Reincarnation has been a subject that has fascinated the human race
                         for almost as long as there has BEEN a human race! There have
                         been references to reincarnation in the writings of most civilizations
                         throughout the ages. Eastern religions accept reincarnation more
                         readily than western. I won't get into it here, as it is not the
                         intention or scope of this lecture to get into religions, and religious
                         beliefs. However, there are people who believe and claim to have
                         evidence that the Bible had many references to reincarnation,
                         before it was "rewritten".

                         Reincarnation is a highly debated topic and brings out strong
                         opinions, especially in the scientific community.

                         Some believe this fascination is only because of our fear of death -
                         our fear of ceasing to exist. Death has such finality. If we believe
                         we live only one life, it would mean we are quite insignificant in the
                         universal scope of things. For some, that mortality is easier to cope
                         with in the knowledge that we will be again.

                         Others find it a very logical explanation for such phenomena as deja
                         vu, child prodigies, or that feeling of already knowing someone
                         we've met for the first time.

                         Many of us have probably experienced going to a place for the first
                         time, and instinctively known our way around or have that uncanny
                         sense that we've been at that place before. With people, again,
                         often we'll meet someone for the first time, and have a sense of
                         familiarity with the person. It can even go so far as to having an
                         immediate like or dislike of that person.

                         Yet others feel it is merely a byproduct of an overactive
                         imagination, perhaps fueled by television, movies, books, or stories
                         we heard when children.

                         Professionals who use “past life regressions in therapy have
                         differing opinions. Some believe that there past lifetimes do exist.
                         Others are not convinced but are open-minded about the possibility.

                         Yet others do not believe the concept at all, and consider past life
                         regression work to totally be metaphorical. They believe the client
                         "makes up" the previous lifetime. They consider that it is merely a
                         fantasy -- a "story" that the subconscious mind of their client has
                         made up to deal with problems in this lifetime.

                         No matter which side of the "coin" you stand on, each side has what
                         it feels as incontrovertible evidence for it's belief or non-belief in
                         reincarnation. The focus of this lecture is neither to prove, nor
                         disprove reincarnation. My purpose is to give "food for thought"

                         My personal belief is that it is highly probable. Being a Capricorn, I
                         tend to like to have things "proved" to me without any shadow of a
                         doubt, so it would be difficult to say I totally accept it at face
                         value. As a regressionist, I have done literally thousands of past life

                         It is not my intention (or my job) to sit there and judge my clients
                         as to whether or not their regression is "real". Yes, I have had
                         clients where I’ve instinctively known that they are producing
                         material from a very vivid imagination. Yet...I've had many clients
                         where - again - I instinctively have known - that it is NOT their

                         When I "do" a past life regression on someone, I like to ferret out
                         as many facts as possible, such as names, dates, and places. This
                         gives the chance of finding out if the person actually lived. This, of
                         course, is difficult with lifetimes in the mid-ages. Opponents will
                         argue that even if someone DOES come up with factual names,
                         dates and places, that the person merely had foreknowledge of the
                         existence of that data, even if only subconsciously.

                         One regression I did was on a young man who I had worked with
                         before. He was an exceptional client to work with as he was able to
                         give names, dates, and places quite easily. On one session, he
                         described the lifetime of a young woman in a small town in the
                         mid-west. The lifetime was within the last 100 years, so he was able
                         to find records of this woman’s existence. My client had never been
                         outside of New England, and all of his relatives were from Europe,
                         as he was a first generation American.

                         Can I prove that my client had no subconscious foreknowledge of
                         this woman? No, I can't. Perhaps some friend, or acquaintance had
                         told him about THEIR relative? Perhaps he just does not remember
                         consciously that conversation? Perhaps he just overheard it and
                         gave it no real conscious thought? Still, I find it fascinating!

                         One area in which I find reincarnational theory to be fascinating is
                         with relationships. As I said earlier, I am sure most of us have had
                         the experience of meeting someone new - yet having that feeling
                         that you know this person.

                         This experience can be from both vantage points - the feeling that
                         you feel wonderfully connected to this person - or the feeling of
                         intense dislike, distrust or unease.

                         In my own experience, I recall being at a dance with some friends.
                         Being a "people watcher" I always like to look at the people around
                         me. Well, standing over on the other side of the room there was a
                         man who had his back turned to me. As my gaze rested on him, he
                         suddenly turned around - and I have to tell you, I felt like the
                         proverbial ton of bricks hit me!

                         Now, this wasn't the "across a crowded room" type of romantic
                         attraction. I felt this overpowering feeling that I couldn't quite
                         define. When he looked at me, for the first few fleeting seconds,
                         he glared at me with such an intense look of hatred, it unnerved me.

                         I dismissed it however, for within seconds the look changed to one
                         of "checking me out". He came over within a few moments and asked
                         me to dance. I found myself wondering why I accepted. Everyone
                         seems to have a "type" they are attracted to - and this person was
                         the opposite for me. Yet, I could not turn him down.

                         I won't go into a long story, but we had a short "dating" relationship.
                         I could never bring myself to have a romantic relationship with him.
                         To tell you the truth, we both did not like each other. In the few
                         times we did see each other, the man did not treat me well at all.
                         Not that he was abusive - but rather like he thought of me as
                         somehow beneath his contempt.

                         I could not understand my reaction to this man, never mind why I
                         even allowed myself to go out with him. I knew that it had to be
                         more than a "on the surface" reaction.

                         I decided to do a regression on myself. The lifetime I came up with
                         was in Western Europe, in the late 1500's. In this lifetime I was a
                         fairly well-to-do merchant. I traveled quite a bit. As this lifetime
                         unfolded to me, I just saw myself going from place to place. I tried
                         to pay particular attention to people I had dealings with, but none
                         seemed to have any feeling attached to my relationships with them.

                         As I went on, however, I finally noticed that I traveled with a slave.
                         I was very well dressed - well fed and so on. My slave was poorly
                         dressed and very gaunt. As the regression continued, I noticed that
                         if I happened to think about feeding the slave, I'd throw a few
                         scraps at it. If it needed clothes, well, not my problem. It was just
                         not an important part of what was going on around me, and the
                         things I was doing.

                         All of a sudden, the realization hit me. I thought of the slave is "it"!
                         I then paid attention to the person who was the slave - and of
                         course I'm sure you've guessed it - I knew at that point that he was
                         the fellow I was now dating!

                         Actually, the whole thing was very upsetting to me. I consider
                         myself a reasonably caring person! And here I was in a lifetime
                         where...well...I just never even considered the fact that my slave
                         was a human being! Needless to say, I ended the relationship as it
                         was serving no purpose. And this brings me to...karma.

                         Karma, in my opinion is one of the most over-rated, misunderstood
                         and ill-used concepts in metaphysics! How many times have you
                         heard people say, "well, it's my karma?"

                         That type of statement often indicates that the person feels they
                         have no control over things - it just "is". They may feel that they are
                         being "punished" for actions or characteristics in a previous life.

                         Or they use it as a very convenient way to explain bad behavior!
                         Well, in a past life, I "fill in the blank", so that's why I act this way.
                         It's just my karma!"

                         My belief is that "karma" is related more to the "lessons and
                         challenges" that we face in this lifetime. I believe we choose those
                         lessons in advance. I feel this is done on a "soul" level - rather than
                         in the "ego" type of state we are presently in. The "soul" level is
                         objective, and does not have "personal feelings", "ego", or "human
                         ambition", and so forth figuring into the equation.

                         This lifetime's lesson could be to learn how to deal with poverty. Or
                         cruelty, sickness, mental retardation, or even war. On the other
                         hand, it could be to experience happiness, love, security or peace.

                         It has even occurred to me, that someone’s lesson could be in
                         actuality for OTHER people. Perhaps the "purpose" of a young child
                         who dies after a few hours or days, is to be part of the parents'
                         "life lesson"? I don't have the answer is just a thought.

                         I don't believe it's "individual" events that karma is about; rather I
                         believe it's the overall "lesson" or challenge. And to my way of
                         thinking, the purpose of a "lesson" or challenge is not to get STUCK
                         in it! So to say, "it's my karma" and not working with it, in my opinion,
                         is a waste of this lifetime!

                         Regression work, whether you believe in the actuality of past
                         lifetimes, or whether you prefer to think of it metaphorically, is
                         fascinating. As a certified hypnotherapist, of course I feel that the
                         best method is to have a regression done. However, you CAN do
                         regression work on yourself!

                         Two self-regression methods are "regression" tapes, and
                         dreamwork. There are many tapes on the market that will do
                         "guided imagery" regressions. I will soon have a tape available in my
                         catalogue for Past Life Regression.

                         My favorite self-regression technique is via dreamwork.

                         It's easy, inexpensive (well, actually - free!) Since you are going to
                         usually sleep every night any way, a very "handy" technique!