last updated 16th January 2007

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Pictures of the Auckland inauguration yajna

Pictures from the Whangamata Harinaam and Boat festivals

Pictures from the Katikati Pizza Festival @ Jharikhanda (This page)

Pictures from the program with Janananda maharaj ACBSP @ JTCd's & Vedavati's in Katikati
(more yet to come)

Pictures from the Rotorua program

Pictures from the Hamilton program

12th Annual Katikati Pizza Festival
@ Jharikhanda on Work Road

His Holiness Ramai Swami gives class in the tent

Radha and sister Yashomati reherse before putting on their dance for the Lord and devotees before the pizza is served

we hope to add some pics of the dance too later......

while outside its all hands on deck to prepare and serve pizza for 150 hungry devotees

The pizza oven with Mangal Vaishnava prabhu and team pumping 'em out

with what all the devotees made and brought there were over 60 (sixty) big oven trays of pizza and a few small ones too

pick-up for servers distribution point

serving some extra preps to those who want pasta, salad, fruit salad and drinks to go with their pizza

Rama Priya and Purnamasi lining up for prasadam

pizza servers going out on distribution

just passing out a few of these - did you get one yet???

pizza distribution yajna ki jaya

Yashoda dhulala prabhu out and about with another tray full

Divya Govind prabhu heading to wash up to lead the bhajan for the Garbha-rasa

let the rasa begin

Click HERE for a short Video clip

while the hard-core pizza connoisseurs continue to savour the flavour of the mixing of compatible rasas in the background there wasn't a bad smell coming from little Gopal, poor Atmananda prabhu has Hay fever

......and then came the games and dramas

Click HERE for a short Video clip

Click HERE for a short Video clip


a bus-load of devotees return to Auckland

meanwhile the dramas continue

second generation "Youth kirtan" until late in the evening

Jagannath Baladev & Subhadra taking refuge in the house when the cyclone came through

an effigy of Ravan is burnt to the ground

A short video clip of the burning of Ravan and fireworks (9MB .avi)

The next day at JTCd's and Vedavati's in Katikati

with Janananda maharaj and about 75 devotees

JTCd's altar (see more detail here - cyber darshan)

photos by Gaura Gopal

more pics to come