HH Bhaktisiddhanta Swami's Ishthadevas page 1.
last updated 28th May 2005

in his room in the brahmachari ashram in Mayapur

some sadhusanga with Prem Kishore prabhu during the Mayapur festival 2005

one of five Silas that maharaj has that one can look through

A quick look at 2005's assembly

as of September 2003s visit to the Kali Gandaki

Page One - Sri Radha Gopijanavallabha, and assorted Shilas - March-April 2001
Page Two - Close-ups June 2001
Page Three - New Aditions, "group photo" - February 2002
Page Four - New Additions as of returning from the Kali gandaki March-April 2002 ( Who's Who - Who's new )
Page Five - Kali Gandaki 2002 Pilgrimage diary and panoramic views
Page Six - Scenes from the Kali Gandaki expedition of September 2003


October 2002 in LA

Lord Balaram's appearance day in LA 2002

These are HH Bhaktisiddhanta Swami's 186 Silas as of this update July 2002.


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