Deals 4 Devotees on N.Z.H.K.S.R.N.

Sriyuts maharajs', prabhus', matajis', Hare Krishna,


Here is a wonderful facility that has developed. Those of you - our devotees and congregational/Naam hatta devotees now have the availability to get discounts with businesses who recognise the fact that our coming together with a common interest as an on-line community in the form of a Network gives mutual advantages to both users and providers of services and products.

It is such a simple concept, we give good deals to loyal consumers - you see it happening all over the world, they call loyalty programs. Frankly I'm already getting good deals with various devotees/resources all over the planet, I'm offering the facility to you also.

All that you, the User(s)/Consumer(s) have to do when utilising the facilities provided is to state to the service or product provider that you are a "member" of the New Zealand Hare Krishna Spiritual Resource Network (NZHKSRNetwork)(HKnet for short) and that you'd like to claim a loyalty discount on the product/service that you require. Give it a try 

I trust that all goes well with you all attaining your needs and requirements.   =>:-)    JTCd  (updated 3rd December 2006)

NOTE:  This is a good-will service, and while we are trying to help both users and providers, we at HKnet cannot be held responsible for anyone misusing, abusing, not wanting to be part of, or not complying with the guesture of mutual beneficial conduct that we have tried our level best to set up and encourage.

Sorry Prabhu's, sadly the old service is no long running as intended.

However, please go to ADDS in the Newsletter for further information, and see what deals you can strike up with providers by contacting them.

See our devotional adds HERE

Can you see your advertisement here???
Could it be here???
What do you have, sell, produce, anything, etc., that we all buy and use from other sources???
If its legal, and readily available...

Contact us today , we'd all love to share that facility.

Please notify me if there are any links that are not working properly, thank you

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