Sometimes if you cannot fast due to circumstances then you can chant the names of all the Ekadashi and read the above true story and you will receive the same benefits. (but still one should not take grains)

 Suta Goswami said: - There are twelve months in a year, and two Ekadashis in each month. Thus there are twenty-four Ekadashis in one full year, and in a leap year (like this year) there are two extra Ekadashis. O great sages, please listen attentively as I declare to you the names of these auspicious Ekadashis.



                                Occurs in (Western month)

Utpan-naa                                 November-December

Moksha-daa                              November-December

Saphalaa                                  December-January

Putra-daa                                 December-January

Shat-tilaa                                 January-February

Jayaa                                       January-February

Vijayaa                                     February-March

Aamalakee                                February-March

Paapamo-chanee                       March-April

Kaamadaa                                 March-April

Varoothinee                              April-May

Mohinee                                    April-May

Aparaa                                     May-June

Nirjalaa                                    May-June

Yoginee                                    June-July

Padmaa                                     June-July

Kaamikaa                                  July-August

Putradaa                                   July-August

Ajaa                                         August-September

Parivartinee                              August-September

Indiraa                                     September-October

Paapaankushaa                          September-October

Ramaa                                       October-November

Haribodhinee                            October-November


The two extra Ekadashis, which occur during leap year, are called,




***Please note the t   is pronounced as follows, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and say t.

***Please note the n is pronounced as follows, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and say n.