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From the Mystic Orient of India

With the wonderful scents of warm aromatic spices, of sweat jasmines mixed with a variety of compatible flowers and special rose, or the subtle aroma of sandal drifting through the room transforming as it goes everywhere into a temple. Ancient sciences such as Ayurveda proved that such fragrances are not only pleasing but also therapeutic invoking health and well being. These aromas, perfected by sages of yore, used for centuries in temples the length and breadth of the Indian-sub-continent for creating ambience suitable for Gods and Maharajas in Their Temples and palaces. These Agarbhattis (incense sticks) are considered fine enough to be offered in even the strictest of temples for His pleasure.
Such fragrances as Champa ( Frangipani ), Sweat Rose, or Musk's - Chaman Bahar - sweetly perfuming
the air like the subtleties of a fresh flower garland - these are the exotic essential oil laden
deluxe incense blends that you now have the chance to waft into your home.
Quality Incense at Affordable Prices
Wholesale Discounts Available
Large Variety in Stock - More than 20 fragrances: Everest,
            Ecstasy, Frangipani, Frankincense, Green Sandal, Sandalwood, Musk,
            Thousand Flowers, Vrindavan Flower, Lotus, Opiate, Special Rose,
            Patchouli, Night Queen, Lavender, Jasmine, Saffron, Paradise Mixed,
SAI  FLORA - Speciality Long Burning incense
Highest Quality Temple Incense
Made from natures purest oils and masalas of finest raw resources
               (no chemicals or genetically engineered flowers here !)
Wooden Incense holders (boats)

Dhoop sticks

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