dVaidik Astrologye



Introduction and Disclaimer:

This introduction is specifically targetted to give an insight into the science of Jyotish (Vedik or Vaidik astrology) as well as an overall understanding of who we actually are, so that temporal subjective material preference doesn’t impede any understandings or presentations of timeless wisdom being carried. We say carried, simply because this humble composer / compiler is not the original speaker. If we look further than merely that I’m an Englishman, and Australian, a New Zealander, an Indian, a Hindu, a Christian, a Moslem, a Buddhist, etc., or even a man, a woman, young or old, black or white or coffee coloured of complexion, neither tall nor short, nor fat nor thin, rather we are eternal spiritual beings living in these vehicles as one uses a car to get around.

 Veda means knowledge, and with that we must explain more than experimental theoroetical knowledge, but age old proven knowledge carried by sages throughout the ages in every continent of this planet. These wise sages in various places received this knowledge as we receive the warming rays of the Sun. t’s the same Sun for the entire planet, as there’s one God for all beings. Yet according to different locations, cultures, languages or traditions etc, different people at different times call that same Sun by different names; Ravi, Ra, Sun, Sole, Surya and so on… So simialrly we in different locations etc call God by various names according to how we have perceived Him, just like a high court judge may be known by serveral names or titles; darling to his wife, daddy to his children, your honour to the clerks of the court, the “swinging judge” among the criminal element he judicates over, Mr _______ to the insurance man, and Harry to his friends. It is the same person they all address from different perspectives, as God is known as Allah, the Great One; Buddha, the Learned One; Adanoi, the Anointed One; Yaweh or Jehova, the Amighty One; Rama, the Resevoir of all pleasure; Vishnu, the Great Maintainer, all such attributes are attractive, and in the Sanskrit language the term for All Attractive in this vein is Krishna.
 The point of my telling you all this is so that we can accept that this is not a sectarian belief, or cultish conception, but is as scientific as the factual hard sciences as mathematics and astronomy that it uses.

Vedic (Indian, Hindu, or Sidereal - as it is known) Astrology is a little different from Western Astrology. The Vedic system is also broken up into different purposes of or for astrology; Mundane or National Astrology to find the karma and reward for a particular country, celestial phenomenon such as Equinoxes, Solstices, New Moons, Eclipses, Planetary Conjunctions and Comets - our Almanacs are based on this; Atmospherical Astrology or the Annual Horoscope which is the art of foretelling the condition of the weather, and the nature of seasonal conditions -  a function that is now attempted (not very accurately we may add) by the Meteorological Department of the Governments, this covers the influence of planets over rainfall, agricultural growth, metals, fluid substances, gems, seeds, etc.; Genethliacal or Natal Astrology which deals with the character and destiny of the charts of individual people, through the Rising sign, the positions, aspects, and conjunctions, etc., of planets at the moment of birth; Transit or Lunar System, which shows which planets are transiting where, and at what time; Horary Astrology, which is designed to deal with foretelling the result of any undertaking or transaction, of the immediate future; Election or Muhurtha System, which most believe is the simplest and most useful from the point of view of the activities of man on a daily basis.

 Astrology is a little like going to the doctor. We kind of know to some degree what we have, in most part. At least we notice the symptoms of something happening. In most cases we don’t know what is or are the root causes, and if something can be either done to rectify the situation, or how long it will take to pass. So the key is having the insight on how to act. What is very interesting is how to act or do things in the future that will benefit the development of our lives. How to use what we've got to go into the future. So many people lament for what they either don't have or wish they had. Everyone has his/her fortunate and or unfortunate times, our own fruitful times, and our good for nothing times, planets and asterisms. As the influences of the planets are impelling rather than compelling we still have some telelogical free will left to optimise and even change what is suggested, or even what is in operation.

Astrology doesn't fix one's future - it only reduces the set of possibilities in a probabilistic manner. If an astrologer claims 100% success rate, he is cheating you (unless he is a really special spiritual person)! Even a stalwart like Prof. B.V. Raman (who is regarded as the modern day Varahamihira) had many short-comings (as he himself acknowledged).

Astrology is a probabilistic subject in nature. An astrologer can only say that event x is "very likely" and event y is "very unlikely" - he can never say "this will happen".

Astrology is a probabilistic study of natural tendencies. It is a probabilistic study of the "gravity towards destiny". Just as the gravity towards earth can be overcome, this "gravity towards destiny" can be overcome by several means ("will power" being one of those), and Divine Grace another (…this being more applicable to invoking through Divine acts, prayer, austerities of devotion etc).

"Astronomical calculations of stellar influences upon a living being are not suppositions, but are factual, as confirmed in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Every living being is controlled by the laws of nature at every minute, just as a citizen is controlled by the influence of the state. The state laws are grossly observed, but the laws of material nature, being subtle to our gross understanding, cannot be experienced grossly. As stated in the Bhagavad-gita (3.9), every action of life produces another reaction, which is binding upon us, and only those who are acting on behalf of Yajna (Vishnu) are not bound by reactions. Our actions are judged by the higher authorities, the agents of the Lord, and thus we are awarded bodies according to our activities. The law of nature is so subtle that every part of our body is influenced by the respective stars, and a living being obtains his working body to fulfill his terms of imprisonment by the manipulation of such astronomical influence." (Srimad Bhagavatam 1:12:12)

Vedic astrology is not meant to tell you what to do in life, or to necessarily reveal if you will become rich, when you will pass onto your next body, or when that “death” will be. The soul (jiva) is eternal, but the sojourn of the soul is not eternal, it is temporal. The soul in due course of time, we hope, will return to our transcendental home in the spiritual realm. Thus as we change bodies as we change garments, putting on newer ones and discarding old and useless ones, that we call death, the soul eternally passes through. This is the subject matter of the Bhagavad Gita. If you haven’t read this great work, you need to get Bhagavad Gita As It Is today, by Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, or view that book on-line at http://www.asitis.com/

 It is inportant firstly to know who, and what we are, before looking at where we may or may not be going. Astrology from this view tells us what karmas (results of previous fruitive action – parabda karma) we came in with at the time of our birth, what tendencies we have according to our natures, and what the influences of the karma of the individual (native) is, that influence the place of our birth, the planets that are influencing us at time of our birth - the micro (individual – family situation), meso (extended family), exo (social, community, work, etc., situation), and macro (social economic, national, world situations) systems that we are born into. Further each country is governed by a different zodiac sign (New Zealand is Cancer, Australia is Sagittarius, India is Jupiter, etc., etc.) giving its own “mode of nature” or flavour – this you would have experienced. In this way there is an array of influences that give us a template of why we are as we are, why we have certain desires, why we think in a certain way, why we look as we do, and why we allow ourselves to be aligned with certain social elements in the world and not others. These are some of the influences that we are in control of, or have the potential to control if we desire to change them, but there are others that we have little control over at all. The movements of planets, the interactions of those around us in the world from a eco-socio-political realm, and the powerful influence of the will, and or the mercy of God. These all act upon us – some call them kleshas or sufferings because of that (Adyatmika – afflictions of our own body and mind, Adibautika – afflictions by those around us in the world, Adidaivika klesh – afflictions by Divine will) .

  Our purpose then is to understand what influences we do have, if we like them (if they are conducive to our purpose in life), and if we don't (if they are not conducive) what we can do to change them, by changing the way we handle them to influence us. For instance the influence of Saturn often causes obstacles, such obstacles for one who knows that they are temporary testing grounds can use them to strengthen us, but for one who comes up against the influences of Saturn without knowing as such could be self-defeating and discouraging. Like if you know it's going to rain and you want to go out it could be dampening to your enthusiasm, but if you know the rain’s only there for the morning and the sun will come out in the afternoon, you might go out but take a coat, or umbrella, or even leave going out until the afternoon doing something else productive or more conducive during that time. Similarly under the influence of one planet or another as we will elaborate in the body of the chart certain actions may be very beneficial toward you, while others may act in such a way that introspection is needed, tolerance excersised, and options for direction looked into. Jyotisha or Vedik Astrology allows that we have forsight.

In the words of the great sages, Astrology is so designed to see what obstacles one may have in one's life, and to train people how one get through that, and optimise even adverse conditions into advantages. The expert business man makes money when the market is up, and when it is down, knowing where to invest his energy at what time. Astrology is very similar - we utilise the waves and tides of good planets to come to the shore of our destiny, and we avoid making major life changing decisions during periods that could negatively influence us. Using Saturn as an example again; if and when he places obstacles in one’s path, we can use those obstacles to become stronger, more resourceful, experienced and diligent in our lives rather than thinking in self-defeatest negative ways that lead to frustration, anger, bewilderment, and no solution to the sufferings of the material world, etc.

"Astronomical calculations of stellar influences upon a living being are not suppositions, but are factual, as confirmed in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Every living being is controlled by the laws of nature at every minute, just as a citizen is controlled by the influence of the state. The state laws are grossly observed, but the laws of material nature, being subtle to our gross understanding, cannot be experienced grossly. As stated in the Bhagavad-gita (3.9), every action of life produces another reaction, which is binding upon us, and only those who are acting on behalf of Yajna (Vishnu) are not bound by reactions. Our actions are judged by the higher authorities, the agents of the Lord, and thus we are awarded bodies according to our activities. The law of nature is so subtle that every part of our body is influenced by the respective stars, and a living being obtains his working body to fulfill his terms of imprisonment by the manipulation of such astronomical influence." (Srimad Bhagavatam 1:12:12)

I hope that this overview to what and who you are is helpful, and that by these insights you are able to benefit in the development of becoming a more and more holistic being, in tune with nature and its Creator.

Our Disclaimer(s) - Lord Sri Krishna (God – Allah, Buddha, Rama, Jehovah) is the only Swatantra (Independent Lord) everyone and everything in "reality" is reliant or dependent upon Him, we're all therefore Aswatantra (Dependent) upon Him in every way – like it or not.

What we are saying here in these charts is/are only what is indicated by the planets at the time of birth - one's karma at birth. As we know things change, and so does our chart. In the ultimate issue Lord Sri Krishna is the Supreme controller and can change things for the better or may present a challenge - He knows what we need in the overall sojourn of our journey through this world. He is like a Well-wishing Father, Who understands us better than we understand ourselves. Therefore anything indicated in the chart is only to show what may lay in store, thus being a little fore-warned we may be trained how to avoid un-savoury situations by taking shelter of the Lord, his devotees, and His associates, the shastra, His temples, the Holy Names, etc., and in the seeming easy times instead of forgetting the purpose of life we can make rapid advancement in going forward in our lives.

 The learned Shastrakara Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad informs us that for devotees (Godly souls) we need not really be interested in seeing if we are going to be rich man, etc., but instead use such opportunities as found in these charts are to see what obstacles will be, or may be presented, that we may be trained how to avoid and truly benefit from them – and in times of “fair weather” use that nicely to make advancement in spiritual life.
 Other than that Astrology is not for devotees, for it may re-enforce the conception that the material elements, or even the devas (presiding departmental heads of universal affairs) who rule over various planets to be superior to the will and direction of the Lord and those aspiring to surrender to Him.

jayati jana-niväso devaki-janma-vädo
yadu-vara-parishat svair dorbhir asyann adharmam
sthira-chara-vrijina-ghnah su-smita-shri-mukhena
vraja-pura-vanitänäm vardhayan käma-devam

jayati—eternally lives gloriously; jana-niväsaù—He who lives among human beings like the members of the Yadu dynasty and is the ultimate resort of all living entities; devaké-janma-vädaù—known as the son of Devaké (No one can actually become the father or mother of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore devaké-janma-vada means that He is known as the son of Devaké. Similarly, He is also known as the son of mother Yaçodä, Vasudeva and Nanda Mahäräja.); yadu-vara-pariñat—served by the members of the Yadu dynasty or the cowherd men of Våndävana (all of whom are constant associates of the Supreme Lord and are the Lord’s eternal servants); svaiù dorbhiù—by His own arms, or by His devotees like Arjuna who are just like His own arms; asyan—killing; adharmam—demons or the impious; sthira-cara-våjina-ghnaù—the destroyer of all the ill fortune of all living entities, moving and not moving; su-smita—always smiling; çré-mukhena—by His beautiful face; vraja-pura-vanitänäm—of the damsels of Våndävana; vardhayan—increasing; käma-devam—the lusty desires.

“Lord Çré Kåñëa is He who is known as jana-niväsa, the ultimate resort of all living entities, and who is also known as Devakénandana or Yaçodä-nandana, the son of Devaké and Yaçodä. He is the guide of the Yadu dynasty, and with His mighty arms He kills everything inauspicious, as well as every man who is impious. By His presence He destroys all things inauspicious for all living entities, moving and inert. His blissful smiling face always increases the lusty desires of the gopés of Våndävana. May He be all glorious and happy!” (Srimad Bhagavatam 10:90:48.)

...and Sri Ishopanishad (invocation mantra) states:

om pürnam adah pürnam idam
pürnät pürnam udachyate
pürnasya pürnam ädäya
pürnam evävashishyate

The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete, and because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as complete wholes. Whatever is produced of the Complete Whole is also complete in itself. Because He is the Complete Whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance.

ishäväsyam idam sarvam
 yat kincha jagatyäm jagat
 tena tyaktena bhunjithä
 mä grdhah kasya svid dhanam (mantra 1)

Everything animate or inanimate that is within the universe is controlled and owned by the Lord. One should therefore accept only those things necessary for himself, which are set aside as his quota, and one should not accept other things, knowing well to whom they belong.

“...suitable arrangement of astral influences is never a creation of man’s will, but is the arrangement of the superior management of the agency of the Supreme Lord. Of course, the arrangement is made according to the good or bad deeds of the living being. Herein lies the importance of pious acts performed by the living being. Only by pious acts can one be allowed to get good wealth, good education and beautiful features.” (Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Srimad Bhagavatam 1:12:12 purport.)

According to shastra (scriptures) what one is dealt at the time of birth is only an indication of what karmas we have deserved, and what entitlement may be dealt to us in the "Game of Life". However, there is no established fact that what is read one has to get. According to the desire of the Supreme Lord one may get more or less or nothing. We have experienced this also; in our family we had our charts done when we were living in India just after my son was born. The astrologer noticed a common fatal indication in my wife, my son and my chart that didn’t look good for our future. We decided to take all possible precaution and to take shelter of Krishna by remaining in Vrindavan Dham where we were living at that time. Circumstances had it that I was asked to go to Delhi on Temple business and had no option but to go. My wife took the opportunity to accompany me on the basis that our son needed some medicine from a very good doctor in New Delhi, so we all went. Instead of taking tour normal cheaper mode of train transport (2nd Class) we took the Deluxe (3rd class by western standards) from Mathura. Instead of staying in cheap tourist bungalows we normally opted for we stayed in the YMCA (not exactly splashing out…..), instead of getting around in rikshaws and autos, we opted for four wheeled taxis for safety. And on our return to Vrindavan similarly rather than taking the rikshaws that travel from Mathura to Vrindavan we opted for a Tonga (horse drawn carriage). Actually it was realy nice, we trotted along at a casual 10-15 kms until we got to the Chatigarh Rd and the hill that lead down to the turn-off to Vrindavan. The horse kinda lost it, the weight pushed him harder and he ran harder to keep up until his little legs couldn’t keep up any more and he fell over. When he fell the shafts that kept him in place dug into the ground and the entire cart lifted at 90% to the ground. The driver was thrown off and received cuts and grazing to his face and knees, and the poor horse lost a couple of teeth and had some grazing on its face. As for my wife, my three month old son, and me, we never left the cart. We were told later after throwning our bodies prostrated at the lotus feet of Krishna Balaram at our temple in Raman-reti Vrindavan that when this kind of thing happens and at that speed the people on the cart get squashed by the three ton of wood and metal that make up the tonga-cart that comes crashing down on them. So the prediction bore fruit, but by the Grace of the Lord, especially in His Divine abode of Sri Vrindavan Dham let us off with all but a scare.
 HDG Srila Prabhupad tells us that one castes a chart not to see if a person is going to be rich or poor etc., but to see what obstacles they may have in their life and to be able with foresight to be able to train them how to avoid and overcome such challenges.

naikatra priya-samväsah
suhrdäm citra-karmanäm
yoghena vyühyamänänäm
plavänäm srotaso yathä

“Many planks and sticks, unable to stay together, are carried away by the force of a river’s waves. Similarly, although we are intimately related with friends and family members, we are unable to stay together because of our varied past deeds and the waves of time.” (Srimad Bhagavatam 10:5:25. Text.)

 In some charts we have seen great things predicted, the expectation of such near driving the native to frustration; we have seen fatal danger predicted that was minimised to bearly give fruit; and to all we can say that we have seen those reap their just deserves. Likened to a kind and loving Father, who knowing the nature, heart and mind (motive and intent)  of His child will not give into the child’s hands something that may cause danger or confusion. We’ve experienced this many times; options have been shown, and where the lesson was learned the harm was not afflicted; and to those that want and want, absorbed in their material desires He gives nothing, or barely enough to shut them up, or to others destined to squander and learn they too did as expected. Why these things happen are best known to the Father, Who having better experience and perspective of the environment that we’re in, knows what we need and what we don’t need in order to succeed.
  As aspiring Godly devotees we are not interested in speculative notions or reliance's on what the material nature is to deal us - if we have faith in the Lord, and confidence that He will look after us irrespective what cards we are dealt - so to speak - and that in His eyes, we are all fallen, suffering for want of His help, and are in need of reform (help, and guidance), we will be able to benefit from astrology. Other than this His Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada says that better we should avoid it, for if it influences us, or gives us an impression that predetermines our fate away from opportunities that Krishna may personally place for us, or fix our mind on some negative or positive idea of what we are something other than jivera swarup hoy krishnera nitya das (His eternal servants) it has taken us away from our Lord. It is for this reason that some persons like Saint Augustine says that Astrology is an offense to the Lord, for it can make a person think that there is something more powerful than God.
Yet to the faithful, who understand and look for His plan, we will keep the spiritual perspective/status. Knowing that He, as our Ever Well Wishing Father (suhrdham sarva bhutanam) has a plan for each and every one of us. A plan that will help us become better persons in every respect. We offer our respects to Him.

hrees cha te laksmeesh cha patnyau
aho raatre paarshve
naksatraani roopam
ashvinau vyaattam
istam manishaana amum manishaana sarvam manishaana

“Hri (natural virtue) and Laksmi (glory – the goddess of fortune) are Your consorts. Day and night are Your sides. The innumerable glittering constellations are Your form. The ashvins, appearing as dawn, are Your open mouth. Please grant our desires for self-realization. Grant us that facility in the material world. Grant us the supreme goal.” (Purusha Suktam, Krishna Yajurved)

Peaceful for us be the planets and the Moon, peaceful the Sun and Rahu.
Atharva Veda Samhita 19:9:10.

om saha navavatu / saha nau bhunaktu /
saha viryankaravavahai /
tejasvi navadhitamastu / mavidvi sa vahai /
om santih(s) santih(s) santih(s)

"May He protect us both together; may He nourish us both together; may we work conjointly with great energy; may our study be vigorous and effective; may we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any). Let there be mutual co-operation. Let there be peace, and peace, and peace in me, in my environment and in the forces that act on me." (Maha-Narayanopanisad invocation verse, and from Sweteshwar upanishad invocation)

jaya sri krishna chaitanya prabhu nityananda
sri advaita gadadhara srivasadi gaura-bhakta vrnda

hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare  /
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare //

Sri Krishnarpanamastu
Sri asmad gurubhyo namah

All glory be to Him Who appears in the form of the guiding stars - Sri Nakshatrani Rupam ki jaya.

The Chart: (example sketch outline only here - all services are done in 100% confidentiality)

.....The maths for the chart is done by computer calculation, so accuracy is very good. The interpretation is done by using several sources of information; Parasara shastra, Lal kitab etc. and our experience. What we provide is NOT a mere computer print out, although as stated we use the modern computerized facility to make accurate calculations and draw up house placements and basic math' placements of the planets as you will see below in a clear fashion, but the overall chart is compiled and presented by a person, me:

         Name: Your Name
   Birth Date: 11/11/1977                 Weekday: Thursday
         Time: 09:00:00                       GMT: 21:21:00
    Time Zone: 11:39   East
     Latitude:  41°18' South             Location: Wellington , New Zealand.
    Longitude: 174°47' East              Ayanamsa: Lahiri  23°32'54"
             Rasi Angle and Sign         Nakshatra, Lord & Pada  Velocity
               --------------------------  ----------------------  --------
    Ascendant:  29°43'50"    Sagittarius   U. Ashada  Sun     1
          Sun:  24°50'06"    Libra         Vishakha   Jupiter 2      1.00
         Moon:  19°07'48"    Libra         Swati      Rahu    4      1.14
      Mercury:   8°13'45"    Scorpio       Anuradha   Saturn  2      1.47
        Venus:   7°22'59"    Libra         Swati      Rahu    1      1.25
         Mars:  12°13'44"    Cancer        Pushyami   Saturn  3      0.61
      Jupiter:  12°04'41" Rx Gemini        Aridra     Rahu    2     -0.69
       Saturn:   6°09'07"    Leo           Makha      Ketu    2      1.63
         Rahu:  21°26'37" Rx Virgo         Hasta      Moon    4     -1.28
         Ketu:  21°26'37" Rx Pisces        Revati     Mercury 2     -1.28
Janma Nakshatra:
The Nakshatra: this means the stellar constellation that one is born under. Probably the most common and popular example of this would be when the Three Wise men of Biblical times found the child Christ that was marked by a certain star. It is mentioned that these Magi, Wise Men from the East are sometimes referred to as Zoroastrian astrologers. They had been casting their charts and found that at a certain longitude and latitude on a certain day, in a particular month a certain star (one of the 27 nakshatras) would identify the place where a great even would happen, so they prepared themselves with ceremonial gifts and went there.
Out of the 27 stars some are Rakshasa (demoniac), some Manushya (Human-like) and some Deva (Godly) – and of each of them they are either masculine, feminine or hermaphrodite, Each star is ruled by a certain designated administrative head of the universe or some are ruled by God Himself – each filtering their nature onto the individual – each have a different purpose or functionary activity to perform. As well as this, each star is divided up into four Padas or sections according to their degree in relation to the Moon, which in turn will be in a particular sector of the sky relating to the lagna or zodiacal sign (ie. Taurus [Vrishabh], Libra [Thula], Gemini [Mithuna], etc.)

Sometimes the Pada's are afflicted with dosha and some upaaya (remedial) measure is needed to be performed to compensate for the impediment to the appropriate nakshatra and person. We can direct you through this.
The Rising Sign (Lagna): a
The earth is a spheroid (sphere flattened at the poles) rotating once a day around its axis; the earth also revolves around the Sun once a year. Thus each of the 12 zodiacal signs seem to rise with the Sun, at the beginning of each of the 12 solar months.
On the first day of Aries the first degree of that sign rises in the Eastern horizon at sunrise, and so on till the last day of Pisces, the sunrise takes place in the last degree of the zodiac, when the solar year ends.
Thus the Lagna (also called the Ascendant) is that particular point of the ecliptic (the apparent orbit of the Sun) considered with reference to the horizon of a particular place. The degree and the sign in which the Sun rises will be the Lagna at the Sun rise time. The zodiacal sign which rises at the time of birth is the birth lagna.
Houses /  Bhavas signifies the particular planet that is said to be the ruler of a zodiacal sign, or owner of the sign, and it is called the Lord of that house. The influence of a planet is said to change depending upon whether it is in its own house, or in the house of another planet, who is friendly, equal or inimical.
The planets and the signs owned by them are:
Sun (Ravi)             Leo (Simha)
Moon (Chandra)         Cancer (Kataka)
Mars (Mangal / Kuja)   Aries (Mesha),  Scorpio (Vrischika)
Mercury (Budh)         Gemini (Mithuna), Virgo (Kanya)
Jupiter (Guru)         Sagittarius (Dhanus), Pisces (Meena)
Venus (Shukra)         Taurus (Vrishabha), Libra (Thula)
Saturn (Shani)         Capricorn (Makara), Aquarius (Kumba)
First House: – Tanum bhava:
The first house signifies the beginning of life, and covers things concerning: childhood, health, personality, environments, character, complexion, spots on the body, happiness and misery, paternal grandmother's wealth, maternal grandfathers' wealth, fame, qualities, residence abroad, livelihood, pride etc., of a person.
One's body, build, appearance, complexion, mood, fame, inclination, and activity etc.
Second House:  – Dhanam bhava:
Covers things concerning: Family (good bad or other wise).
Amount of wealth and property, self acquisition, nails, modesty,
The face,  food,  nose and enjoyments.
How one's death will come, manner of death.
Power of speech (quality), speech, literary gift and learning, imagination, vision, visual power,
Third House: - Sahaja Bhava/Bhratru Bhava:
Covers things concerning: Courage, younger brothers and sisters, legs, confusion, throat, partition of property, pastimes, bodily strength, servants, large undertakings, articles of apparel and good quality.
Intelligence, power of hearing and assimilation, diseases of the ear, patience, servants & subordinates.
Fourth House: – Bandhum bhava:
Covers things concerning: Education, mother, conveyance or vehicles, house, landed property, friends, short journeys and pleasure trips, fame, intelligence, savings, cattle, corns and agricultural gains.
General happiness, love of work, reputation/popularity, pets.
Fifth House: – Putra bhava:
Covers things concerning: Wisdom, children, externment, mind, learning, morality, paternal property, stomach, auspicious letters, etc.
Fame, inheritance, intelligence, intuition/speculations, mantras (inclination towards, recitation of), previous karmas, fathers side of influence.
Sixth House: – Ari bhava – Ripu bhava:
Covers things concerning: Maternal uncles, diseases, debts, enemies, obstacles in undertakings, possible swellings in the body, venereal diseases, consumption, untimely meals, colic, gout and imprisonment.
Misery,  enemies, injuries by weapons, loss of moneys,
Afflictions and or intimidation and calamities (troubles) through or brought about by women.
Seventh House: – Yuvati bhava – Kalatri bhava – Punya bhava:
Covers things concerning: Wife or Husband, success in attempts, journeys to distant places, expenditure, marriage, sexual tendencies, success over enemies and loss through females.
Death, tact, love affairs, relations.
Preference from Royalty or preferential treatment from Royalty, trade, wife's longevity, Freedom.
Eighth House: – Randhra bhava – Ayur bhava:
Covers things concerning: Longevity, lending and borrowing, gifts, diseases of the anus, defeat, urinary diseases and venereal complaints, punishment, loss of money, misfortunes, mental worries, and anxiety.
Dangers, struggles, chronic diseases, extravagance, reputation/enmity etc.
Ninth House: – Dharma bhava:
Covers things concerning: Virtue, fame, happiness, wealth and affluence, association with good people, reverence to elders, preceptors, gurus, mentors etc., father, short journeys, etc. Inclination toward God, guru, father etc., Piety, diksha (spiritual initiation).
Satisfaction of desires, fulfillment, Divine favour, medicine, travels.
Tenth House: – Karma bhava:
Covers things concerning: Occupation/Profession, karma, respect, externment and long distance travel/journeys, trade, honour from the state, position, and fame/renown.
Philosophical knowledge, mercy/charity, meals and sannyasis, puja - inclination toward.
Eleventh House: – Labha bhava – Aya bhava:
Covers things concerning: Gains, elder brothers and sisters, paternal uncles, pleasure and happiness.
Followers, dependents, insight, power of overcoming obstacles, redemption, worth of garments.
Twelfth House:
Covers things concerning: Expenditure, losses, imprisonment, mental agony, disputes, bodily injury, self un-doing etc.
The next life, Moksha, Sound sleep, excellent beds.
Residence in foreign countries, or journeys to foreign countries.
Rasi Chart Aspects
           1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  9th 10th 11th 12th
          Sagi Capr Aqua Pisc Arie Taur Gemi Canc  Leo Virg Libr Scor
          Dhar Arth Kama Moks Dhar Arth Kama Moks Dhar Arth Kama Moks
          ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
     Sun:   25   75   50    0  100   75   50   25    0    0  100*   0
    Moon:   25   75   50    0  100   75   50   25    0    0  100*   0
 Mercury:    0   25   75   50    0  100   75   50   25    0    0  100*
   Venus:   25   75   50    0  100   75   50   25    0    0  100*   0
    Mars:    0  100  100   50   25    0    0  100*   0   25  100   50
 Jupiter:  100   75  100   25    0    0  100*   0   25   75  100    0
  Saturn:   50    0  100   75   50  100    0    0  100*   0  100   75
    Rahu:    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0  100*   0    0
    Ketu:    0    0    0  100*   0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
          ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
  Totals:  225  425  525  300  375  425  325  225  150  200  600  225
            Dharma sum:  1750 = 30%          Kama sum: 450 = 14%
             Artha sum: 1050 = 26%        Moksha sum:  1750 = 30%

(this is not a factual chart only an example)

This gives the general direction, or directives with which you see the world. The four attributes are naturally divided up according to the influence of the various planets. The totals of each of the four departments are shown above. This would indicate what your tendencies are toward.
Maha Dasa Periods:
Each planet has a certain number of years as its term of Dasa. There are a number of systems of Dasas in vogue in the Vedic system of Astrology, but we deal with Vimshotari dasas. The total of the different periods allotted to the 9 planets is 120 years; this was considered as the natural life span of a human being. However having said that, there's no Absolute statement that these 120 will be lived out in this body. The dasa at birth of a person depends upon  the position of the Moon at the time of his birth. The Maha dasa, dasa, antaradasa, and prantara dasa periods continue to go on in a cyclic manner, and we hop on and hop off these cycles as we go through the 8,400,000 species of life. In this human form we get the great good fortune to be able to take serious note of what situation we have developed up to, and have options for further development to return to our original home in the spiritual realm, Goloka Vrindavan. Depending on various factors various planets will, or may have their effects upon one. Ultimately if we take shelter of the supreme planet material effects will be arranged by the Lord to aide us further in His works. However, up until that stage of God centered life we have the tendency to be influenced by mighty heavenly planets. The following dates then show us according to where we came into the cycle in this body which planets then will be of most influence, and at what time. When a person is passing through the dasa of a particular planet he will face the maximum or minimum effects of that planet's influence depending whether the planet is exalted or low, benefic or malefic, and aspected by other friendly or inimical planets.
   JUPITER  Venus    beginning on 03/24/2000 at birth             for 14m 20d
  JUPITER  Sun      beginning on 06/14/2001 at age   1y  2m 20d  for  9m 18d
  JUPITER  Moon     beginning on 04/02/2002 at age   2y  0m  8d  for 16m  0d
  JUPITER  Mars     beginning on 08/02/2003 at age   3y  4m  8d  for 11m  6d
  JUPITER  Rahu     beginning on 07/08/2004 at age   4y  3m 14d  for 28m 24d

  SATURN   Saturn   beginning on 12/02/2006 at age   6y  8m  8d  for 36m  3d
  SATURN   Mercury  beginning on 12/05/2009 at age   9y  8m 11d  for 32m  9d
  SATURN   Ketu     beginning on 08/14/2012 at age  12y  4m 20d  for 13m  9d
  SATURN   Venus    beginning on 09/23/2013 at age  13y  5m 29d  for 38m  0d
  SATURN   Sun      beginning on 11/23/2016 at age  16y  7m 29d  for 11m 12d
  SATURN   Moon     beginning on 11/05/2017 at age  17y  7m 11d  for 19m  0d
  SATURN   Mars     beginning on 06/05/2019 at age  19y  2m 11d  for 13m  9d
  SATURN   Rahu     beginning on 07/14/2020 at age  20y  3m 20d  for 34m  6d
  SATURN   Jupiter  beginning on 05/20/2023 at age  23y  1m 26d  for 30m 12d

  MERCURY  Mercury  beginning on 12/02/2025 at age  25y  8m  8d  for 28m 27d
  MERCURY  Ketu     beginning on 04/29/2028 at age  28y  1m  5d  for 11m 27d
  MERCURY  Venus    beginning on 04/26/2029 at age  29y  1m  2d  for 34m  0d
  MERCURY  Sun      beginning on 02/26/2032 at age  31y 11m  2d  for 10m  6d
  MERCURY  Moon     beginning on 01/02/2033 at age  32y  9m  8d  for 17m  0d
  MERCURY  Mars     beginning on 06/02/2034 at age  34y  2m  8d  for 11m 27d
  MERCURY  Rahu     beginning on 05/29/2035 at age  35y  2m  5d  for 30m 18d
  MERCURY  Jupiter  beginning on 12/17/2037 at age  37y  8m 23d  for 27m  6d
  MERCURY  Saturn   beginning on 03/23/2040 at age  39y 11m 29d  for 32m  9d

  KETU     Ketu     beginning on 12/02/2042 at age  42y  8m  8d  for  4m 27d
  KETU     Venus    beginning on 04/29/2043 at age  43y  1m  5d  for 14m  0d
  KETU     Sun      beginning on 06/29/2044 at age  44y  3m  5d  for  4m  6d
  KETU     Moon     beginning on 11/05/2044 at age  44y  7m 11d  for  7m  0d
  KETU     Mars     beginning on 06/05/2045 at age  45y  2m 11d  for  4m 27d
  KETU     Rahu     beginning on 11/02/2045 at age  45y  7m  8d  for 12m 18d
  KETU     Jupiter  beginning on 11/20/2046 at age  46y  7m 26d  for 11m  6d
  KETU     Saturn   beginning on 10/26/2047 at age  47y  7m  2d  for 13m  9d
  KETU     Mercury  beginning on 12/05/2048 at age  48y  8m 11d  for 11m 27d

  VENUS    Venus    beginning on 12/02/2049 at age  49y  8m  8d  for 40m  0d
  VENUS    Sun      beginning on 04/02/2053 at age  53y  0m  8d  for 12m  0d
  VENUS    Moon     beginning on 04/02/2054 at age  54y  0m  8d  for 20m  0d
  VENUS    Mars     beginning on 12/02/2055 at age  55y  8m  8d  for 14m  0d
  VENUS    Rahu     beginning on 02/02/2057 at age  56y 10m  8d  for 36m  0d
  VENUS    Jupiter  beginning on 02/02/2060 at age  59y 10m  8d  for 32m  0d
  VENUS    Saturn   beginning on 10/02/2062 at age  62y  6m  8d  for 38m  0d
  VENUS    Mercury  beginning on 12/02/2065 at age  65y  8m  8d  for 34m  0d
  VENUS    Ketu     beginning on 10/02/2068 at age  68y  6m  8d  for 14m  0d

  SUN      Sun      beginning on 12/02/2069 at age  69y  8m  8d  for  3m 18d
  SUN      Moon     beginning on 03/20/2070 at age  69y 11m 26d  for  6m  0d
  SUN      Mars     beginning on 09/20/2070 at age  70y  5m 26d  for  4m  6d
  SUN      Rahu     beginning on 01/26/2071 at age  70y 10m  2d  for 10m 24d
  SUN      Jupiter  beginning on 12/20/2071 at age  71y  8m 26d  for  9m 18d
  SUN      Saturn   beginning on 10/08/2072 at age  72y  6m 14d  for 11m 12d
  SUN      Mercury  beginning on 09/20/2073 at age  73y  5m 26d  for 10m  6d
  SUN      Ketu     beginning on 07/26/2074 at age  74y  4m  2d  for  4m  6d
  SUN      Venus    beginning on 12/02/2074 at age  74y  8m  8d  for 12m  0d

  MOON     Moon     beginning on 12/02/2075 at age  75y  8m  8d  for 10m  0d
  MOON     Mars     beginning on 10/02/2076 at age  76y  6m  8d  for  7m  0d
  MOON     Rahu     beginning on 05/02/2077 at age  77y  1m  8d  for 18m  0d
  MOON     Jupiter  beginning on 11/02/2078 at age  78y  7m  8d  for 16m  0d
  MOON     Saturn   beginning on 03/02/2080 at age  79y 11m  8d  for 19m  0d
  MOON     Mercury  beginning on 10/02/2081 at age  81y  6m  8d  for 17m  0d
  MOON     Ketu     beginning on 03/02/2083 at age  82y 11m  8d  for  7m  0d
  MOON     Venus    beginning on 10/02/2083 at age  83y  6m  8d  for 20m  0d
  MOON     Sun      beginning on 06/02/2085 at age  85y  2m  8d  for  6m  0d

  MARS     Mars     beginning on 12/02/2085 at age  85y  8m  8d  for  4m 27d
  MARS     Rahu     beginning on 04/29/2086 at age  86y  1m  5d  for 12m 18d
  MARS     Jupiter  beginning on 05/17/2087 at age  87y  1m 23d  for 11m  6d
  MARS     Saturn   beginning on 04/23/2088 at age  88y  0m 29d  for 13m  9d
  MARS     Mercury  beginning on 06/02/2089 at age  89y  2m  8d  for 11m 27d
  MARS     Ketu     beginning on 05/29/2090 at age  90y  2m  5d  for  4m 27d
  MARS     Venus    beginning on 10/26/2090 at age  90y  7m  2d  for 14m  0d
  MARS     Sun      beginning on 12/26/2091 at age  91y  9m  2d  for  4m  6d
  MARS     Moon     beginning on 05/02/2092 at age  92y  1m  8d  for  7m  0d

  RAHU     Rahu     beginning on 12/02/2092 at age  92y  8m  8d  for 32m 12d
  RAHU     Jupiter  beginning on 08/14/2095 at age  95y  4m 20d  for 28m 24d
  RAHU     Saturn   beginning on 01/08/2098 at age  97y  9m 14d  for 34m  6d
  RAHU     Mercury  beginning on 11/14/2100 at age 100y  7m 20d  for 30m 18d
  RAHU     Ketu     beginning on 06/02/2103 at age 103y  2m  8d  for 12m 18d
  RAHU     Venus    beginning on 06/20/2104 at age 104y  2m 26d  for 36m  0d
  RAHU     Sun      beginning on 06/20/2107 at age 107y  2m 26d  for 10m 24d
  RAHU     Moon     beginning on 05/14/2108 at age 108y  1m 20d  for 18m  0d
  RAHU     Mars     beginning on 11/14/2109 at age 109y  7m 20d  for 12m 18d

  JUPITER  Jupiter  beginning on 12/02/2110 at age 110y  8m  8d  for 25m 18d
  JUPITER  Saturn   beginning on 01/20/2113 at age 112y  9m 26d  for 30m 12d
  JUPITER  Mercury  beginning on 08/02/2115 at age 115y  4m  8d  for 27m  6d
  JUPITER  Ketu     beginning on 11/08/2117 at age 117y  7m 14d  for 11m  6d
  JUPITER  Venus    beginning on 10/14/2118 at age 118y  6m 20d  for 32m  0d

Maha-dasa, dasa (bhukti) and antaradasa periods:
Now having charted out all these years I have to say that this is not to say that you definitely be in your present body for all this time, nor is there a definite time when you will leave this body indicated. Although there was the suggestion that you have been alocated a long life. The charts that you see here are to indicate where you are at what time, and under whose influence. The next set of charts still in the realm of the Dasa periods shows the Maha-dasa, as it does here, and the dasa period or bhukti, but also homes in on smaller periods called antaradas as that change almost on a monthly or bi-monthly basis according to the planet. These are very useful for day to living, organising oneself, and goal setting for future tasks. As man (human) proposes and God disposes there’s guarantee that our plans will work out, although there is assurance that if our plans are centred around fulfilling the services of the Lord He may just empower and entrust us to execute those plans as a service unto Him. We all need some direction, and if these indicators are used wisely, and when need be consulted often they can save us from planting seeds in ground that is not furtile, or ground that will flood, or ground that animals will soon be grazing on. In this way we can better utilise our time in serving the Lord and not become frustrated if results differ from our expectations. Having said that if we know that there is a furtile period, and optimise what we have been given by properly utilising that time in the Lord’s multivarious services, why cannot those results received by using God-given intelligence be further used in His service??? This is how we utilise these times. Srila Prabhupad suggests that for the devotee, we cast a chart to see what obstacles are there and then train the devotees how to avoid and overcome them. We are not interested in if we will become rich man, begger man, theif, etc. But using whatever Krishna has provided us with to use as a stepping stone on our sojourn to returning back to home, back to Godhead.
 JUPITER Venus   Jupiter  begins 03/24/2000 at birth             for  3m  6d
 JUPITER Venus   Saturn   begins 06/30/2000 at age   0y  3m  6d  for  5m  2d
 JUPITER Venus   Mercury  begins 12/02/2000 at age   0y  8m  8d  for  4m 16d
 JUPITER Venus   Ketu     begins 04/18/2001 at age   1y  0m 24d  for  1m 26d
 JUPITER Sun     Sun      begins 06/14/2001 at age   1y  2m 20d  for  0m 14d
 JUPITER Sun     Moon     begins 06/28/2001 at age   1y  3m  4d  for  0m 24d
 JUPITER Sun     Mars     begins 07/22/2001 at age   1y  3m 28d  for  0m 17d
 JUPITER Sun     Rahu     begins 08/09/2001 at age   1y  4m 15d  for  1m 13d
 JUPITER Sun     Jupiter  begins 09/22/2001 at age   1y  5m 28d  for  1m  8d
 JUPITER Sun     Saturn   begins 11/01/2001 at age   1y  7m  7d  for  1m 16d
 JUPITER Sun     Mercury  begins 12/16/2001 at age   1y  8m 22d  for  1m 11d
 JUPITER Sun     Ketu     begins 01/27/2002 at age   1y 10m  3d  for  0m 17d
 JUPITER Sun     Venus    begins 02/14/2002 at age   1y 10m 20d  for  1m 18d
 JUPITER Moon    Moon     begins 04/02/2002 at age   2y  0m  8d  for  1m 10d
 JUPITER Moon    Mars     begins 05/12/2002 at age   2y  1m 18d  for  0m 28d
 JUPITER Moon    Rahu     begins 06/10/2002 at age   2y  2m 16d  for  2m 12d
 JUPITER Moon    Jupiter  begins 08/22/2002 at age   2y  4m 28d  for  2m  4d
 JUPITER Moon    Saturn   begins 10/26/2002 at age   2y  7m  2d  for  2m 16d
 JUPITER Moon    Mercury  begins 01/12/2003 at age   2y  9m 18d  for  2m  8d


NaaLEnna seyyum kOLenna Seyyum
NaarAyaNan Thiruvadi piditthARkkE

(Meaning ): what can the Thithi (phase of the Moon) and nakshathrams (stellar constellation) do for one, or to one, who has firmly grasped Sriman NaarAyaNA's Thiruvadi (Lord Narayana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Vishnu or Lord Sri Krishna) as one’s protection ? Nothing. No need to fear Grahams (planets) and their effects. Graha PhalamEmi asks Saint ThyagarAja for those who has recieved the anugraham of Sri Raamachandran (Sri Rama).

Shastra tells us that the worship of Garuda and Bhagavan Narasimha wards off all evil effects from the navagrahas (nine planets). The Nrisimha PuraNam specifically glorifies this aspect in the RuNa vimOchana stotram salutation "krUragrahaI: piidithAnAm bhakthAnAm abhaya pradham".

Recitation of Srila Jayadev Goswami's, or Sripad Vadiraj Tirtha's, or Swami Desikan's Dashavatara stotram (prayers in glorification of the 10 primary incarnations) safeguards one from all evil effects of navagrahas. Matsya avataram rules over Ketu, while Kurma avataram confers protection against the effects of Shani (Saturn), Varaha grants succour from the effects of Rahu, Narasimha from Mars, Vamana from Brihaspati (Jupiter), Bhargava Rama (Parasuram) from Shukran (Venus), Dasharatha Rama from the Sun, Krishna from the Moon, Balarama from Gulikan, and Kalki from Budhan (Mercury) - again a wonderful demonstration of the compassion of Our Paramacharyan (gurus) for their followers.

For some to overcome the negative influences of certain specific planets such as Mars, Sun, or even Jupiter and Ketu it is advised that one may take to such remedial measures. For health issues I would recommend gem therapy, by placing the gemstone for the particular planet either onto one’s skin and in that way charging the body with the required forces, or to place the same gems into a medium such as water and drinking that water after leaving it overnight. If you require this then please let me know and I can prescribe a suitable gem for you, what metals it should be set into, and what day and time it should be placed on what finger, with the appropriate mantra – there is a little puja that accompanies it also.  They have similar effects to one taking vitamins or suppliments in one’s diet.

Alternately, the other method, which I consider to be more effective and more conducive to our dependency upon the Lord than material elements, is to worship daily the Lord of the particular dynasty. As you may know Lord Krishna is the Lord of the Lunar dynasty (Chandravamsa) so for problems with the Moon (which you don’t have) one should worship Lord Sri Krishna; for the Sun - Lord Rama; the planet Mars - Lord Narasimhadeva; Mercury - the Vishnu incarnation of Lord Buddha; Venus - Sage Bhargava (Jamadagni the father of Parasuram), the plenary incarnation of God was from Venusian dynasty. (The Bhargava dynasty comes down from Bhrgumuni) – some authorities recommend worshipping Mohini or Vara-Laxmi or Dhana-Laxmi, others Parasuram (Bhargava Rama); Rahu – Lord Varaha; Saturn – Lord Kurma; Kethu – Lord Matsya; Jupiter – Lord Vamandev.

A small puja to the Lord of that dynasty will surely help one. Some devotees who have been “afflicted” have decided to worship all Dasavataras daily to keep the balance – where is the harm in that? If you require pictures of the particular incarnation of the Lord as mentioned above they can be found at my WWW web-site:  http://www.hknet.org.nz/index.htm  or directly from the Dasavatara’s page at: http://www.hknet.org.nz/Dasavatara-page.htm

Some may like to worship a yantra plate or wear yantras to avert these inauspicious influences. There are many benefits to be had from wearing yantras, more so than by wearing gemstones, which themselves may be flawed with imperfections, whereas a yantra when properly invoked and worn on the body represents the geomentrical symbology of the Deity that has the mantra and design and tantra of.
 Similarly, as above mentioned relating to the various Lords of the various planetary dynasties, the yantra of the Lord can be worn or worshipped to counter the negative influences found in the charts, as it is considered to be the same as having a Deity that the yantra represents on one’s body.

 If you would like to see more information on Yantras and the wearing of Yantras, Their puja etc., then please visit my web-site http://www.salagram.net/sstp-yantras.html

Trusting that this finds you in the very best of health and blissful Krishna consciousness.

Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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