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   We thank your visiting our site, as we welcome you to the world of incensetemple.com. Our incense sticks come to you from the holy mountains of the Indian Himalayas, following our own traditional style of making incense as done by the great Rishis (seers) and yogic formulas which were used in ancient times. Incense sticks have played an important role in many of the world's greatest religion, and our high quality incense sticks are well known to have been used for ritual works and service which attracts pleasing and positive energies.

 Our Incense sticks come from the tree resin (tree root) which is black in color as well as other natural ingredients such as flowers, seeds, roots, sandal dust, devdar dust, resin and oils of many great herbs that are naturally aromatic. The ancient peoples associated their gods with the natural environment and natural fragrances which were believed to drive away inauspiciousness and demons and encourage the positive properties of god to appear on earth through their wonderful natural purifying smells.

 Studies tell us that a smoker can pollute the atmosphere which affects 4-5 people's health around them, whereas burning of pure incense can bring family happiness, prosperity, aide good health, and give protection against all ill effects and evils. In this way it helps to create good and ambient environment around the users. Our pure incense immediately creates a spiritual atmosphere through its healing, soothing and uplifting atmosphere as it surcharges the ether with positive energy (fire, earth) dispersing subtle negative influences. Thus it is good for meditation and inner peace. Incense is not just for pleasant smells, but a way to refresh your heart and mind. Pure incense is for bringing back positive memories or invoking good thoughts and feelings for the inner self. The use of incense sticks is widely described in ancient Sanskrit scriptures in dispelling of evils and pleasing the gods, and saintly persons.

 Pure incense sticks also has the properties to reduce the many harmful effect of dangerous perfume use in lesser quality incense sticks widely available in the market place. The use of inferior materials in the modern incense sticks selling in the market you will be surprised to know the facts of what poor quality incense actually does for those involved in worshiping, Meditation or for personal use. In other words that inferior quality incense is an offense to offer to God et al.

Some Shocking facts of Modern Incense

 In the modern world it has become custom for incense manufacturers to change their approach in the of making incense, they wanted more variety, stronger potency and also to lower the cost of incense, expecting this will make their product more popular, without caring for the decline in the standard of the incense. Many of you will be very much shocked to hear that the incense you are using is basically made of Coal Powder, Groundnut Cells, washing soda ash, Foam paste, Grease, Rubber solution for binding purpose, melted Old Tyres and inner-Tubes, used Mobil oils for lubrication, and so on. Some of the manufactures also use Albumen Powder, which is essentially the dry blood of dead animals. I must repeat it is dry blood of dead animals which is the bi-product of when poor animals are slaughtered, they take that blood and store it in low temperatures and low pressure so that the drying of this Albumen occurs, which is then used for binding the incense stick and incense cones. These persons rely on the fact that the Albumen binding has great strength, so much so that it is also used in ply board manufacturing, in other words it is called a powerful glue. Those inferior incense sticks have many more harmful chemicals which are used as a base for different fragrance, which produce harmful Carbon Dioxide gas which when burnt pollutes the air and atmosphere, and can severely damage your health.  Not many manufacturers use the original the high quality natural material nowadays, as we do.

 So what we are offering to God ?, surely we want that everything we offer or use be of the very best quality availably, and at a reasonable price. We have brought that tradition of high quality incense sticks at an affordable price, for the pleasure and benefit of one and all.

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