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updated 20th August 2007

Human Devolution - Michael Cremo

Friday, July 20, 2007
Author and researcher Michael Cremo discussed evidence for extreme human antiquity and also presented his thesis that human life has devolved from a higher state. Ancient Sanskrit from India speaks of prior human civilizations dating back much further than current science supposes. Cremo has sought physical evidence to bear this out, among which is the pictured round hematite objects with parallel grooves that have been dated to 2 billion years ago. Found in a mine in South Africa, the 1-2 inch spheres might have been game pieces, he theorized.Other objects include a coin found in an Illinois well that could be between 200,000 to 400,000 years old, and a small stone sculpture of a female figure found 300 ft. down in an Ohio layer, two million years old. Ancient Sanskrit texts write of long cycles that end in devastation, and the number of these correlate with modern paleontology's six great extinction events, he noted. Cremo has flipped Darwin's theory that humans evolved from simpler life forms upside down. Citing ancient wisdom sources, he suggested that more sophisticated or advanced beings were here first and they produced simpler life forms themselves.

(There are eleven video snips from Youtube that may be viewed presenting the facts)

Thursday, July 19, 2007
Hidden History of the Human Race Pts.1 -10

Author and researcher Michael Cremo discussed the evidence for "extreme human antiquity." Texts in ancient Sanskrit described previous civilizations that had high technology and he said he's found similar material across a number of ancient cultures. Cremo suggested a number of civilizations, far predating ones from the last 10,000 years, have come and gone, wiped out by various earth changes. According to different wisdom traditions, humanity goes through cycles such as Bronze and Iron Ages or what is called yugas by the Hindu. Evidence in the form of human fossils and artifacts, such as found in sedimentary layers dating back millions of years, contradicts the current theory of human origins. Yet Cremo has found most mainstream scientists are closed minded to his data, and seek to protect their power and the status quo. A few have been more receptive, and he has presented his work at prestigious venues such as the Royal Institution in London. He also touched on his notion of human devolution-- that people have devolved from a state of higher consciousness into a baser, more material reality.

(There are a further ten video snips from Youtube that may be viewed presenting the facts)

Scientists wonder if life came to Earth from outer space - but still neglect the fact that wherever "life" comes from it doesn't come from mere chemicals. The easy example is there of a bag of rice, which in places like India are often seen as birthing pools for scorpions. Scorpion eggs and grains of rice appear almost identical, but we know that rice doesn't give surrogate birth to scorpions anymore than a living being comes from inert matter. The mother scorpion lays her eggs in the bag of rice as the eternal jiva soul is placed into the material elements and is not produced from matter.

Scientists at NASA still try to strain their brains to see the eternal jiva souls coming about from temporary matter. Anyway this is what they say:

For a clear understanding of how Life came about and how man populated the Universe please read the following books. They have been written not to confuse like some books but to make the topic clear for even the lay person to understand.

Scientifically Philosophical Books for the layman
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You're Not That Body by Bir Krishna Goswami

"Obviously you have used computers...... Well you see just as the hard drive in a computer possesses all the information which is accessed by the medium of a mouse or keyboard, similarly these books when read externally bring forth information that is already within, that is laying dormant, and helps us, the soul to awaken our natural spiritual status by remembering things natural to us, that we have forgotten..."BKG.


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