Govardhan Puja 2015
Friday 13th November 2015

Krishna Balaram Govardhan silas and Vithal Giri (right) seated upon the Hill

Gobar Krishna kindly made by Raseshwari mataji with gobar (cow stool) from her cows

everyone circumambulating Govardhan hill after all offerings had been placed on the hill by everyone

Gaura Gopal leading the kirtan

Tungabhadra Devi wearing Giri-Govardhan's maha-garland, holding Priya

Mani in meditation during Damodarastakam offering of lamps inside

Yamuna in the middle of taking prasadam

Krishna Balaram seated upon the hill being held up by Gobar Krishna, with Giriraj seated in a patra in His stomach

Kiran prabhu, Rupa Raghunath prabhu visiting from South Africa, Gaura Gopal and Ekendra prabhu

Hiranyanghi mataji made an asana out of cake and marzipan and mother Sitarani pictured here just turned up with it, so I went in and brought out Vithal Giri to take a seat.

honouring Giriraje with arati

Sri Giri Govardhan puja ki jayho

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