last updated 16th January 2007

....and keep coming back between now and January

Pictures of the Auckland inauguration yajna

Pictures from the Whangamata Harinaam and Boat festivals (This page)

Pictures from the Katikati Pizza Festival @ Jharikhanda

Pictures from the program with Janananda maharaj ACBSP @ JTCd's & Vedavati's in Katikati
(more yet to come)

Pictures from the Rotorua program

Pictures from the Hamilton program

pictures by Anand Rupal Bengali
then some by Gaura Gopal


below some pictures from Gaura Gopal

our turn off

marked by the Jagannath sign

The temple room tent

early comers

hari naam in Whangamata

chilly mangal arati

Ramai swami gives class

and as the sun goes down

over the toilet blocks

the devotees prepare

for nocturnal kirtan lead by the youth


Their Lordships ready for Their boat festival  (see the pics above)

the three kirtaneers

Whangamata War Memorial Hall program

Bhaktimarg matajo's instructive drama about association

one stick is easily broken, but a bundle of sticks cannot be broken

Radha and Yashomati doing their dance routine

Sankirtana yajna

a surprise is found at the water hole

a little living entity

Then over to Katikati for the 12th Annual Katikati Pizza Festival