Nava Vidha Bakthi

Nava Vidha Bakthi– 01 (Nine Forms of Bakthi- 01)

Vasudeva paraa Vedha Vasudeva paraa Magha :

Vasudeva paraa Yoga Vasudeva paraa: Kriya:

Vasudeva Param: Gyanam Vasudeva Param Thapa:

Vasudeva Paro Dharmo Vasudeva Paraa Ghathi.

Knowledge’s final Destination is always Sriman Vasudevan. Vedas too proclaim this as destination. Our actions, Deeds, Yoga, Meditation, and Knowledge all should converge to THE LORD’s feet as form of Surrender. We should take steps for that only. Though there are many ways to attain LORD’s Feet, the love socked with Bhakti is the only bridging path between the LORD and us.

Lord Renganatha is Sri Vasudeva. The Pancharatra Agama is based on Sri Vasudeva Manthra only. In Srirangam, our Achrayas depicted Lord Renganatha (The Moolavar) as LORD KRISHNA and Namperumal (The Utsavar) as LORD RAMA. HE is Paramathama. Supreme among all Gods. Let us surrender ourselves in Lord Renganatha’s Feet.

Bhakti.. !

Though Small phrased, the Intensity of this Phrase is surprising.. !?

Vaishanivsm has categorized Bhakti into nine groups.

“Sravanam Keerthanam Vishnoo:

Smaranam Pada Sevanam

Archanam Vandhanam Dhasyam

Sakyam Athma Nivedhanam”

They are:
1.Sravanam – Listen
2.Keerthanam – Sing
3.Smaranam – Think over / Always Remember
4.Pada Sevanam – Surrender the Lotus Feet
5.Archanam – Worship
6.Vandhanam – Pray
7.Dhasyam – Execute Orders / Dutiful
8.Sakyam – Friendly
9. Athma Nivedhanam – Completely Surrender

Let us speak more about these Nine Forms of Bhakti in the upcoming Chapters…

Namaskaram.. !

Murali Battar

Nava Vidha Bakthi– 02 (Na Li Nine Forms of Bakthi- 02)

01. Sravanam

We being healthy itself is a big wealth to us. Among the wealth, the knowledge we acquired from listening and reading is the foremost wealth we possess.

Selvathul Selvam SeviSelvam Achselvam

Selvathul Ellam Thalai . (Thirukural – 411)

The Great Tamil Poet Tiruvalluvar refers this Knowledge gained through listening to a greater extend. We should listen and follow the words of Scholars and elders. One who follows them will always attain goodness in life and never will get lesser in life. We should always aspire to get those good people’s relation. We should make the Environment for that too. Man is always a victim of the Environment and Situations and also victimizes the environment.

No one will have a prior announcement of death. But King Parishikt came to know about his death well in advance. He stopped talking food, water and never slept too. He spent time listening to Srimad Bhagavatham till his death. Listening to Tale about God’s Divine deeds is always considered as best.

Unlike King Parishikt, Sage Narada started listening to Tales about God even when he was in his Mother’s womb.

Sage Narada is a Seerangeevi. (Always Alive). He has been blessed with “NO DEATH” boon. But he too had a reincarnation. In his earlier birth, Sage Narada’s mother was a servant maid in ashrams of Rishis / sages. That environment gave a divine experience for Sage Narada and his mother too.

After Narada was born, he got the knowledge from the sages. Naradha was the only son for his simple and poor mother. When he was 5 years young, his mother went outside for milking from the cow, where she was bitten by a Snake and died.

Narada travelled allover across mountains and forests chanting Lord SriHari’s name which was taught by the Rishis/ Sages. He sat under a Tree and started meditating on LORD Vishnu, the Pramathma. LORD appeared before him only once. LORD said “One who has not attained totality or get rid of the worldly affairs will not be able to see me”. Narada who got rid of the worldly pleasures, travelled across the earth chanting LORD SriHari’s divine name and Leelai (Deeds). His soul departed thinking of LORD Krishna in mind. His soul waited for the Yuga’s End. When the world was covered with Water and floods during the end of the Yuga, Brahma united with LORD Narayana (Sri Hari) who was manifested as a Born Child and was sleeping on the Leaf. Along with Brahma, Narada’s soul too united with the LORD SriHari. 432 Crore Surya Years passed. When Brahma commenced his work of creation, Sages like Marisee, Angiras, Athiri were born. Along with them Sage Narada too was born. He attained the power of travelling around all the 14 worlds with a divine form which has no differentiation of the Soul and Body. As he was born from Brahma, he was called as “Brahma Putra” (Son of Brahma) and Grandson of the LORD SriHari. He became a Seerangeevi. He recites Veena continuously and chants LORD Sri Hari’s name. He blesses those who worship him. Let us pray in his lotus feet and will start to discuss on these topics.

Let us Talk..!

Murali Battar

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