ISKCON, Melbourne Temple - Danks St., Albert Park, Victoria, Australia
last updated 12th November 2005

Srila Prabhupad's rooms in Melbourne Temple

Sri Sri Radha Ballabha on the central altar in Melbourne Temple 2003

Lord Trivikrama (the Pradhan)

 two Girirajs'

This Lord Trivikram was given by one yogi. "...........This is how I recall Bhavananda's explanation of the appearance of Lord Trivikrama. He might remember some details, and especially Jananirvasa might also.

In the late 70's, Acyutananda Swami was in South India bathing in the Godavari river with a yogi who was a friend of Iskcon. The yogi dipped down into the water and produced by his mystic power an urn. He handed the urn to Acyutananda Swami who reached inside and found the salagrama. Acyutanada Swami gave the Salagram to Jananirvasa who worhiped him in Mayapur. Bhavananda asked Jananirvasa for the Salagram, and then in turn Bhavananda presented Lord Trivikrama to me  - I guess it was 1979 or 1980."

Your servant, Kurma dasa ACBSP (former Head pujari who carried Him back to Melbourne)

Ramachandra, Varaha and Matsya

Kurma, Ananta, Sudarshan.

 "When I first found this Kurma sila He was a bright bluish colour, but the very first time He was bathed He turned black, even without oils or ghee. I brought Him back from Nepal in 1987 with Ananta".(JTCd)

Lord Narasimhadeva

A few updated pics from Ekendra prabhu

Sept 2005 paint-job updates paintwork by Krishna-Grajah dasa

Sri Nrsimhadev

Giriraj - Sri Sri Radha Syama Sundar Govardhan silas

Lord Sri Krishna

Lord Trivikrama

Lord Trivikrama on Vaman dwadasi 2005
( the best puja ever )

Giriraj from our recent Govardana puja day 2005

Your unworthy servant,

Bhakta Simon Kitty
Melbourne Mahaprabhu mandir

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