hotels, and smuggle in gas and stoves,
> vegetables etc., then all the devotees would come for feast, kirtana,
> and  then they would kick us out. "We heard you are cooking and singing."
> "Who us, no!"
> Every city we did like this in different hotels. They don't give suites
> that easily. That's how we preached.
> I wrote to him when he went to Oxford: "Just as when Sarvabhauma
> surrendered to Lord Caitanya all the other scholars also surrenedered, in
> the same way I'm looking forward to seeing all scholars surrender to you."
> He thanked me for that.
> I was blessed  by these last 10 days. He seemed so peaceful here, nice
> chanting in kirtana with the devotees. He took the Taiwanese devotees to
> SP's room and introduced them to him. "Now I've brought the Chinese
> to you, SP."
> Lastly, he chose the best time and place to depart. If his samadhi was in
> Govardhan less of us would be able to go and see it. To have it here is
> wonderful. And during the festival so so many devotees could honour him.
> Krsna arranges his devotees to be glorified. He was used by SP, others
> say he used people, but he did so not for himself, only for Krsna and SP.
> Radha Krsna Prabhu TKG
> Namo om etc.
> I can't speak loud, hard just to breathe.(?) Nice to hear the
> Last time we met in Houston in November. Then Chaitanya Prabhu asked him
> he could come to Mayapur when he would be there. He replied "No, I'll be
> busy, don't disturb me." So we planned to go elsewhere first, as if he saw
> us here he would be obligated to take care of us. So when he heard our
> he told Rtadhvaja Swami "What do you think of this? My disciples want to
> to Vrindavana when I am in Mayapur!" When we heard this we told him, "But
> didn't want to inconvienice you!" "Not it's OK", was his reply. "But when
> you come here go with Sivarama Swami on parikrama." I served him since my
> first days in devotional service, in 1992. I was his personal secretary,
> servant, cook, I nursed him after the operation.
> He was so merciful as you heard, and heavy too. I am a product of this.
> been shouted at, subjected to all types of treatment. Once he physically
> kicked me out, and I was doing my typing, and he buzzed me: "Do you know
> spiritual master owns the body of the disciple?" He felt he might have
> me, but I knew about the story of Lord Caitanya and Sanatana Goswami. I
> so wonderful that he was worried, and he was like that with everyone.
> to other's feeling.
> I am attentive to detail, but do you know the magnitude of his
> He worships SP murti exactly same way daily, shouldn't move anything in
> wrong spot even an inch.
> Once he asked me something and I gave another opinion. "You don't train
> I was trained by SP! You get trained now!"
> He was like chutney, hot and spicy but also sweet, intimate. 9 months ago
> our Godsister Kirtida died. He was there with her, held her hand, he was
> encouraging to remember Krsna, reading sastra, he arranged kirtana 24
> so she could leave fully KC.
> Then he could do anything. Once he had to go to college he had to go on
> highway. We were bothered by the traffic lights. Every time it would go
> when we approached it wasn't a smooth flow. He said to call the traffic
> authority so he could go smoothly and so could all others. We did that,
> called the traffic department and they agreed!
> I saw him learn harmonium. In minutes he picked it up. No paperwork or
> notes, I was amazed. He doesn't waste a second. Even while sleeping he'd
> wake up with dreams about SP and serving SP with his Godbrothers.
> Sweet, but if we made mistakes then blasted us. Very sweet. Those who
> see him close have missed this opportunity. He was very fond of his
> Godbrothers and would always call them for any decision he had to make:
> "This is what I want to do, what do you think?" He would even ask us.
> he was typing letters he would ask my advice.
> He was a dear friend constant guide.  Always training. He said SP
> him with the movement and nothing should go wrong with it, so he was
> attentive to every detail so there would be no deviation. He would
> then check if we were OK. When we cry, he'd say, "Don't cry. If you cry
> fun is over."
> He wasn't a meanie. Sometimes he would tell me "Go back to your country!"
> Then he would call me to massage me him. Just to pacify me he would change
> the subject. Always concerned and worried about Godbrothers and friends.
> someone left, a couple of our Godbrothers left, and would lament and check
> about them and try to find out what they were doing. He was always
> for other's welfare.
> He was a connoisseur of food. He said SP trained him how to eat in India.
> could give reports to the cook and tell them what exactly what went wrong.
> In Auckland once, during Srila Prabhupada's tirobhava there was a big
> Pizza was his favourite. He ate it, and he was so Krsna conscious and
> if pizza was available in the spiritual world. The devotees were
> and had so many opinions. Then he said to check Brhad-Bhagavatmrta to see
> when Krsna eats with the cowherd boys to see if pizza is there!
> He was often misunderstood though he was actually loving. Never saw
> as superior. He would check with devotees about his activities, and we'd
> reassure him: "You can defeat the scholars; you should study". Now who wil
> carry that flag? His Godbrothers. We should have faith in one another and
> love each other. By sharing and being kind, we will make progress because
> have the qualities of devotees.
> I would like to say a few words also about Mother Vrndavanesvari. She
> my Guru Maharaja and attended all his classes and always asked questions.
> She was a good book distributor. She had faith in her GM. Krsna took her
> my GM away quickly so that we can learn from them what to do and how to do
> it. Then we get the benefits of the ISKCON movement.
> Bhakti Bhrnga Govinda Maharaja
> I want to speak briefly before singing for his pleasure. I met him in the
> 70's in India, but really my relationship started only in the mid-80's. I
> met him after one of our Godbrothers left Krsna consciousness. A feeling
> frustration or despair was there in my life. TKG came on the horizon. Many
> were saying "No, no, don't go near him. It'll only be problematic". At
> it was a bit, then I realized how sweet and loving he was. Other side was
> there, strict, demanding, sharp, but he was a man who was looking so much
> for affection. He simply wanted loving exchanges, it touched my heart.
> I was with him in 1987. It was a winter morning in his garden. I said to
> him: "You are so fortunate to be with Srila Prabhupada so much. Tell me
> best memories you have. He smiled and said  "Yes, in the early days in LA
> people were complaining about me controlling them too much. SP called me
> then told how Krsna is in Goloka, and from Him expand so many universes,
> then there are so many planets; one is the earth, then so many continents;
> one is North America, then so many cities, like Los Angeles which had
> millions of people. Of all these people, there is one street, one house,
> room, and one Tamal Krishna who thinks himself the  supreme controller."
> Maharaja smiled and said "SP understood where I was at."
> He told me another one about fighting for the Juhu land. All of you know
> this about Mr Nair, etc.
> Then he said that SP and him were in South India and they heard that the
> deed was signed by Nair. So SP sent him back to Bombay to get the deed. We
> had won. But Nair bribed the lawyer and the lawyer convinced TKG that the
> deed was no good and should be cancelled. He did so. And then he told this
> to SP on the phone. Srila Prabhupada was upset. "What! No, The deed has
> been cancelled". And SP hung up.
> Then SP came to Bombay. He was dealing with the top members of society for
> darshan. He would always call for TKG in the darshan and SP would
> him as my American disciple - he is a great fool." TKG was so pleased with
> this and said "SP knew how to deal with me like no-one else could."
> Once in 1989 we were in Vrindavan. It was 2:00 am. Someone came to my room
> knocking on the window. I was surprised. It was Maharaja's servant: "TKG
> to see you now!" "Now, it's 2am!" But I obediently got ready and went to
> him. He was in a state. He could get worked up, and he said "Prabhu, I
> association of my Godbrothers badly. Visnujana has left. I want it, I need
> it to protect me. Now I'm in China you don't know what they are like
> He then spoke about Jayapataka Swami. JPS is so pious. Just looking at him
> you can see his piety. He had so much of Srila Prabhupada's association.
> Just see his service! If only I could get his sanga! And Bhakti Caru Swami
> is so wonderful! Always so busy! And Sivarama Swami, he such a wonderful
> Vaisnava, so pious! So please give me your association."
> I was overwhelmed and said, "But they are all so pious, not me!" "No, I
> you are not pious, but still I want your association!"
> (laughter)
> So many said he was like a blazing chutney, but sugar-candy sweet also. It
> is a great loss for me, like a brother. I was thinking in our family of
> ISKCON there are so many brothers and sisters. Even our material brothers
> might please or displease us but still we must love them. I have this
> of him, that all of ISKCON at this time, whether you have displeasing or
> pleasing memories, now simply remember him with love.
> And he liked my singing so we'll sing HK for his pleasure and SP and RM.
> Hare Krishna kirtana for 15 minutes.
> SRS introducing Kalasamvara Prabhu again.
> Kalasamvara:
> So yesterday was an incredible experience. To lose one dear friend is
> to lose two friends in one day I find pretty amazing. Both very dear to
> Such an incredible week. The ending has been more incredible. We had such
> pleasant week, so loving and spiritual. According to NOD piety is if one
> sing beautifully and has intelligence. (?)
> TKG's kirtanas have been exemplary. We were discussing about the kirtanas
> with Visnujana. TKG said the ones in the last week surpassed everything.
> This is potency. He said "I'm not chanting, just sitting here but all
> devotees are coming and chanting."
> TKG and Vrindavaneswari had a nice relationship.  Via email she would ask
> many questions, and he could satisfy her intellect. It was her birthday
> yesterday. She wanted to ride with him in the airport. Some rumours had
> going around about the political situation, so I joked that best we all go
> together so if there is any problem we can leave [this world?] together.
> I think it would be hard for her to survive without TKG. Special that they
> want to go together. She did millions of dollars collection. Gave it all
> ISKCON and her guru. If anyone needed she would send to them. She used to
> think "Why doesn't Krsna give more, we need to glorify Krsna more!" Laksmi
> and prasadam were here fortes. She is famous in New Zealand for this. She
> was making cakes here also. Even could do it here in India, could master
> art. She could go in the kitchen and get something together immediately if
> anyone was hungry. Very giving, she would give so much of her time. Liked
> best to chant japa or kirtana. No matter when she slept she would go
> mangal-arati and chant her 16 rounds. Her hand was like this yesterday
> she left her body as we were chanting (sobbing) her arm froze in that
> position. When the ladies were preparing the body, the rest was soft but
> arm was hard. That's how she would be with her beads, chanting while
> swaying,  Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama
> Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
> Another great loss to our sociey. A handful of rare devotees in the
> Must be appreciated. So much sacrifice, we have no Krsna, Lord Caitanya or
> even Srila Prabhupada, so for people to come to us in Kali yuga is an
> amazing thing. We must let devotees know how much we appreciate them. It
> Shouldn't come to the point that devotees leave without feeling
> Bhakti Tirtha Swami was happy that the devotees were praying for him
> his operation. His comment was why should we not always pray for the
> devotees? . . . Many devotees are getting old, we have to care and look
> after devotees. She was always caring, she would take care of the widows
> here and in Vrindavan. She would give, she might have nothing and I would
> annoyed when she gave whatever she got. Simple life.
> Incredible day yesterday. I have to get myself together and find another
> shelter. To lose my dear wife and Maharaja has left a huge vacuum in my
> heart and mind. I don't konw Krsna's plan. She always told me she wanted
> die before me. In the same way I don't think she could survive TKG's
> departure. Ultimate brithday present.
> I got her a book about Radha Kund and TKG wrote a nice note in it:
> "To my dear Vrindavanesvari, I hope that by the grace of your spiritual
> masters you will attain spiritual fulfillment and residence on the banks
> Radha Kunda."
> She was disciple of Indradyumna Swami and took siksa from TKG. The
> relationship was getting sweeter and sweeter. She wanted to also start
> bhajan nights in NZ. TKG was taking this to new heights. The devotees are
> incredible who can arouse these feelings, emotions in us. Just like the
> kirtan we just had. So much nectar, but we don't realize it.
> I will always preach, esp. this week's kirtanas were a manifestation of
> potency, he came here after so long, incredible mood like no more
> distincitions of senior and junior-all just friends.
> So take this mood back to your temples. Every place has a great singer and
> this should be part of our process. We should sit around at night and
> the mood of Krsna and have a picture of TKG and maybe one of her too and
> dive into the nectar of Krsna.
> As a wife, she was very dutiful, an incredible devotee that;s why I wanted
> to take her asociation.  . . . She couldn't find faults in ISKCON-just we
> need to do more kirtana and japa. This is one of the aspects of the KC
> movement.
> HH Jayapataka Swami
> Hare Krsna.
> Goes back a long way with us. When I joined in SFO I saw him there in the
> kirtana, so many wonderful inspiring devotees. In 1970 when I came to
> then he was my GBC from 71 on. SP made me Calcutta TP. TKG was my GBC to
> guide and check my service. He a perfectionist and I wasn't. So I was TP
> there for 11 times. The record. Ten times he removed me. (laughter) Either
> the alternative was worse or SP put me back.
> Apart from that, he was a very kind friend. I was like respectful as he
> GBC, but when I came to Mypaur we worked as a team, dedicated to develp
> Mayapur. In '77 I became co-GBC and we worked together.
> When I was in the intensive care unit of the hospital in 1989 after nearly
> dying he came to the hospital to see me with Sivarama Swami and SRS's Gaur
> Nitai. Then I had no thread so I asked him to chant on a thread for me so
> would be in parampara and he did it. Yesterday I saw he had no thread so I
> did the same to him, as he would have wanted one.
> I'm grateful to him for coming. He was about to get his PHD . . .. and
> to work on the Mayapur Project. Gave a lot of input in the meeting.
> The Lord has His inconceivable plan. TKG is with SP certainly. I'm sure
> they'll make plans for these projects.
> Yesterday we rushed to the site, horrible to see the car. The local people
> said only injured nobody was so badly hurt. I was sure Krsna would allow
> to survive since there is so much service to do.
> Phuliya, where the accident occurred, is part of the Dham where Haridas
> Thakur used to chant his three lakhs of names. It is associated with
> Thakur. So TKG was doing all these kirtans this last week and it
> that he left there.
> We got there and they told us he had gone. We were overwhelmed. Then they
> told us she is still alive. I was trying get her shifted to Calcutta.
> Danavir Maharaja was chanting and Sivarama Swami and Bhakti Bhrnga
> were consoling the disciples and JAS was helping me. Incrediby intense
> situation.
> When we put them in the vehicle about 300 people blocked us and said they
> were waiting to see the saint, and wouldn't let us go. So we had to show
> them. They were lying in front of the tyre. When the saw him they
> spontaneously chanted. This the first time everyone in Shantipur was
> chanting, they normally have a reputation to be inimical to Vaisnavas.
> His loss is incalculable. He touched so many people. He was wise, loyal,
> devoted, aristocratic and Krsna and Prabhupada conscious. He trained
> disciples who are such an asset. Promoting ISKCON as a familiy and who
> hold it together.
> He lives with all us by his teachings, the mission of Srila Prabhupada and
> we have his footsetps to follow in. This is a test, now we have to
> to his vani. After the nice training he gave you I'm sure you'll be
> wonderful examples. We hope to supoport you in this time of need. He had
> such a high standard with his blessings you can follow.
> Once I met disciple of Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur. He was one of the
> last disciples to be initiated. He made a song to glorify each of his
> Godbrothers. At that time there were only 6 left, how much separation he
> feeling. Now TKG has increased our realization of Godbrothers
> Govinda Maharaja's story made me feel bad as I thought TKG so much above
> me.(?) We did get a lot of association and consider him a dear friend and
> Godbrother. I'm sorry if I didn't reciprocate as much as I should have.
> Thank you for your association.
> Jayadvaita Swami
> He would appreciate me saying this, and I can say with confidence that
> is no other devotee in our society so admired and loved by so many
> who so often disagreed with him. I did so many aparadhas against him and
> still he kept sweet affection for me, and me to him likewise.
> [At this point I couldn't keep going. There were further glorifications of
> Vrindavaneswari Mataji by her friends, and further ones for TKG by
> Svarupa Prabhu, Sridhar Swami, Sitala Mataji, Rukmini Mataji, etc. More
> be in the evening.]

Tamal Krishna Maharaja Tirobhav festival, 15th March.
> Sridhar Swami MC.
> This was a semi-private gathering in Bhakti-caru Swami's rooms. Mostly
> disciples were there but others too.
> Bhakti Vighna Vinasana Narasimha Swami
> He recognized the need that there must be some leaders in this worldwide
> society so he accepted leadership and everyone recognizes his leadership
> qualities.
> His contribution is not simply maintaing temples ad devot but hew as able
> produce books wihc awakened kc kin peoples lives.
> hScience of Yoga-- people would read this book and look for the hero. He
> already wrote Jagannath Priya Natakam which is a wonderful presentation of
> Lord Jagannath accepted all over ISKCON. I'm thinking that the Taiwanese
> devotees must be feeling sorry they were able to take initiation from
> Krishan Goswami but at same time they should feel fortunate that they had
> chance to associate with him. TKG spent ten days here; he planned it very
> carefully like he did everything. Because he had this ability Srila
> Prabhupada saw it in the beginnning so in the beginning in Los Angeles
> Prabhupada invited him to take prasad with him and asked him to help him.
> So Srila Prabhupada saw this in the begining and gave him a lot of
> responsibility, Srila Prabhupada gave most association to those who could
> help him most so Tamal Krishna Maharaja got lot of association.
> Seems like his body will come soon.
> Rukmimi Mataji
> i first met him in San Francisco in 1968. He still had hair then. You can
> see some pictures of him with hair in the back of the temple here. I came
> temple during prasadam. I was bewildered like many first timers. He was
> only one who came up to speak to me. I saw the picture of Lord
> and was surprised. "Oh that's Lord Nrsimhadeva, all the devotees love LN!"
> He asked me--I told him I was interested in yoga and he looked at me very
> perceingly and asked what is the goal of yoga. I said to realize myself
> he said yes and that means Krsna Consciousness. Over the years Srla
> Prabhupada gave the most difficult services to Tamal Krishna Goswami,
> devotees Srila Prabhupada would engage according to their propensities but
> with TKG he could give any order because he knew he would take it as his
> life and soul. Very serious intent and accomplished in fulfilling all of
> SP's desires. Sometimes devotees would criticise him that all the problems
> in ISKCON are his fault. But when someone could fulfill Srila Prabhupada's
> desires so expertly of course there could be chance of a mistake. I knew
> myself I was afraid of going near Srla Prabhupada as aparadha, but he
> missed an opportunity.
> I saw him in Denver when he would distribute sweets to the scientists.
> he said to me "I always have to win" "what do you want to win Goswami
> Maharaja? He didn't answer but looked at me very seriously and I
> what he wanted to win. He worked with his liffe to ehance Srila
> movement to create devotees Vaisnavas and temples all over the world.
> Vaisnava Theological Society. You all know better than me what he wanted
> we all have a great debt to fulfill what he wanted. HIs Godbrothers and
> Godsisters are all indebted to him so we are ready to help you now.
> Guru Prasad Swami
> In 1984 I first had the opportunity to associate with TKG for  long time.
> that time my GBC had just kicked me out of the zone. and I was thinking of
> what service I should do, the first person who called me although I didn't
> have much associatoin was TKG. He invited me please come and discuss. I
> a bit discouraged about going and working in another zone but he impressed
> me by his sincerity in reaching out to me. THe most improtant thing for us
> is that there is someonhe for us and when that happens we feel eternally
> indebted. One Godbrother I sjust saw said that whenever I see tKG I think
> SP. He was alsways the refereence point to SP, what did SP think about
> whether younetr or older devoteee we would always confirm what SP thought
> talking to him. SO certainly you are all feeling bvery unforutnaate that
> have lost sucha great personality in your lives as we are also feeling.
> at the same time you are receiving a great fortune to now understand what
> the vani, the instruction because that is waht is everlasting in our
> You have received that great fortune and I just wanted to retierate that I
> would like to make myslef available in any way whatever we can do or I can
> do personally please don't hestitate to ask.  . . .
> Hare Krsna.
> Sridhar Swami: I think you can understand that we are all here for you. I
> was with Trivikram Swami when we went to Taiwan in 1976. I'm reminded also
> of the great poem Prabhupada wrote : he reasons ill who tells that
> die, when thou art living still in sound. The Vaisnavas die to live and
> living try to spread the holy name around. So Tamal Krishna Maharaja is
> dead.
> Prahladananda Swami
> I can only repeat something that the other devotees already said. I first
> met Srila Tamal Krishna Goswami in 1969 through a letter that SP had
> to him. Prabhupada was praising him for going out on the street
> books and doind harinam. Thei was in LAX. This was about 4000 kms away
> Buffalo, New York. SO I became inspierdd to also go out and distribute
> and harinam. Later when I was in Texas he came by with Visnujana Swami.
> at that time I became inspired to join Radha Damodar with him. He was my
> personal guide and friend, instructor for many many years. I was his
> personal servant cook, servant and secretary in 1980. He taught me how to
> become self-reliant and be a sannyasi. The GBC asked him to leave
> behind and go to China. So at time I lost his association for some time.
> seeing his example and following his instructions always helped me
> Srila Prabhupada. When I had no service then I went to Dallas. And TKG
> suggested that I go to . . . that wasn't the first place that I wanted to
> to I thought that if I serve the instruction of TKG then SP will be
> I know that because I served those instructinos Krsna gave me the most
> wonderfuls experiences. Later on he instructed me to go to other places
> Fiji and Europe so I always feel that there is no better friend or guide.
> for me than Tamal Krishna Goswami. So I pray for the mercy of his
> associates and friends that I can remember his instructions and serve
> Prabhupada.. Thank you very much.
> Vedavyas Priya Swami.
> what I am is made up of the mercy of my godbrothers. I'm very much
> to TKM who gave me personal mercy in 1977. I was in NYC temple and in May
> 1977 when SP was in India and very sick TKG was taking care of SP at that
> time. THen the temple president Adikesava swami he wrote and TKG responded
> by writing a letter he wrote that SP is very happy that you have purchased
> the big building many Indian familise will be attracted to come. So he
> SP is very happy and he broadcasted that many Indian families will be
> attracted and Iwas the first one so he came and read this message to me
> i was very satisfied. Generally at the close of my stay in NYC and
> subsequently going to NV TKG gave an impression which was pretty for me
> because there was an air of heaviness there around him. So htat was
> confirmed in 1980 when I was secretary to the GBC Adikesava Swami we were
> supposed to come to Maypaur for the meetings and I was supposed to take
> vanaprastha but since I was doing membership I had so many friends so I
> to arrange 16 devotees tickets and prasadam for the flight. I made three
> servings but he said you are giving the same thing every tinme how come
> there are no other items. So there were two items he liked the most,
> and dry mung. So samosas he tolerated because ... but he came to me and
> I hate eating cold stuff so why don;t you go to airhostess and tell them
> warm it for me. So I was thinking all of the devotees have to tolerate the
> inconveniences then they demand to tellthe airhosttess to give a special
> privlege to warem the prasdas so how will they thinkg? GO and get it
> up! So I was more fried and I had some fear about him. . . . trying to
> experience now. Sosomehow or other in Maypaur at the same time I was
> for ADIKes M. and he invited some sannyasis but not TKG, then I made some
> stuffed karelas. A;; of a sudden he appeared uninvited and he sat down and
> was thinking Oh we have limited quantity and he noticed the karelas. . . .
> Giridhari Swami
> Narottam das THakur in the bhajan that . .. he expresses a mood of
> lamentation on the departure of great souls. So from that perspective we
> grieving the loss of a very dear personality. And our only solace is that
> sucha  personality performed so much valuable service and is so dear to
> Srila Prabhupada, and his instructions. Personally, GM was my closest
> Godbrother He was always very kiind to me in ways too numerous to mention.
> Um, I had the great fortune of trying to assist him in his preaching work
> beginning from the Radha Damodar party. Later on when we took over the
> Dallas and housotn communities, Then we went first to HKG and China. And
> other places around Asia. I saw a personality with unlimited determination
> to push forward Prabhupada's mission. I saw him overcome many many
> -- impossible was certainly not a word in his vocabulary. SO he had this
> very great determination, he always had very clear vision he was always
> seeing ahead and was able to fulfill that vision. I saw him work harder
> perhaps almost any devotee. Many work hard for Prea movement but I saw him
> working around the clock from morning to night in ways that are just
> unbelievable. So that determination, that vision, the tremendous amount of
> hard work inspired all devotees. He pushed us as he pushed himself. And
> together, combined with all devotee under his charge, tremendous preaching
> was done, some very wonderful projects were developed. He was always in
> front, pioneer for new programs, projects, new preaching vision. So as I
> said it's really impossible to calculate the volume of service that he
> performed. I think you'll find that in so many places around the world
> at least in the beginning days he had some connection with. . . he had
> contact with someone who didi.  .. he inspired so many projects. I think
> we'll spend many days, wekksm, months just speaking about th service. we
> could write reams about all of the ownderful accomplishments. SO we can
> remember all thse things and in solace we can understand certainly what SP
> an GNitai RM that they made some very very special arrangement for him. Of
> that there is no doubt. So of course we lament the departure. But at the
> same time we think about thewill of this greatr personality and
> those of us who worked with him, GB, disciples, followers, we should work
> very hard to continue the great work that he started. I know for certain
> that this is what he would want. TO at the very least maintian all the
> different preaching and projects, and as a very fitting memorial to go .
> forward with all these different projects. SO in his memory we should go
> forward. From myself, he's a person who was always there for me in
> practically every situation from the begining of my KC. His dedicatoin and
> service to SP was always a very great inspiration. He worked very hard to
> train us. He entrusted us with a tremendous aomout fo responsiblity. . .
> .trust. And he very kindly was there intimes of difficulty to pick us up.
> from the beginning to the end this personality in my life who took the
> of most important in terms of giving me SP's mercy. So we will a heavy
> and with lamentation we will go forward and in his memory we will work
> coopearatively to push forward KC in whatever way we can. And take his
> and pray for his blessings that we can do so and glorify not only his
> soul but also SP and all his predecessors. HH TKG ki Jai!
> Padmalochan Prabhu
> Actually I had what can be described as a hot and cold relationship with
> over the years. . . but i just wanted to share a vision I had this
> After hearing the announcement made at the end of the mangalarati about
> TKG's announcement I went upstairs to Brahamandad>.. room to tell him
> it.after speaking for a while and hearing his sentinments I decided to go
> back to where I live nwer the gosahhl. Ont hw way back I suddnely glanced
> in the sky near the yogapitha and I saw SP rising into the sky. He was
> holding TKG with his left hand and in Tkg other hand was his danda. TKG
> saying something about so many things to do, and SP was syaing "NO NO I
> something for you to do". And then the vision finished.
> Sridhar Swami:
> The etiquette is the disciples should fast till the samadhi is finished
> in the evening if you are feeling very weak you can eat and tomorrow . .
> there will be a feast. Actually it's not clear but at least till the
> you should all fast. There is a possibility after the samadhi there will
> a feast. That's what we did with SP in Vrindavan but he left in the
> We will be letting you know in different ways when there is a feast those
> you who are initated might like to cook and certainly all the disciples
> should take part in serving the feast. When GM returns to Maypaur we'll
> greet him at the very front gate so you can chant your rounds so you know
> what is happening and be ... there at the right time. . . . Does anybody
> have any practical questions? Giridhari maharja, any practical
> All righ tyou can go there are books to read you can gather in groups and
> discuss GM katha and chant your rounds, and again I repeat we're always
> for you and especially today, don't worry about taking our time anything
> need. Our hearts are with you.
> Goswami Maharaja left this world and went to Krishan and also
> Vrindavaneswari has succumbed to her injuries and has also gone following
> Gurudeva, the wife of Kala Samvara.
> Prahladananda Swami
> Mother Vrindavaneswari was a very dedicated mataji especialy she was very
> good at collecting for different projects in NZ. She was quite selfless
> denied her own physical comfort and opportunities in ds. to ensure that
> projects in NZ would be successful. She was also a very good mother to her
> son and took care of him very nicely. She had great hopes that her son
> become KC. And in spite of fmaily difficulties, she always tooks shelter
> Krsna. Every time I saw her she was always in very KC spirits. So her GM
> IDS I'm sure that he and SP and Krsna have given her all blessings.
> Manjari Mataji
> I feel very forutnate to had the friendship and asso of V. We had been
> coresopnding about taking care of the devotees in SP's family. We both had
> concern about this and were wondering what we could do to help SP's family
> come together. And Actually she and her husband have been taking  very
> proactive positive steps to heal the situation there. We wer working on
> creating a mood of love and trust among devotees and bringing them
> in closer relationships and loving mood. This is very encouraging andit's
> great loss that such a caring devotee has now gone and it's something for
> to think about how we can come together as Sp's family and carry on that
> mood. She was always very encouraging to me in my service and KC. As I'm
> sure she was for a lot of others as well. Shw was always willing to serve
> the devotees. THis is one qualtiy that stands out in her. I spoke to her
> day before she left and we were excited about getting each other's
> association again in Vvan. She was also feeling very happy that she was
> to travel with TKG and they were taking a lot of his association. She felt
> very inspired by that and had desires that he would become more involved
> NZ and help the yatra there. So apart from all the other realizations
> eveyrone is having, for me hearing about TGK. . . and her I realize the
> important thing is rendering humble service to the devotees. SO i just
> to take this opportunity to beg forgiveness for any offences I might have
> commited to TKG, her and all the devotees so my kc . . . can be awakened.
> Brahmananda Prabhu.
> I feel so close, Tamal was me. We feel the loss because ther eis so much
> do for SP and there was a whole life ahead so many things to be done. And
> now we have to do that. Without his leadership and inspiration. We have to
> become the leaders and inspire others.. . . I feel the loss more, the
> servant of the servant. He was the servant of the servant.  . . from the
> very beginning we were very close. Before there was a GBC there was for
> managing, myself on the East Coast, TAmal on the west and  . . .Gargamuni?
> before there was gbc there was btg (Brahmananda, TKG, Garg) we used to
> conference calls. we didn't konw how to manage tnaything we leanred
> ourselves and shared with each other. SOmetimes compete, the idea was to
> organize and spread SP's movement. So everyone is going to remember his
> exchnagen that I hea with TKG. . . .  He was a friend. . . to be
> is very difficult. That's what we were discussing. Our relationships when
> we're senior it's very difficult to be able to relate intimately,
> confidentially, subordinately with your other godbrothers. You need
> to chastise you. NOt criticising, but meaning to love, with the other
> person's benefit in mind but telling him what is the better thing to do.
> I could always go to TKG for loving advice, loving chastisement. So I have
> to ask you now also, take his role be my loving chastisers. SO that I can
> serve you. So let us come here with TKG on the stage. . .and tell the
> how he purchased the land here in Mayapur.
> You cannot imagine how difficult it was to do that. .. now we are buying
> land, then it was so difficult to do property transactions. And to be a
> manager in India at that time was incredibly difficult, but TKG did it. SP
> sent me to Bombay to clear the land and madke the living accommodations
> 50 devotees. That's how I spent the first Mayapur festival SP said what
> you doing here get out go to Bombay. Sow I went but ther rest of thes
> is that I made a tin structures. But I got cheated, I didn't know to
> so I agreed to the contractor's price. So when SP came to BOmbay he was
> pleased but he was furious when he heard how much we had to pay. Then he
> kicked me out to Africa, we don't want hyou here in INdia. TKG was not
> kind of Manager. He was SP's right hand man for managing all these 3
> projects, India.
> So I from the beginning we had to applaud him for the service he did for
> that nobody else could do. Then after doing all that then GM was inspired
> do book distribution in America. And at first Sp didn't want him to leave
> India and go to US for this. But Maharjaa had this great inspiratoin and
> determinaiton and eventually SP gave him permission and he created the
> Damodara, a great powerhouse of book distribution in North America. And he
> did this in such a way that SP sent him to China. Just like I did things
> such a way that SP sent me to Africa. There's that sloka in SB: kirata
> hunandhra etc. . .   The pure devotee can purify the residents from all
> parts of the world that are very disconected with Vedic culture.
> So I was with the kiratas and Tamlah was with the Khasas. Even then we
> connected. And then when I came to Mayapur I had some problem, he
> me, he understood everything. There was I had some conflict and we had to
> make an agreement but the agreement was more or less that I was going to
> lose and the other party was going to win. ANd TKG he preached to the GBC
> members that better that both sides wins. He said somehow or other find a
> way to do this. I was going to agree to lose. SO I don';t konw how it
> happend but somehow at the end the GBC decided that I should also win and
> the other side too and now everyone is happy. His point is that everyone
> should be able to do your service, there may be differences but still
> do. . . . He had this realization. This was SP's vision for ISKCON. SP
> wrote a letter in response to one devotee complaining about another. And
> replied : we are all individuals and all different. Look here in this room
> not one single person is same, all completely different. SP said the
> differences are not important, the central point is important. SO the
> cetnral point is guru, Krnsa, SP. THat's what we have to see in each other
> how we are serving the central point. It's difficult to cultivate that
> vision like seeing the soul, not the body. So Sp went on that "because
> are differences we shouldn't be noncooperative. Differences doesn't
> noncooperation. I have to cooperate because of the central point. So there
> cannot be non-cooperation, fighting. This is intolerable. So GM I have to
> say in my case, he demonstrated perfect realization of this such an
> important instruction of SP. Therefore I'm going to miss him very much.
> Jananivas Prabhu
> Hare Krsna. My name is Jananivas Das and I stay in Mayapur as a pujari. I
> always had a relationship with TKG like my own brother. He was one of the
> first persons I met in 1971 in Calcutta. And he treated me so nicely, made
> me feel so welcome in Krsna Consciousness. In fact I saw he had all good
> qualities of behaviour and the way he preached I felt. . . .
> And I actually left Calcutta just to see my brother who was in Benares.. .
> a month or so.
>  Devotees were taking prasadam I said goodby, waiting for the bus, he came
> running why are you leaving, did someone upset you, please stay with us. .
> he was so concerned that he thought I might never come back. He was so
> concerned I promised I owuld come back I konw what I want, and he became a
> little satisfied. And ever since that first time I've had that
> I consider of all my GOdbrothers that he is the one who really helped me.
> .  and he's so caring and loving that two days ago we went to  the Ganga
> put the ashes of one of his disciples and he said he is my disciple
> personally placed the ashes in the Ganga. Just yeasterdya we were at the
> samadhi looking at the apanca tattva model, he was saying we must
> the temple as SP's desire. . . . build the temple first before the vedic
> planetarium. . . . So he is certainly ..  a great loss for our society. 3
> days ago we were taking prasada in his room and after he pulled me to one
> side and was asking me if there is anything you want, please don't
> to tell me, I'll give you whatever you want. So one side it's a great loss
> but on the other side we consider the vision that Padmalochan Prabhu had
> That SP was taking him BTG then it's a great success. When Sp's sister
> her body there was also a similar vision here in Maypaur. And in
> when SP left the BCS was informed that the doctor that SP would leave soon
> then He took TKG and Bhavaanda outside todiscuss what would happen. And
> while they were outside SP left and all of a suddent they just rushed in.
> After one or two days one mataji had a dream and saw SP and aksed where he
> was now. why did you leave at that time?" I left when they were out of the
> room, they are such gentlemen,. . .. i didn't want to leave in their
> presence. So another thing I noticed when SP called him to be one of his
> intimate associates and simultaneously another one of his servants was
> leaving SP's service. And the other servant was packing his bags, and
> suddenly stopped "WHat am I doing@! Leaving SP! Why am I packing!" He was
> completely bewildered. Like yogamaya acting. Moving someone away and
> someone more dear close to him, that was tKG wh owas by SP's side when he
> left. SO mnay examples that TKG is such a pioneer very elevated amomgst
> Godbrothers. He has an eternal part in SP's nitya lila, preaching KC. SP
> once said on the disappeance day of His gm and he said my GM came here
> a purpose and when it was time  he left for another place to do exactly
> same thing, preach KC. Ans I think we can assume that SP is following and
> TKG too, going to do important service in another place, as according to
> vision. We had a great mahatma among us, today very sad, he has gone to
> party. We can take complete shelter of TKG and best way is to take
> With that we'll stay very close to his lotus feet and attain ....
> Let's follow in his footsteps and be strong preachers and pioneers and I
> think this is the best way to please TKG. Ki jai!
> Announcement by Sridhar Swami
> We are all , it's hard to understand the idea that by following vani we
> same association as when had vapu. We are all most of us brought up in
> science education, computers, technology. So these mysticla things may be
> hard to accept easily. But I can assure you from bottom of our hearts,
> we are associating with SP in a very real way, by trying to follow his
> instructions. Try and you will see it is true.
> Message that the body of both of them had left 15-20 mins and would be
> at about 3pm. (now it is 2). Body will arrive go to room 43, bathed,
> procession. etc.
> Immediately we should go to front gate.

Subject: Memories of TKG and the Radha-Damodara TSKP

By Brahma Das

I worked extensively under Tamal Krishna Maharaja from 1975 through 1979. We met when I was in San Francisco working with Swami Tripurari on his BBT book distribution party. At that time TKG asked me to join his party as leader of one of the new Radha-Damodara Buses. Upon returning from India TKG had teamed up with his old friend Visnujana Maharaja and turned his festival bus program into a dynamic preaching party.

Together their preaching was so powerful that they recruited enough devotees to fill up two new busses. Soon those devotees were selling more BTGs than any other zone in North American. Therefore BTG featured ads for RDTSKP in every issue. This ad had a picture of Visnujana Maharaja chanting and playing harmonium that read: "Travel with advanced devotees of the Hare Krishna movement" and "Learn to play ancient Indian Instruments."

Because of these ads every devotee in the movement knew about RDTSKP and almost every brahmacari secretly wanted to travel and preach with TKG and Visnujana Maharaja. New men were also joining as well so TKG commissioned two more buses and was looking for devotees to put in charge of them. It was at this time in 1975 that Radha-Damodara visited San Francisco and there is an amusing and insightful story regarding how I came to be part of the RDTSKP team.

The first day the bus arrived in SF I was in the brahmacari ashram and came across Visnujana Maharaja singing in the shower. Everyone knew Visnujana Maharaja and loved him. He had a warm dramatic style that had the power to transport a person immediately to Vaikuntha.

As I stepped into the shower room Maharaja recognized me and said, "Brahma, why are you here in SF, did you know that TKG and I wanted to put you in charge of one of the new busses?"
I was shocked at this statement as I had only been in the movement three short years and was barely twenty-two years old. Certainly one had to have more experience and maturity than I to be in charge of a Radha-Damodara bus.
When my ego and mind recovered from the shock I asked VJ Swami what I would do if I became a bus leader.
There dripping from the shower Visnujana Maharaja dramatically outlined everything to me in vivid terms.
He said," You will be the spider." "The spider", I replied with a puzzled look.

"Yes, he said, At the festivals Radha-Damodara weaves a web through the chanting of their Holy Names and various types of conditioned souls are caught on that web. You as the spider will have to find out which of the souls caught on their web of chanting are ready to surrender their lives to Radha-Damodara. Those souls who are worthy you transport to your lair on the bus and turn them into shining new bhaktas for Krishna and Prabhupada. Then he opened his arms leaned into the shower and as the stream of water cascaded over his head he chanted in a loud voice Radha-Damodara Ki-JAI!"Needles to say I was spellbound by Visnujana's ecstatic presentation and the picture it painted in my mind. I was now speechless and in a half a minute VJ Swami had turned my world upside down and I began to believe that Prabhupada and Radha-Damodara wanted me to be the" spider" on a RDTSKP bus. Such was the power of Visnujana Swami's amazing love for Radha-Damodara.There was however a slight problem. Before I could join RDTSKP and begin "spider training" I would have to talk to Tripurari Maharaja who had just recruited me to be in charge of the SF airport book distribution party. Outside VJ Swami's influence I became confused and depressed at the thought of letting down Tripurari Maharaja and the BBT party. I was in a dilemma but little did I know that TKG the great preacher, organizer, and problem solver was about to work his magic behind the scenes.

First he called me in and asked if I wanted to join RDTSKP. At this point although I really wanted to be "the spider" I was confused and told him I was undecided. He was not happy about this answer and gave me a strong lecture about taking on responsibility for Prabhupada. He said I had leadership potential and on RDTSKP that potential could be developed for Krishna's service. I objected and said that I was distributing books for the BBT and knew that service was extremely pleasing to Prabhupada. At this TKG hesitated and thought for a moment. Something was going on in the back of his mind. He ended the conversation by saying, yes book distribution is no-doubt pleasing to Prabhupada and asked me to join him for prasadam after I came back from the airport tomorrow.

The next day at the airport I was too disturbed to distribute many books. To be the spider or not to be the spider was the question disturbing my mind. And that was my mental state when I went to the bus for dinner with TKG and VJ Swami. As I was dined and flattered by two of the most respected devotees in the movement the bus book distribution team came in to take prasadam.One by one TKG introduced each devotee and asked how many books he had sold that day. Each devotee replied with a number that ranged from ten to thirty books. After he was done he said this is Brahma Das, he is a very famous BBT book distributor. Then he asked how many books I had sold today. Having had a bad day I was embarrassed to report that I had only sold about fifteen books that afternoon.

At that TKG pointed his finger at me and said very sternly, these men are all new bhaktas and they have almost to a man each sold more books than you. With good training these devotees will be able to preach and sell more and more books but none of them are qualified now or any time in the near future to be a RDTSKP bus leader. These new men need experienced guidance and that is why the best service for you is to take command of one of the new busses. Again I was speechless. Both Visnujana Swami and TKG each in their own way had overwhelmed me in a matter of minutes. I knew at that time that these two were the most dynamic preaching team in the movement and I wanted to be part of that team.

But there was still the problem with my responsibilities to the BBT party. TKG quickly took care of this problem to everyone's satisfaction by offering three of his best book distributors as replacements for me on the BBT party. But before he did this TKG asked me one important question.

Are you considering grhastha life?
"Grhastha life is fine for Bhaktivinode Thakura but not for me", I replied.He then smiled and said that was the right answer as he wanted only dedicated brahmacari or sannyasi leaders on his bus party. And with that I was welcomed aboard.

I served on RDTSKP for the next three years as a bus leader. TKG was a hard taskmaster but he was able to motivate me like no one had done before and in turn I was able to motivate others. He saw something of my potential for service and I had faith and appreciation for him. As bus leader I had to call him from the field once a week and those calls either left me tearful because I had let him down or elated because he was pleased. He had a powerful effect on my life that has been with me ever since. By 1979 the RDTSKP busses were all broken down or dry-docked and I was serving on the Indian library party out of Bombay. TKG called me in Bombay and asked me to return to the states to take a bus on the road again. I loved the bus party and returned to be reunited again with many from my old party.

There was Hasyagrami who had been my driver and festival equipment manager, Sunanda the cook and kirtana leader, and Drista the sincere and dedicated leader of the book distribution party. We were all happy to be serving together again on the bus. Once our bus party alone consisted of twenty-eight brahmacaris packed together on a bus and accompanying three vans. Now we were going to Texas to distribute books, preach and put on festivals with a total of seven devotees. Times had changed and now TKG was in charge of temples rather than busses and had to put most of his energy into those responsibilities. We were on the road in Texas for about six months. Finally we parked the bus in Austin and started a restaurant preaching center near the University of Texas that TKG named Govinda's Super-Natural Foods.

That was the last ride of RDTSKP. But anyone who took that or any ride on RDTSKP between 1974 and 1979 will never forget it. And all owe a debt of gratitude to Tamal Krishna Goswami for making it possible for Radha-Damodara and their devotees to travel down that historic road into the glorious history of the Krishna consciousness movement.

Sincerely, Brahma Das

Diary of a Traveling Preacher

Volume 4 - Chapter 11

March 16, 2002
by HH Indradyumna Swami

Dear Tamal Krsna Goswami,

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Today I am writing you a posthumous letter, just as our spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, did in the assembly of his disciples in Seattle when hisgodbrother, Bhakti Prajana Kesvava Maharaja, passed away in 1968.

At that time Srila Prabhupada wrote:

"Be it resolved that we the undersigned members and devotees of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in a condolence meeting,  express our profound bereavement on hearing of the passing of Kesava Gosvami Maharaja, our sannyasa guru."

Goswami Maharaja, this evening a number of your godbrothers, disciples, friends and wellwishers are also expressing our profound bereavement that,  by the mysterious plan of the Lord, you have suddenly been taken from our vision. We are still in a state of shock as to how we have become bereft of one of ISKCON's great sankirtan generals. Each of us feels the loss in a different way: your godbrothers miss your sweet Krsna conscious association, your disciples miss your loving care, the congregation miss your awe-inspiring leadership, and even newcomers who may be present tonight will miss the chance of ever meeting you, who could charm the hearts of so many conditioned souls by your preaching and bestow upon them the priceless gift of devotional service to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krsna.

As for myself, Goswami Maharaja, with your departure I have lost a dearmost friend who had my real interest at heart and who extended himself to me on numerous occasions. Our association goes back to the mid-1970s, when each year you, Bhagavan das and myself would go on a spiritual retreat to the  sacred abode of Hrisikesh in the Himalayas. There we would read and chant, swim in the Ganga and have kirtans, just the three of us, in the spiritual atmosphere of that sacred abode. It was during those retreats that I imbibed from you (and you alone) a great zeal for the missionary activities of Krsna consciousness, for you would always preach to me the glories of the holy names, book distribution and the making of devotees.

But what amazed me the most was your brilliant plans and strategies for organizing these activities. Recognizing these abilities early in your devotional career, Srila Prabhupada entrusted you with the most responsible services, such as being part of the first Governing Body Commission, acquiring and securing the land for our Mayapur project in India, and heading up book distribution in America. Srila Prabhupada's supreme love and trust in you was demonstrated by his making you his personal secretary - a service you executed faithfully for so many years up to the very moment of his departure.

As a result of that service, you had an intimate look into the life of a pure devotee, something which you have shared freely with us all these years. You were part of a rare breed of devotees, Goswami Maharaja - devotees who had intimate association of his Divine Grace and understood his mood and the particular way he did things for Krsna. No doubt, you earned the most prestigious title any ISKCON devotee could earn, for you were in every way a "Prabhupada Man."

As a new devotee, when I first met you I was in awe and reverance - perhaps fear is a better word. Like a commander leading the troops in Lord Caitanya's army, you instilled such sentiments in your followers in order to push forward the sankirtan movement, as if in military fashion. Unfortunately, some devotees saw you only in that light. They didn't have the good fortune to know your soft heart, your love for the devotees, your thirst for associating with your godbrothers, and your eagerness to attain Vrindavan and the loving mood of the Vrajabasis.

You once showed your kinder face to me, when I approached you with the desire to take sannyasa in 1978 at the Gaura-purnima Festival in India. Being an itinerant preacher since the day I joined the Krsna consciousness movement, I had a strong desire to leave householder life and enter the renounced order. When I revealed my desire to my GBC representative, he replied, "Go and ask Tamal Krsna Maharaja. If he agrees, then I'll accept your request to take sannyasa."

Petrified, I approached you on top of the Long Building in Mayapur. I revealed my desire and awaited a grueling interview regarding my plans and motivations. Instead, you sat down with me, and after a few questions about my determination to preach, you gave me much advice on how to practice the life of a sannyasi. I continue to follow those guidelines to this day.

In 1980, when we were together at the Los Angeles Ratha-yatra, you pulled me to one side and said, "Indra, let's form a team - me and you. We'll travel all over America, all over the world, just like I did with Visnujana Maharaja. You'll lead kirtan and I'll speak. We'll make devotees everywhere." Goswami Maharaja, how much I lament now that I didn't take up your offer. I also lament not accepting your many invitations to visit you in Dallas, in Vrindavan, in Cambridge and in Oxford through the years. Of all my godbrothers, I see you most appreciated and understood the value andneed for associating with devotees, especially with godbrothers.

I am distraught that in this lifetime I won't have your association again. I won't hear your clear, logical and dynamic lectures. Goswami Maharaja, among all the devotees, you were my favorite Srimad-Bhagavatam speaker. What nectar you could have given us during the next twenty years. It's hard for me to understand why Krsna took you now, at this particular moment. You had so much to offer. You had so much association with Srila Prabhupada, so much experience in Krsna consciousness, so many ideas for spreading the movement. And you were on the verge of a new and promising career in devotional service. It can mean only that Krsna has a greater plan for you. I'm somewhat jealous of those who will soon be serving alongside you. With you, Krsna consciousness was full of life - spiritual life.

It's not that you didn't have your problems to deal with, Goswami Maharaja.

I remember our long talks in Cambridge last year. You indicated your dissatisfaction with the ways things were developing in some parts of our movement, you had your opponents, and you had personal concerns over your health. But throughout it all, you remained chaste and loyal to Srila Prabhupada and his ISKCON movement. You were a pillar of strength for others, you were the best of spiritual fathers to your disciples, you were the best of friends to those who chose to love you, you were the inspiration for masses of devotees, and you displayed real compassion to the fallen conditioned souls by undergoing so many austerities in the pioneer days of Krsna consciousness and in the recent spreading of our movement in China.

In a number of fields you were the first, although I saw that you always cultivated the spirit of servant. And now, in typical fashion, but in an unlikely way, you are the first of the initiating spiritual masters to be placed in samadhi at Mayapur. Your departure and its circumstances were tragic. But death is always tragic - and even more so when a devotee leaves this world. With the departure of any devotee, especially one of your caliber, the world becomes a little less fortunate. Devotees are the ONLY good fortune in Kali-yuga - and they are few and far between.  Thus my lamentation is all the more deeper today,  for my beloved disciple, Vrindavanesvari dasi,  also passed away in the same accident as you.

We mourn your demise, Goswami Maharaja. I know my life won't be the same. Sankirtan, our primary activity, is based on the principle of teamwork. When one of the primary individuals is removed from the equation, we lose a little of our endurance, a little of the wind is knocked out of us. I'll miss you, Goswami Maharaja. I'll miss your presence on the battlefield of preaching, and I'll miss our discussions in Vrindavan on vraja-bhakti. Who will I turn to now with my questions on how to love Krsna?

But as tragic as your departure was, it was also glorious. You gave up your body in the holy Mayapur dhama near Phuliya, the very village that Haridas Thakur chanted 300,000 names of the Lord a day. You departed on the Disappearance Day of Jagannath das Babaji and Rasikananda prabhu. Your samadhi ceremony was attended by all our movement's GBC men,  many sannyasis,  most of the temple presidents, and masses of devotees. Your samadhi ceremony was befitting a devotee of your stature, a devotee of your accomplishments - a devotee loved my many, many godbrothers, disciples, friends, and scholars, as well as common people.

We were together when my disciple Vraja Lila passed away in Vrindavan in 1997. At that time, you said that following her departure she would then be in a transcendental position to bless us all. Goswami Maharaja, you are also now in a transcendental position to bless me. Whether you are back home, back to Godhead, or are again the personal secretary of our beloved spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, as he continues to establish Lord Caitanya's  missionary movement in this material world, you are blessed, no doubt. So please continue to remember and think fondly of me, as always.

And Goswami Maharaja, the next time you ask me to be your partner, to be a team, I won't be so foolish as to refuse. I'll be happy to lead the kirtans. . . and you can give the classes. By your mercy I'm a sannyasi, and ready to follow you anywhere.

Your servant,
Indradyumna Swami

At Home Base: Sri Mayapur Candrodaya Mandir, Sri Mayapur, India
NOW: 30th Anniv. Mayapur Festival & Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama

I am out on the Navadwipa Parikrama now and don't have any time to write
this, but since some disciples are asking to hear something about the above
subject, I will write a few lines.

I first met HDG Tamal Krsna Goswami in 1968 and he was an inspiration for me
to take up Krishna consciousness.  In 1970 or 1971 I met him again in India
and since then we have been doing various devotional services in cooperation
with each other.  A profound friendship and mutual respect has evolved
during this time and a bond of love had grown between us.  He was a
brilliant person, extremely loyal to Srila Prabhupada, dedicated to Krishna
consciousness, sensitive in many sublime ways, he had a profound
appreciation for devotional service and chanting of Hare Krishna and
association of vaisnavas.  I could go on and on... Losing this association
is a personal loss for me.  It is also an inconceivable loss for our Mayapur
Project and ISKCON Movement which all ISKCON devotees feel profoundly.

That I was amongst the first to find out that he had left this mortal world
and that somehow Srila Prabhupada had entrusted to me the task of getting
his body released and trying to save the lives of his other disciples who
were injured was a very intense devotional service, but by Lord Sri
Krishna's mercy we could do some seva to my beloved Godbrother in this way.

The feeling of loss is balanced by the considerations that everything done
by Lord Sri Krishna is good and certainly HDG Tamal Krishna Goswami has
returned to his eternal master Srila Prabhupada.  So presently I am feeling
many mixed emotions and it is difficult to settle my heart at this time.
Many realizations on how the time at our hand needs to be carefully and
appropriately used are also coming to mind.

For two days in Mayapur there were continuous reading of homages and sharing
of experiences that devotees had with His Divine Grace Tamal Krishna
Goswami.  The whole ISKCON family is also deeply concerned with giving
support, encouragement and love to the disciples of His Divine Grace Tamal
Krishna Goswami in this time of extreme tests.

Your well wisher always,

Jayapataka Swami

by Swami B.V. Tripurari

I first met Tamal Krsna Goswami in Gauda Mandala Bhumi, the circle of
Gaudadesa in which the lila of Sri Gaurasundara is eternally performed. The
last time I saw him he was was also in Gaudadesa, and today I have learned
that he passed from this world in that same Gauda Mandala Bhumi.
I knew him for 28 years, and I served Srila Prabhupada and Mahaprabhu
shoulder to shoulder with him from the spring of 1975 to the summer of 1977
and then again from the summer of 1978 until sometime in 1980. He is not a
person one can easily forget.
I consider him an eternal servant of Srila Prabhupada. His service to His
Divine Grace is woven into every stitch of the fabric of ISKCON. I know of
no area of service that he was not only involved in but moreover took
responsibility for in some capacity at one time or another.
Today he has left many friends and loved ones behind. Their burden is heavy,
for he has left much for them to carry in his absence, much that he was
carrying for them and would expect them to take up in his absence. For them,
this day is long and dark in his shadow. Let them find light in realizing
the measure of his stature as they stand now in his silhouette. His
unexpected departure should make us more aware of what is expected of all of
us, and what the stakes are. Live every moment of your life in
krsnanusilanam--Krsna consciousness. Only then will you enter the eternal
circle of Gaura lila, Sri Gauda Mandala Bhumi--dhama cintamani. Only there
and in its inner circle of Vraja lila will you again find Tamal Krsna
Goswami, serving at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.
The conditions under which Tamal Krsna Goswami passed were uncommon. He left
the world while traveling through Santipura on his way to maya's kingdom.
Once our Gurudeva, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, wrote to
Pujyapada B.R. Sridhara Deva Goswami asking his advice about departing from
the world. In consideration of his age and health he asked Srila Sridhara
Maharaja if he should return to Vindavana, or leave the world in the
preaching field. True to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura, Srila
Sridhara Maharaja favored the preaching field.
One's life determines one's destination at death, for what one does though
out his life determines what will be on his mind at the time of death. I can
assure you, Tamal Krsna Goswami was absorbed in thoughts of Krsna and Krsna
sankirtana, and it should be underscored that he left the world in Gauda
Mandala Bhumi, from which there is no return to the world of birth and
Was his an untimely departure? I think not. God's ways are mysterious. Tamal
Krsna Goswami should be remembered particularly for his preoccupation in the
latter part of his life. Those who know him know that these were his softest
days. His heart pinned for comradery among Vaisnavas, especially those
influenced by Srila Prabhupada. As we are moved in unison to think of Tamal
Krsna Goswami now perhaps more than ever before, we should think of this:
the need for generous dealings amongst one another. This is the need of the
hour. May the unexpected departure from our midst of Sripada Tamal Krsna
Goswami propel us once and forever in this direction, down the straight and
narrow yet all accommodating road to Gauda Mandala Bhumi, the land of the
all generous lila of Lord Gauranga.


Dear devotees of Mahaprabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances.
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.
All Glories to the dear devotees of Sriman Mahaprabhu.

It is a great tragedy when a pure devotee of Sriman Mahaprabhu departs this world. A great vaccuum opens up and there is anxiety amongst everyone. "Where will we get such association from?" In the words of Srila Narottam Das Thakur "I will smash my head and enter into the fire" The world is so full of miscrients and rogues and amidst all the glamour and the glitter of the society of Krsna's illusiory energy stands the Vaisnava Sadhu, Mahajanas, the gaura priya janas - the dear devotees of Sriman Mahaprabhu. They so bravely fight off the deadly influence of the Kali yuga and at the same time shower such soothing mercy on the materially afflicted. Which such love and great ecstacy they chant "Hari! Gaura! Haribol!!!" and thus enthuse us to also drink hte nectar of the Holy Name..............Such sadhus are very rare and the departure of such a devotee means that there are less devotees that we may get personal association from (physically).

It is my sincere plea that we realise the great boon we have that is the association of devotees. There is no greater joy nor is there any greater protection. We should always try to get the association of devotees and be thankful that Mahaprabhu is allowing us to have it.

"Being merciful Krsna has given us the association of HH Tamal Krsna Goswami and being fully independant in His desires He has now broken that association"

"He reasons ill who tells that vaisnavas die
 when thou are still living in sound
 for a vaisnava dies to live
 and living spread the Holy Name around"

I wish to take this opportunity to express my deepest and heartfelt condolences to all devotees around the world who feel distress over the passing of such a devotee. Our only hope is the Holy Name and the devotees of Gaura and the causeless mercy of Srila Prabhupada.

Your Servant
Santa Vigraha das

Haribol! All the prabhus and matas, as an insignificant disciple of TKG, I also felt a great loss and would like to contribute some sharings, here it is, and sorry for any grammatical mistakes...

your sevant  govinda das

Finally I Found A Safer Car With Air Bags For Him!

-----Memories of Finding My Guru Maharaja Transportation Vehicles in China

The news of my Guru Maharaja's departure in a car accident had been astonishing to me.  I was working in a busy motor trade exhibition in New Zealand when a devotee called me on my cell phone, immediately I felt that I lost my concentration to work, tears was falling.

I couldn't believe this was happened to him. For about five years from 1989 to 1995, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunities of serving him in his preaching activities in China, including many occasions of arranging taxies or cars to pick him up from the airport and send him off later on. My experience is that He is very careful about what vehicle He will take and will usually give some comments about the driver afterwards. These were happened in different cities with his different comments about the vehicles and the drivers he was riding, now the memories start to vividly came into my mind..

My first experience of finding him a vehicle was back in December of 1989 in Cheng Du, southern-west China. I was told to come to the city urgently with Nrisingmha Maharaja to help him with a preaching program there. The first scene of my arrival to the hotel was the cooking was going on in the bathroom, Ekachakra prabhu was busily organizing the event, Guru Maharaja was talking with some young guests. About half an hour later, two young  students came back to report that they had arranged a vehicle for the next morning. My Guru Maharaja immediately asked, " how can you make sure that the driver can come tomorrow at 5 o'clock in the morning?" The two young men 's face became puzzled. Seeing their unconfident eyes I could hear that My Guru Maharaja was murmuring to another devotee in a low voice: " I just can' t find anyone who's capable enough in this country!"  To be honest my mind became a little agitated after hearing this. " Can you make sure that the vehicle can be ready tomorrow morning?" He started to point at me. Without saying a word I began to act.

It was already dark outside and the streets were full of people riding bicycles. Back then the city was still very much underdeveloped and I could feel people were not motivated to work in after hours. I was wondering on the street for while and had encountered a few taxis, but all of them said either they couldn't make it or they couldn't make sure that they will come, until I encountered a mini van at last. There were two men sitting in front the van, I immediately asked driver if they can go to airport next morning.

They agreed and told me that two of them drive the van in turn in case some robberies at night. I raised the same question that Gurudeva had asked, how to make sure that they will come early next morning.  Two of them start to look at each other and discussed a little bit, then the driver pull out a card and gave it to me: " Here you are, that's my driver license. And I will come tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock."  Seeing his determined face I was finally convinced.

" Gurudeva, I got their driving card (license)!", after I went back to the hotel room and handed the driver's license to Gurudeva,  my eyes were gazing at His face waiting for any response. His head started to lean to one side, eyes looked down first then suddenly opened to everybody and I could see there is a smile came out of His face, that was his unique smile! He held the card and turned to the young guests sitting in the room, " Look, this man got the taxi driver's license!  You should learn that this is the way to do things." Suddenly I felt such a release and fulfillment, all the tiredness of crouching in the crowded train for 34 hours when coming here were gone....

To be continued.