Hearing At The Time Of Death.

Srimad bhagavatam 3: 19th chapter -

"What greatful soul is ther who would not render his loving service to such a great master as the Personality of Godhead?  The Lord can be easily pleased by spotless devotees who resort exclusively to Him for protection, though the unrighteous man finds it dificult to propitiate Him."(S.B. 3:19:36.)

"O brahamanas, anyone who hears, chants, or takes pleasure in the wonderful narration of the killing of the Hiranyaksha demon by the Lord, who appeared as the first boar in order to deliver the world, is at once relieved of the results of sinful activities, even the killing of a brahmana."(S.B. 3:19:37.)

"This most sacred narrative confers extraordinary merit, wealth, fame, longevity, and all the objects of one's desires. On the field of battle it promotes the strength of one's vital organs and organs of action. One who listens to it at the last moment of his life is transfered to the supreme abode of the Lord, O dear Saunaka."(S.B. 3:19:38.)

“Çréla Çrédhara Svämé quotes the following småti injunction regarding inheritance: patné duhitaraç caiva pitaro bhrätaras tathä/tat-sutä gotra-jä bandhuù çiñyäù sa-brahmacäriëaù. “The inheritance goes first to the wife, then [if the wife has passed away] to the daughters, then to the parents, then to the brothers, then to the brothers’ sons, then to family members of the same gotra as the deceased, and then to his disciples, including brahmacärés.” (A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Srimad Bhagavatam 10:57:37. Purport.)

Here is a good example of a devotee leaving this world:

Subject: Message from Kumar ( Karunanidhi Krishna dasa) and Sankar - our father passing away
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 14:42:01 +1000
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Hare Krishna Prabhus.
Please accpet our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
We are very sad to inform all of you that, according to the Wishes of Lord Sri Krishna our Father
Coimbatore Venkatrama Panchapakesan (C.V.Panchapakesan)
(Aged 77) left this Material world on 2nd Sep 2003 Tuesday At Morning 4:51.
(That day was Lalitha Sasti, one of the great gopis and sakis of Lord Krishna and Visakha Naksatra)
According to our religious requirement He was cremated before Sunset. Around 200 Friends and devotees attended the final function amidst chanting of Hare Krishna Mahamantra, recitation of Bhagavad Gita, Pasurams on the glorification of Lord Narayana and Various other other prayers which our father was very fond of like
Krishna astakam, Lakshmi astakam, Apadhama Rama slokam, Srirama Rameti slokam.
Also an arati ceremony was performed and puspanjali and maha garlands offered before the cremation.
We are trying to accept the reality and cope with the overwhelming feelings. It will take couple of days for us to partially restore back to normal life.
For those of you want to know the details of "What happen to our father?" please see below.
Kumar Panchapakesan
Sankar Panchapakesan
Final week
My father compalained of Chest pain on Thursday morning and on our GP's advice he was given Panadol and made to rest. For few hours he slept and later complained of the same. The GP visited our home and advice us to take him to hospital. Ambulance was called in to take my father to Alfred hospital, my wife caught on the mobile and I got down at caulfield to catch the train back to Alfred hospital.
He was @ Alfred hospital till night 3 O Clock and was send to Caulfield hospital for further checkup, monitoring. On Saturday evening he complained of chest pain, low BP and lots of sweating. He was taken to emergency section of Monash Medical Centre. It was found that due to Low BP for extended hours, his kidney temporarily shutdown. In the absence of Kidney functionality the blood gathered lactic acid and other impurities - it made the blood thinner than normally it used to be.
It was also found that there were some fluid around the heart, make it difficult for him to breath. At this stage he was very much concious, breathing on his own, drinking water, able to speak, recognize people and remember events etc.
On Sunday morning, due to uncomfortness and lack of sleep etc, he became restless, so doctors decided to give him sedation - so that they can continue with the medication.
Later he was moved to Intensive Care Unit of Cardiac section. He was given medication to address various problems. Soon, doctors found some infection in his body. By Monday morning he was put under Life Support System. An external blood filtering system was connected to fliter impurities from the blood.
Because of number of complications and old age, he was not able to cope up and breathed his last at Tuesday 2nd SEP early morning 4:51
He was on his own till Wednesday and couple of days later, he is no more.
The Final Day
There was a constant flow of devotees visited him at the hospital. Some arranged for special kirtan, chanting prayers, mahamantra for his well being.
Most of the devotee friends here helped us in so many ways possible. Some of them provide us transport from home to hospital, some stayed with us day and night, some brought us Tirupathi Venkatajalapathi Abhishek Jalam, Charanamrta from the temple, Gopichandan offered to the Deity, Tulasi leaves, Vibhudhi from so many temples in South India,some brought Kumba Mela Jalam, Godhavari Kumba Mela water, Sahasra tirtha jalam, Ganges water, Waters from Vrindanvan RadhaKunda and Shyam Kunda, Some brought us Mrithyenja Homa Baspam, Narasimha Homa baspam etc, some brought us Garlands offered to Deity, even one brought us a small piece of cloth worn by Lord Jaganath of Puri. And various mahaprasadam from different holy places.
My brother and family members were constantly chanting.  We are not praying to Krishna to give him back, rather we are praying to Krishna to guide him spiritually and if He wishes He can give back my father.
Kumar held his fathers hand and recited Vishnu Sahasranamam, Krishna Astakam, Lakshmi Astakam, Apadama Slokam (Ramar). Sankar did Santhyavandanam on behalf of his father. Chanted Srimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 12 and 15.
We recited all possible sloka we know off.
On Monday night doctors told that his BP is rapidly dropping despite of given 100% of medication. Nothing else can be done to boost up his BP, unless his body fight it and increase it back. So that is the number we need to worry about. But it kept dropping. Since then my brother, me and one of the devotee take turn to be around my father to chant and offer prayers. There was also a head phone connected to my father which played Srila Prabhupada chanting kirtans and Sri Vishnu sahasranamam non-stop.
There was a Big Photo of Sri Lakshmi Narayana swami on his chest, Tulsi Bead on his neck, I applied the vibhudi on the fore head (which I gathered during our over 200 temples visits), applied gopi chandan offered to Radha Vallabha, Tulsi leaves on his mouth, Kasi Visvanathar framed photo on his Right Hand, Lord Narasima Dev on his left hand.
We feed him Holy Waters from 108 Rivers (Including Ganga, Narmatha, Kaveri and Thamrabharani), Abhishek Jalam from Tirupathi,Holy waters from Brindavan (Radha Kund, Shyama Kund etc), Nashik Kumbamela Water.
The final hours
On Tuesday early morning 4 O Clock, Sankar called home and informed everybody to wakeup and start chanting in-front of Sri Sri Jaganath Baladev and Subhadra deities at home. During this time, the BP also started dropping rapidly, we loudly chanted around my father. At auspicious Bramha Mukurtham time 4:51, just seconds before his departure, he opened his mouth briefly and accepted the holy waters.
Our Realizations
We are very sad that he is not physically with us, but in one sense we are quiet happy about the way he left this world.
1. He did not undergo suffering – except for the last two days of treatment (which we think did not give him much pain to him).
2. He behaved such a way that even the daughter in laws cried from heart - begging for more service to him.
3. He did not have any common complaints like Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart Problems etc.
4. He eats/ate like a child - liked ice creams, jam, shreekand etc. He ate Janmashtami prasadam Sheekand happily just a day before he was admitted to hospital.
5. Few minutes before he was given sedation, i showed him a picture of Sri Lakshmi Narayan and asked him, did you recognize the photo. He told it was "Lakshmi Narayana", then I asked him "Did you tell any sloka on him", he prompty recited a sloka. Then I asked him "Did you remember Vishnu Sahasranamam", he immidiately started "Vishwam Vishnum Vashatkaro".
6. Mukund and Radhika Priya was there to take ashirvatham from him, he smilled at them and gave his blessing with smile. He was rather very happy to see them there.
7. My father wanted to visit various holy places during his India trip, but all the prasadam and holy waters came to his place during his last time right in the hospital.
8. He followed his religious priciples strictly. Few weeks back, he performed Avani Avittam, Gayatri Japam for us. Couple of days back He did Krishna Jayanthi Pooja. He did Sandhyavandanam the day before he was admitted to hospital.
9. The last tape he listened to was "Gita Vakya Maha Kavyam".
10. We were very happy that Lord is very mercifull to us in that my father was not able to make a trip to India,but He made arrangements so that  prasadam and Tirtha from the holy places came to right into the temple at the right time.
11. Also very happy that Lord arranged for so many devotees praying for my father
ever since in the hospital  till the end at crematorium.
We would like to thank all the devotees, well wishers for their prayers, timely help in
various ways which we can not repay. By all your prayers and wishes our father had a glorious passing away. We humbly request all of you to pray so that he may remain attached to devotional principles and devotees and always remember Lord Krishna in
all circumstances.
Kumar Panchapakesna (Karunanidhi Krishna dasa)
Sankaran Panchapakesan
Bhuvaneswari (our mother)
Lalitha, Kalpana, Radhikapriya, Mukund, Shyamsundar and Kailash