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Vedic Cosmography

Phases of the Moon

Eclipse Information Pages
Vaidik - Western (both are useful)

Understand the concept of Earth Centred Universe

Good Eclipse Page HERE


Tidal Movements

Contact me for Tidal software

Click HERE for Vedik Marriage Compatibility

Again we can show you what you have and help you to learn to deal with it:

Dhinam - prosperity factor - indicates one's fortune
Ganam - (Deva, Manushya, Rakshasa) - one's temperment
Mahendram -  happiness together
Stri Dirgham - longevity of relationship
Yoni kuta - sexual nature or urges
Bhinna Rajju - strengths or weaknesses in marriage
Vedhai - possible challenges - doshas / afflictions if any
Nadi kuta - physiological constitution and compatibility
Graha Maitra (Rasyadhipathi) - planetary friendships
Rasi kuta - nature of the rising signs
Varna - natural working propensities, and advancement of spiritual development
Vasyam - the attraction, magnetic control or amenability of the couple

We look at the strength of the bond, your natures, the natures of the planets, your spiritual - intellectual - emotional - and physical interactions, the benefits and short comings, and offer suggestions for resloving.


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Astrological - Meditative Candle Burning Rituals & Fire Sacrifice


Click HERE for my Muhurtha - Time Placement Astrology

You can always try Illidia Starwoman

The Vaishnava Calendar - Panjika

Here's an Excellent Time Placement and Astrological Tool that shows all aspects of the Panchangam, and casts Astrological charts, a necessity for the Pandit and the layman alike:

Astrological Time Zone Map


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