Giving grains in charity is very auspicious. Once Yudhisthira MahArAja asked Lord Sri Krishna, “Oh my Lord, can anyone go to heaven without performing sacrifice or undergoing austerity ?”

Lord Sri Krishna replied,

annadau jaladash chaiva
Aturash cha chikithsakah
trvidhaM svargam AyAti
vinA yajnena bhAratah

“Oh son of BhArata, those who give food grains, drinking water, or medicine to the needy go to heaven without performing any sacrifice or undergoing austerity.” (MahAbhArata)
         Also, Krishna states in Bhagavad GitA (BG 3:14.) annAd bhavanti bhUtAni: “All beings subsist on food grains.” Therefore a gift of food grains is said to be the topmost charity. Moreover, if the food is prasAdam, sanctified eatables prepared for and offered to Lord Sri Krishna with devotion, then it awards the recipient liberation from the material world.