HH Bhaktisiddhanta Swami Page 4.

Page One - Sri Radha Gopijanavallabha, and assorted Shilas - March-April 2001
Page Two - Close-ups June 2001
Page Three - New Aditions, "group photo" - February 2002
Page Four - HERE - Kali Gandaki 2002 Who's Who - Who's new
Page Five - Kali Gandaki 2002 Pilgrimage diary and panoramic views

All the Silas together as of March 2002 after returning from the Kali Gandaki and Vraj

Amalaki silas

Chakra-loka !!!

Krishna Balai Thakurs from Govardhan



Lord Nrsimhadev Sila bound for the Melbourne Temple

Pilgrimage diary and panoramic views

Read Maharaj's story behind the seva puja he does

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