last update 22nd June 2006

Icons to aid graphix development of web-pages
NOTE: There are thousands of Icons in the links below, some of which may be used in Krishna consconscious web-site development, some may not due to their content. We are not responsible for the content of any of the URLs below.

Devotional Icons of Krsna

FREE - Icon Bazaar
Gallery of free icons, clipart, graphics, images, webdings, and web art for use in HTML development.

IconFactory, The
Dedicated to the seemingly lost art of icon creation for the Macintosh.

Leo's Icon Archive
Downloadable icons in gif & ico format, organized by category.
Offers graphics broken out by category.

Includes application, folder, toolbar, game, and miscellaneous icons for Mac OS X.

For use in your Web pages.

International project where each structure you see is a contribution from people who love making icons.

An interactive site that lets you create custom icons, symbols or buttons for use in web design or multi-media content.

Comic book, sci-fi, TV, movie, and other pop culture icons.

Anthony's Icon Library
Includes information and support files.

Kids Domain: Icon Mania
Collection of icons for download, including animals, flowers, dolls, sports, and more.

Pardon My Icons
A collection from Jeffrey Zeldman.

Icons 'n Stuff
Icons, bullets and bars, as well as links to other sites.

Icons and other goodies such as buttons, dividers, backgrounds and more, just for Macintosh.

Mozco !Garash!
E-mailware of icons and textures for Macintosh and Windows.

Celine's Original .GIFs
Unique web graphics, free for the downloading. Also includes HTML/Graphics tips and tricks.

Top Icons
Offers icons for download, including sports, animals, cartoons, and other themes.

Alien Entity
Contains icons, interface graphics, and more.

Marmalade Moon
Freeware icons and digital artwork.

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