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11th July 2015

Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi
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From my husband Nara Narayan Dasa Vishwakarma:
This was December 1968.
The devotees and Srila Prabhupada were in New York City on 62 2nd Ave.
I had already known Madhavi Lata from San Francisco and Seattle. She chanted very beautifully and she was a very loved person. She was also rather dark and eccentric and kept to herself.
She was from New York, and I wasn't particularly aware of her being there, because I had just come from Los Angeles to build the Temple in 62 2nd Ave and make a Vyasasana, and I took my Gayatri initiation from Srila Prabhupada.
We were all in the Temple Room which was crowded with 60-80 devotees, and Srila Prabhupada was sitting on the Vyasasana, which was in a notch in the wall on the North side of the room.
As we were concentrating on the discourse given by Srila Prabhupada in conversation with other devotees, the doors opened all of a sudden, and Madhavi Lata came in, not dressed in a sari, and with an unusually animated expression on her face, pulling by the hand a girl that could only be described as a "doxy" - dramatically blond hair, bright red lipstick, bright red high heeled shoes, and the sort of short dress that one would associate with showgirls.
When this occurred, everything sort of stopped in the room, and everyone was rather surprised, because no one had really considered that Madhavi Lata was a lesbian. We just saw her as a nice devotee.
Srila Prabhupada looks at Madhavi Lata with an inquiring, and perhaps slightly surprised look on His Face. Madhavi Lata then said, "Oh Srila Prabhupada, I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend, --(name)----". Then she asked, "May I have your blessing to have her as my girlfriend?"
Srila Prabhupada looked at her very formally and said, "This is illicit sex. We cannot allow in our Movement. Please leave and when you are finished with this, come back by yourself."
Madhavi Lata was quite shocked. I think she really thought she could sell Srila Prabhupada on her lesbian relationship.
So they left immediately, and then, Madhavi Lata came back alone after a period of time, maybe a couple of weeks, but she was quite disgruntled.

Leila Santos This is a very important point and now some of his disciples are trying to introduce this nonsense in a very different way. Why we cannot keep forward and firm with what srila prabhupada gave us!! We are safe if we do that exactly the way he said! Simple so, the only requirement is following!!!!

Hrishikesh Das Gandhi I wonder how this movement will last for next 10K years... Kaliyuga is getting worst day by day

Abhinanda Das Hrishikesh Das Gandhi
Prabhu we should not doubt it at all..If we just follow Prabhupada as it is this movement will go for the next ten thousand years..We should avoid unnecessary deviations..Just stick to Srila Prabhupada Lotus feet..We should not forget that we are sailing the boat of our spiritual life in the material ocean where you we will have to sail across different type of wind..Sometimes we will get favorable wind and sometimes we will have to face unfavorable wind like Kali Personify and Mayadevi...The shock will be there because the material ocean is never peaceful and is always difficult...We have to only listen to the captain of the boat-His Divine Grace Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada who is the representative of Guru Parampara as well...then we will reach our destination for sure...
Hare krishna..

Abhinanda Das @ Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi
Please allow me to share this post mataji..Thank you very much..haribol..

Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi Pls go right ahead smile emoticon

Prahladesh Dasa Adhikari <be described as a "doxy" - dramatically blond hair, bright red lipstick, bright red high heeled shoes, and the sort of short dress that one would associate with showgirls.>

Of course, in such a situation Srila Prabhupada called this illicit sex. Because it was obvious.

But that's another thing.

And Srila Prabhupada noticed that.

Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi What is your point?

Prahladesh Dasa Adhikari Very simple. The point is that the devotee brought a girl who was not even devotee.

Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi So what?

Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi We all have to start somewhere.

Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi But not from active homosexuality.

Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi It needs to be given up.

Prahladesh Dasa Adhikari With respect to this issue of gay marriage, here for a while no one else will talk about it. Nor the world will end, nor even the heterosexual will become homosexual and vice versa.

Ajit Krishna Dasa Srila Prabhupada also wrote a clear letter to a devotee called Lalitananda. Check it out.

Dandavats Dasa Flores Hare Krsna!

Homosexual marriage seems like a potentially unstable relationship. The human brain has to figure so many things for any kind of sexual relationship. The homosexuality, if not just sodomy - makes things all the more complicated for human beings to figure so many things.

Sexual arousal and sex desire in itself probably contributes to mental confusion for most people. When people have a lot of money it may be easier to play around with homosexuality. People who are more or less poor have trouble just with normal marriage and raising children in a reasonable normal manner. In other words, it is probably a mistake for poor people to get involved in anything that might be considered somehow abnormal sexual practices.

This is really getting back to the question of sex desire. Sex desire is all about our temporal earthly existence and our temporal material existence. How is a human being to give up sex desire? In fact we are taught by ISKCON that we should not even think of sex even in dreams. How is this going to be possible in today's society?

Of course, there are many answers in seriously following Bhakti Yoga. Actually, the greatest answers in the world are found in Bhakti Yoga. Ultimately, Bhakti Yoga can put us in Goloka Vrndaban which is beyond anything earthly and beyond anything within the material existence.

Things are complicated enough for human marriage especially in this age of Kali. There are many challenges for normal marriage and child rearing. However, there are many rewards to normal marriage.

Even before Kali Yuga the sages gave humanity direction to prefer even complete and abject renunciation. Of course, in our modern society it is probably dangerous for people to wander around completely naked. However, it would seem wise to at least aim at a simpler life style such as cruelty-free Krsna conscious agricultural self-sufficiency.

May Lord Sri Krsna always shower you all with many blessings, sublime transcendental knowledge, and advancement in pure devotion to the Supreme God!

Your friend and neighbor,

Dandavats dasa

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Hareesh Chennai Tamil Nadu HARI BOL.

Prahladesh Dasa Adhikari Lalitananda is the same principle. He wanted to enjoy with a non devotee.

Nara Narayan Dasa Vishwakarma Gay marriage is a totally unnecessary and disastrously idiotic misuse of language purpose, and practice.

America is a secular state, and to steal, borrow or emulate the various churches and religions by establishing "marriage" as a secular social formality should never have been established by secular government.

Marriage has always been referred to as "Holy Matrimony" and so it should. Each religion since time immemorial has brought together men and women for the purpose of "sanctifying" their Holy Connection for the purpose of keeping procreation within the sect or religious body that maintained and didactically imposed this particular restraint on sexual connection between its reproduction minded members.

A number of years ago, on a Public Radio Show, I heard a proponent of "gay marriage" cry out that it was not fair that the gay population was barred from the Sanctification of Marriage. He cought himself immediately, and said "secular marriage" but his intent was right out in the open and obviousl

The Secular State has simply NO BUSINESS in creating "pseudo marriages" as though there were some etheric "pope" waving his hands over desk of the Justice of the Peace!
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Nara Narayan Dasa Vishwakarma The state missed an open and obvious course of action to deal with people who live together, whether secular conjugal contracts, retarded son with aging mother, two spinsters 80 years old, two men together, two women together, aging father and "stay at home son" together can have what could appropriately be called a "DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT", which would be created to give LEGAL BENEFITS TO TWO OR MORE ADULTS WHO END UP LIVING TOGETHER FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.

The benefits are obvious, and are generally included in the provisions of secular marriage.

Shared pensions, medical benefits when one has a job and the other does not, and this would be broad, completely inclusive, and would most likely create a stabilization of the American life style, and there would be no reference to the word "marriage".

Nara Narayan Dasa Vishwakarma The conservatives keep "bleating" that "marriage is between a man and a woman", and it does them no good whatsoever, as the tide of history has apparently engulfed them with the misnomer called "secular marriage"....which cannot prevent same sex marriage, or in fact marriage between a shepherd and his favorite ewe, a woman with a impressively large dog, and any other strange or unconventional ways that one creature shows and erotic interest in another creature.

There is nothing in "secular marriage" that excludes man/woman legal marriage to another species......just the same 'ol laws that have so far prevented gay marriage.

Shaul Shalagram Porat In order to be fair,I must tell this one reality check. Prabhupad was extremely flexible: Prabhupad used to love the french yatra. He would stay for long periods in his room on the top floor, in the CHATEAU, walk around in the Forrest and gardens,every day he gave us darshan under different loveable big tree... and created for us Vaikunta on earth. Seems that in Vaikunta,girlfriends are allowed,since in the three neighboring rooms to his right, were three couples of girlfriends. One couple were from the beginning days. girls love IS NOT boys love! Girls love does exactly the opposite of man love.An actual HARDCORE Gay woman, What one young woman friend who loved women described them as "lost cases" for me ,are rare. Women are born from the same place like man,The first smell they smell is the smell of a woman.she sucked the same Brest,it is just natural for her to love women. In old days,when the king went for war,he left a replica from a jade stone of his "weapon",to help his wives with their love play. there are many paintings of these wives playing...I hope i did not offended any body. sometimes the TRUTH cures by hurting...Hare Krishna

Nara Narayan Dasa Vishwakarma SO WHAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED?

Marriage has no history outside of religion. ALL marriages by that name should be conducted within the REAL "Sanctity of a Church, Mosque, or Synagogue".

Is there room for gay marriage in today's religions......Apparently so.
The Anglican church performs gay marriages, certainly ultra-reform Jewish Synagogues either do, or may soon perform gay marriages. It is even probably that the new ultra-reform female Rabbis will start to perform female circumcision, to rid the Jewish religion once and for all of GENDER INEQUALITY!

So, you can see that there is NO REASON AT ALL for secular gay marriage.

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, now exposed for gargantuan scale pedophaelia, gay anything and everything has been going on since the beginning of the church!

All Catholics need to do is continue relating to the Church as they have for two millenia, and the gay population will have more than what they need and want. need for secular "same sex" marriages at all!....nothing....Nada!

Pratyatosa Dasa This is a very significant Prabhupada anecdote. Is there any corroborating evidence that this event took place as described?

Shaul Shalagram Porat I don't know about America,but in Quebec MARRIAGE IS PASSE.The kids do not get married. The government is doing it for them. If for one year you have been living as a couple in the same four walls,you are legally married by the state.Simple.

Nara Narayan Dasa Vishwakarma Is it possible to do the obvious and create "domestic partnership agreements" at this point?

Most probably not. The language error has been made to secularize heterosexual marriage, then same sex marriage, then "man to other species" marriages, so the atheist and non-religiously affiliated pairs of mammals, headed by bewildered and stumbling humanity, will most probably keep their "secular marriage" until it has become completely and totally meaningless in the face of humanity disintegrating biologically until no human connection (or connection of humans between large pets or farm animals) will be functionable or useful for keeping human society both human and a funcioning society.

Nara Narayan Dasa Vishwakarma Fortunately, Krishna at the Raja Suhya Sacrifice, made possible the Advent of Lord Chaitanya, who made possible the Advent of Srila Prabhupada, which made possible each and every human and many non humans to become drenched in the overwhelming sound of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sankirtan!

This Sankirtan will erase the Asat "barnacles on the ships" of the Pure Sat Spirit soul which we each and every one of us are.....and we can leave our sexual cuddling of sheep and calves and become purified by the Holy Name!

Ajit Krishna Dasa Prahladesh Dasa Adhikari, Srila Prabhupada did not tell Madhavi Lata or Lalitananda to find a homosexual that was practicing KC. He asked them to stop it.

Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi Exactly

Mahananda Dasa Nice story.

Shaul Shalagram Porat Once on a morning walk along Avenue foch huge grass lawn-the avenue of the billionaires- in Paris( which ended at what was called the "concessional Forrest"), The rich women were taking their BIG dogs for a morning walk too,walking along us. Prabhupad snapped "Those rich ladies have sex with these dogs".(In regard to Nara Narayans ' and and Dandavats comments.The rich and the perverted).

Nara Narayan Dasa Vishwakarma WHAT DO I THINK OF LBGT?

I was raised in a pragmatic scientific learning mood as I reached adulthood. For me, raised on a farm, outside of the confines of religion and its inevitable mediocrity, I saw humanity simply as mammals, and as such breeding and reproducing by normal mammalian sexual activity, with the likely result of bearing offspring not dissimilarly in process and result than the other mammals of all the various species around.

Same sex, transgender etc. simply indicate that the genetic code, (breeding factor when applied to purebred horses and dogs) will simply be extinguished by not producing genetic development and diversification of their DNA.

By fighting for the right to be "same sex" or "transgender", their existential choice as human mammals is to eradicate their DNA lineage.

Once they are dead, the genetic line stops there with no hope of ever being revived in the Eternal Course of Time.

Like dinosaurs, they are creating their own extinction, which (to me) indicates that they place no value whatsoever on their having been born as Human Mammals, and that extinction for them is preferable to continuing their genetic line.

In rat studies, there is a term, "Too many rats in the box". When you have too many rats in the box, they turn to 'rodosexuality".

Our human society has produced the symptom of "too many rats in the box".

A heto man with four children and a wife trying to live on $50,000.00 per year, is inundated by the symptoms of poverty.

Four gay men each earning $50,000 per year in a San Francisco Victorian Mansion, have a joint spending income of $200,000.00, and I have seen how opulently such four men live with vases of flowers, antique furniture, Jaguar cars, etc, etc, etc.

In our overly centralized and impersonalized Corporate World, Heterosexuality is simply no longer economically as feasible as gay groups living together.

My answer is to return to Varnashram Dharma with ten thousand acres, three thousand people, lots of cows, and oxen.

Vaishyas tending the cows with the help of the huge number of Sudras, 3% Brahmins, 8% Ksyatriyas to defend the borders of the land from maurauders, and 80% Sudras.

The key to success?

All four Varnas will be INITIATED DISCIPLES OF SRILA PRABHUPADA, so the Brahmins can offer obeisances to a spiritually observant Sudra!

The sudras will all have nice cottages, the women will have nice sarees and bangles, they will not need to pay a mortgage, as their home will be theirs as long as they wish.

No money required, as the Brahmins will cook in huge temple Kitchens such as those in Puri, and goods will be distributed according to need, not some sort of corporate profit.

In other words,


"From each according to his ability, and too each according to his need"

In such a mellow, supportive atmosphere homosexuality will have no basis to exist. Good sex with a woman without fear of poverty when children arrive, will certainly be more attractive than meaningless loss of semen between frustrated corporate haunted men.

And those who still want to be homosexual?

They can chant Hare Krishna, but not be able to take initiation unless they wish to live a life of true Brahmacharia. they will need to make their way in the world without the cohesive strict adherence to the four regulative principles, that Daivi Varnashram requires.

That is Srila Prabhupada's standard, and as I was initiated in 1968, I had ample opportunity to see for myself what SP wanted from His disciples.

I ask the gay community not to fictionalize what Krishna will allow in this Sampradaya and what He will not.

No one can stop gay people from chanting Hare Krishna, but they cannot do so as initiates in the Sacred Kchetra of the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya!