Srila Prabhupada: There is some whirling pool in the water. That is compared with the arguments. Sometimes these logicians, they create argumental calamity in the process of devotional service. But Rupa Gosvami recommends that we should not be deviated by the arguments, karmis, jnanis and yogis. Let them do their own business. We do not care for them. We give them respect as far as possible, but we don't, don't accept the path of karma-jnana-yoga. Jnana-karmady-anavrtam.
    Jnana-karmady-anavrtam. Anyabhilasita-sunyam jnana-karmady-anavrtam. We should not be deviated by the process of karma-jnana-yoga. That is pure devotional service, suddha-bhakti. Suddha-bhakti. We should stay. We should fix up in suddha-bhakti path.

(The Nectar of Devotion Lecture  Vrndavana, October 27, 1972)

"Beware of thoughts that linger, winding up inside your head, beware of Maya" (George Harison, Beware of Darkness)

Psychotics - the numerous angry conspiritalists - most of their understanding of things is based on their own bad experience, or on what others have shared with or told to them. Unless they are clinicly mentally ill they can be helped by good, positive, and caring Krishna conscious association. Without that help rarely do they change.

Fanatics - "A fanatic is one who has lost sight of the goal - yet tries even harder". (Charlie Brown)

A fanatic is usually someone who has something to prove. They may profess that their motivation is pure, but beneath the surface they have an agenda to resolve.