According to Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, said in his Sri Chaitanya Shikshamrita 3.2., there are two categories of Vaishnavas, namely Ordinary Vaishnavas and Transcendentally Situated Vaishnavas.

The ordinary Vaishnavas are of three categories (1) those who believe in the philosophy of Krishna consciousness but do not practice strictly, (2) those who accept the markings of a Vaishnava and respect the Vaishnavas but do not practice strictly themselves, (3) and those who are from Vaishnava families and wear the marks of a Vaishnava but do not practice strictly. In India one can readily see examples of these three classes of ordinary Vaishnavas, as one can with the generations of Gurukulis and congregational devotees in the west. They can all be elevated by associating with more committed Vaishnavas.

The three categories of transcendentally situated Vaishnavas begin at the kanistha stage and are as follows (1) those advanced being fixed in following the regulative principles, and by regularly chanting (the kanistha adhikaris) (2) those advanced in faith and practices are known as madhyama adhikaris and (3) those who are actually advanced in realisation of Krishna - uttama adhikaris.

Although all Vaishnavas (devotees of the Lord), there's a world of difference in habit, intent, and realisation of these two kinds (the ordinary and the transcendental).

As aspiring Vaishnavas ourselves we try to lend a hand to those of the ordinary category, encouraging and supporting their development; our peers of the transcendental category we share realisations with, encourage and associate with; the more advanced Transcendentalist we associate with, learn from, and accept shelter from, for they have seen the truth Bhagavad Gita 4:34.

This is not meant to be presented in a judgmental way, but certainly we need to learn how to discriminate, so that we can take full advantage of the positive and avoid committing offenses by engaging in negative worldly activities. Needless to say we need to return to that place which is free from the three fold miseries that always afflict us. So this site is there to help in our sojourn years.