Advice for dying.
Submitted by Jagattarini dasi on Mon, 15/05/2006 - 1:50pm.

Today while working I found a page that made me thoughtful.

When Suci Rani was nearing the end of her life in Vrindavana,  Sridhara Swami then in Mumbai, also terminally ill,  rang her to give her encouragment.
Quite naturally she was afraid of death and wanted deeply to recover her health and continue with life surrounded by affectionate family and friends.
Knowing her difficult situation Sridhara Swami spoke to her.His advice  came from his own  realizations.

Later after Suci had departed I wrote Maharaja and asked him what he told her.This was his reply,weeks before his own departure in Sri Mayapura dhama.


"Everything is going on perfectly as He desires. There is no need of anxiety. We need to allow Him to control our lives.

We have to relax. Not be tense or fearful.

 Death is very mysterious. We have absolutely no control over such a twilight zone.

Nothing we can do will help us excpet allowing Krishna to carry us away.

Let go of your toes, feet, ankles, knees, hips, waist, chest, arms, etc and focus all your energy on your prayer to the Lord for forgiveness and His mercy.

Please take me. Please bless me. Please take me, I only live for You. I am suffering in this world. Please bless me.

Gradually more and more intesity, with all your heart"


When picking up this page I was reminded of the somber feelings that surround death, and how I don't like to think about dying in the midst of life's dynamics.Neither does anyone choose to dwell on the topic.


But death is  the final test, and  life should be lived in a way that will allow us to pass it. Therefore I look at these words and reflect upon them now. Don't leave it too late..

The End