Here are a few pictures and some information.

last updated 21st June 2007

On the top from left to right is Madan Mohan, Gopinath, and Radhe Shyamsundar Giriraj.
On the bottom is small Krsna Balaram Giriraj and baby Damodar.

This is my full alter.

On the extreme left, top with only tilak is Matsya and on the right is Gokulanandji. Underneath them is Radharamana.
On the extreme right, top is Radhe and Shyamsundar salagram.

On the left hand side is Sri Radhe and on the right is Shyam. You may be wondering why Radhe is on the wrong side. Actually, she is Govinda’s Radhe, our main sila. He is supposed to be on her right side but she is suffering from separation from her Lord. Her beloved is now in Vrndavan with lonely, pujari who is very much attached to him. Her sadness will have to last until Kartik. Until then, his Lordship Shyam is her guardian.

Sri Sri Nitai Navadvipchandra. These deities were given to me by a Babaji in Navadvip and are approximately 150 years old.

Baby Damodar was given to me by Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaj in Mayapur.