Ganga Comes for Darshan
by HH Bhaktisiddhanta Swami

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25th September
26th September
27th September
28th September
28th September continued water sports

30th September - pans of flooding from the "shakey tower" of the Conch (Long) building

Mayapur Flood Report - 2006 by Sankarshan Nitai Dasa

Padmalochan ACBSP prabhu's reports:
- 12:30pm on 28th Sept

- 29th September - 1:30pm

- 30th September - 14:00

Srila Prabhupada's grandaughter Gauri dasi's passing away - Official report from Hari Sauri prabhu ACBSP

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25th September 2006

 Here is my first flood here in Mayapur...they say that it will only go up to a meter...due to heavy rains and the rising worst they will have to turn the electricity off... we had Sundara arotik tonight as soon as we broke into the Panca Tattva mantra and then Hare Krsna, the Ganga began to ooze over the steps into the temple room, while the devotees joyfully pranced about, intermittently stepping through her golden muddied waters. I also just missed stepping on a tiny snake who also just came in the door.

 Just to imagine the scene, this is the first flood since the Panca Tattva have been installed, chanting Hare Krsna, Ganga Ma coming to get darshan of the Sri Sri Panca Tattva for the  first time, and of course meeting once again with Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Asta Sakhi and Lord Nrsimhadeva, her elongated fingers stretching about, inching along the floor, devotee strides turning into glides. Pankajanri appeared out of now where and got all the devotees running clockwise infront of Radha Madhava. Conservative splashing events followed and outside the temple courtyard after the kirtan, a variety of water sports.

 It was like the Gundica Marjana we read about in the CC, but in Mayapur Dhama and Ganga devi required no clay vessels. Many feel the this auspicious occasion is a needed injection,a sign of a sankirtan inundation to come....

 Earlier in the day the brahmacaris were chanting together, riding up and down in a tractor after they filled the sand bags and placed 1000  on the streets edge(after the flood 200 will disappear to the dhamavasi construction tax to avert the approaching waters...but now to no avail.....

 Tomorrow for mangal arotik, the predictions are 1 meter of water in the temple...maybe more...8 inches arrived within the evening one hour kirtan...we will see. Janaivasa felt maybe the level would make the altar just below Radha Madava's Altar...that means Nrsimhadevas Lotus Feet would have already have been touched by the Ganga...more tomorrow...Ganga Ma Ki
More later

Overlooking the road out onto the Ganga

Rickshaws; 10 rupees yesterday, 20 today

Water slowly making its way in the front gate

New adventure for the local pups

Park grass, palm trees only

Down by the Yajnasala

 Today (26th September 2006) was the first time one could swim around the deities, there is one meter of water inside the temple room...

Well the latest news flash is that they have opened the dam gates again meaning within hours we could be experiencing the highest flood yet maybe surpassing the one in 2000...meaning another meter or two...devotees have been ordered to congregate to the long building...Electricity is presently working but after two more feet, the water level will reach the power station 2nd floor and it will be turned off to avoid any danger.

 To get the few shots of the flood realities, when you get to the front gate, you have to fight a bit to go against the in coming current over the cattle grill...but going back into the compound is quite fun. Got an amazing video clip as I was flowing with the waters through the gates, feet touching the ground once or twice...

 Also spent much of the morning looking for underwater tulasi plants in pots and 12 have been safely retrieved, unfortunately hundreds of large plants in the ground will be lost....Outside the devotees are frolicking about, yelling and playing, but as they say after 3 days you have had enough and look forward to getting some dry pavement under the feet. It will take at least 2 weeks for things to go down.

 Sastra Prabhu, from Africa, is boating around the buildings playing a accordion chanting the Holy Names. His entire family is in the boat with his luggage making a few rounds in service before he goes to the market place near Jaganath Mandir to get his bus to Kolkata. The Devotees are so transcendental in these situations.
 During mangal arotik, those who came could all stand on the  sub-alter right in front of Sri Sri Radha Madhava and the Asta Sakhis...very personal and sweet, almost like getting an 'in house' darshan. The devotees were in such ecstasy singing before the life size forms of Their Lordships....ysbss

Morning Darshan at Lord Nrsimhadev's altar

.....looking out across the fields to Vamsi Bhavan

Brahamacaris Only - brahmachari ashram

Happy Pujaris - devotees are transcendental to all this............

looking down the long building, where'd the fences go???

Picture taken from near the temple entrance - Melbourne Room balcony now Ganga Front Real-estate

Samadhi Park - Srila Prabhupad's pushpa samadhi in the background

Greeting the Deities standing waist deep in water, some devotees up on the sub-altar

....parikrama around the Pancha Tattwa temple room, the altar behind the boat

front gate now totally flooded

Life goes on outside the compound wall on the main road

27th September 2006

Sorry for the big files but tomorrow most likely no electricity then computers become paper I will send what I can that is good now...
This is the most incredible experience  that I have had yet in this because of the flood I was able to (with flippers on of course swim around the all the deities 4 times.........a first in Their history) was so embarrassing I tried to keep it low key but 5 bengalis attacked me in front of the Panca Tattva. I tried to swim underwater along the smooth marble bottom, but to no avail they still got me and when they found out what I had on my feet, they picked me out of the water and brought me right before the Panca Tattva for embarrassing.........BUSTED! Yukta Vairagya?? Hmnnn!? can never hide anything from the Lords.............I finished my circumambulation after being released and snuck out praying to the Lords that I didn't cross over the line to far this time and then swam out the door over the park, along the long building to the front gate , then around the samadhi back to the temple where Pankajanri and Jananivasa waited playing with all the boys. They were all diving at each others feet and then again they attacked me holding my arms and when Pankajanri saw the aqautic gear........ was shocked........he .........then licked the fins!!!..........oh Visnu Visnu is a really tight family here..........Then Jananivasa and I had a competition in pushing from the wall right below Radha Madhava  across the platform which has 2 inches then of water on it, both sliding into the deeper water out front............I have never seen the twins so angelic and naughty........

Brahmacaris moving things out of the first floor

Conch is about to blow

Genarator behind brahamacari ashram when the water hits this buildings top floor...sniff sniff more electricity

 Now flooded...we take our meals on top of the brahmachari ashram now

 brahmachari ashram...first floor half flooded

Brahmachari bowling lane closed for 2 weeks

Panca Tattva Temple

Fields behind the Temple

Lotus fountain has some competition

Where did all the guests all go?...long time passing...

 Brocalli heads before the Samadhi

One couple arrive for the greeting of the deities

What used to be the Main Entrance to the temple - Now Court Yard for watersports 11 am be there and be square...

Veiw from Melbourne Room...Ganga Front Realestate

Lotus Building appreciated  ('s a tip Get a boat)

That's right you can just swim in and take sheter

Parikrama Boat

See how much anxiety the devotees are?

Tomorrow the Ganga will be touching ifnot massaging the Lords legs

Leaving the Temple

Srila Prabhupada's Bhajan Kutir Hut near the front gate.........Gaura Nitai now on Panca Tattva Altar

Hard going out the front gate but fun coming back in

A view of Ganga's swift currents

Iskcon Youth looking for adventure...saw them later jumping off a high dive in the Samadhi Kunda

Poor devotees are suffering so much...please send donations to the distressed room #72 brahmacari room

Samadhi at the Samadhi

Be careful of the speed bump

From near Govinda's resturant looking toward the Yajnasala, long building in background

......the Long building......basement rooms are way under water

Tato Sumo now has enough water in the radiator

 Srila Prabhupada's Park, steps leading up to GBC conference rooms, etc., and entrance to Pancha tattwa temple (left)

The Lotus fountain, looking toward the temple from the Long Building

A the dry of the Long Building

Bannana Boat

Martial Arts Practice

Golden Waters by Brahmachari Ashram

Managers and servants in ecstasy

Mobile Phones kept dry in green pouch

28th September 2006

The government said that the water level would go down today at 11 am, but it seems to stay at the one foot increase from yesterday...electricity is still on...sadly we have has a possible two persons, a mataji and her son almost drown as their boat tipped over in swift currents...they are in the hospital now and have not been able to come to consciousness...please pray for them...ysbss

Looking toward the Gada building - prasadam hall downstairs on right where cream coloured doors are

28th September 2006 continued

Just look at the photos and see for yourself...........please act quickly and send
your donations to help those in need...........WU will be acceptable to
Bhaktisiddhanta Swami room #72 brahmacari ashram (smile).......

 Poor Sita surrounded by deep waters

Emergency Raft

 Self  defense

Watersfights  (Pankajanri in the middle)

Pankajanri inspiring gator skills

 The Boys having fun

Another Bliss Boy

Swami Flood Fashions

No desk or chair available for our travel agency commander

Locals are prepared

Troops Raid Radha Madhava's Pujari room for rations - maha-prasadam ki jaya

Simple flood diet for our lads...

Hari Sauri's Tulasi Kirtan

keep coming back and see if the floods have risen or what the developments are.......maharaj will send pics until the electricity is off everywhere and no more e-mail

Gauranga ..........

A note from Bhaktisiddhanta Swami:

Dear Prabhus,

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

 We have had 3 sad casualties in the heavy currents in the Ganga 300 meters
up from Yoga Pita,  Sujitindriya's (who runs the Mayapur gift store) wife,
son and brother have left their bodies in Krsnanaga after their boat turned
over. Mataji is the grand daughter of Srila Prabhupada.

 Sujitindriya is left alone to care for all the ladies. Perhaps he can be helped.


Read the full report from Hari Sauri prabhu HERE help contact Maharaj HERE

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Many more pictures of Mayapur in flood September 2006 taken by Padmalochan ACBSP prabhu's wife Vrindavan Lila devi dasi

Further updates and fotos from Mayapur flood:

Your  servant, Vrindavan Lila Dasi

Precautions during floods

Mayapur Flood Report - 2006

By Sankarshan Nitai Dasa

In Chronological Sequence

24 Sept 06

Floods in Mayapur are usually caused by release of water from various Dams which are about 100km upstream. Around noon, the local government officials informed ISKCON management that they were releasing water down stream gradually. ISKCON Mayapur management immediately swung into action and convened a meeting of the Department heads at 4:00pm to discuss preventive measures and relief action.

The strategy evolved at this meeting was to inform all devotees who are staying at the ground level to shift into one of the guest houses as soon as the Ganges water begins to trickle into the campus. At the guest houses, these devotees would also be provided with prasadam.

ISKCON Mayapur is separated from Ganga by the Bhaktisiddanta Thakur road. However our campus is below the road level. When the Ganges water reaches this road level, the threat of flood is imminent. ISKCON Mayapur management precisely pre-empted this and engaged the services about 100 Brahmacharis who worked tirelessly throughout the night in placing sand bags at the edge of the road to prevent water from flowing into the campus. Such an attempt had successfully prevented our campus from flooding in 2004 when a similar situation arose.

25 Sept06

5:00am - There appeared to be no threat of a major flood. Things were well under control.

6:30am - Brahmacaris had by now placed 2 more layers of sand bags (making a total of 3) at the edge of the road.

9:30am - Water began to rise above the sand bags near the service gate and started at first trickling and then gushing into the campus.

10:00am - It became evident that there was no chance to prevent the flood.

10:00am - 5:00pm – Water was continuously gushing into the campus.

5:00pm - Mother Ganga made her entry into the temple courtyard

7:15pm The evening Sandhya Arati was special. As soon as the tumultuous Gaura Arati kirtan concluded and bramacharis began to circumambulate the temple headed by HH Bhaktisidantha Maharaja, Mother Ganga made her way into the temple to have darshan of Sri Sri Radhamadava, Sri Sri Panchatattva & Sri Narasimhadeva.

The devotees offered puja to Mother Ganga with flowers and incenses. The kirtan had reached new ecstatic levels. It was a unique experience for many devotees in the temple hall.

9:00 pm – Ganges water was at knee level in the campus and the inflow was continuing.

Children – Under the care of the parents / guardians the children were playing happily and wading and splashing in the water.

Seva puja for the Deities – Pankajanghri Pr informed us that the sevas were going on steadily and would continue in the same way until water reaches the altar level, if at all!!

Health – The ISKCON Pharmacy has been moved to Chakra building room # 142 to cater to the needs of the community.

Educational Institutions - Bhaktivedanta National School authorities have moved official documents and furniture to the next higher floor of their school building. The school will remain closed for 2 weeks. Sri Mayapur International School’s vacation for their students and staff this year began just before the onset of the floods. It was a timely coincidence. Sri Rupanuga Paramarthika Vidyapith has declared a holiday for its students.

Goshala - Gaurahari Pr has confirmed that the cows are safe and are well above the water level .

Transport to/from Mayapur – Buses and Vehicles are plying from Baman Pukur Bazaar – near Chand Kazi Samadhi. This is about 3 km from our campus.

Security – Jagadartiha Prabhu has informed us that the security situation is under control and no untoward incidents have happened.

Electricity / water – Presently the electric power supply, phone lines and Broadband internet access are not disrupted.

For some of the Flood pictures, please click here and visit Photo Gallery. We’ll keep updating you about the flood situation if we continue to have Internet access.

Written by Sankarshan Nitai Dasa

Padmalochan prabhu ACBSP on the goshala road.

12:30 pm 28th, the water has stopped rising, but we have just got news that one barrage has broken and 1 foot more water is coming towards us by tonight.

The water entered Panchatatvas alter yesterday evening, Lord Narasimha is no longer being dressed accept for a simple piece of cloth as whatever cloth is offered gets wet within an hour. Full worship is continuing. Srila Prabhupada has been taken to the top floor of the conch building and guru puja is going on there. The small deities and salagrams will most probably be moved to the conch building in the morning.

Unfortunately yesterday at 4:30 pm 27th, three devotees drowned when their bout turned over. Suchitendra's wife [Gouri Devi dasi, Srila Prabhupada's grand daughter] and daughter plus his brother all died in the accident. (read about it HERE)

Power is still on in most of the areas but the main grihaster area is only getting generator power for a few hours a day. The Ganga's current has increased and it is not so easy to move around. The humidity is very high and there are a lot of smelly fumes coming from the water.

ys Padmalochan Dasa ACBSP  (husband of Vrindavan Lila mataji see her sites in the links area)

From: "Padmalochan (das) ACBSP (Mayapur - IN)" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 14:12 +0530
Subject: Mayapur flood update

1:30 pm 29th the waters have stoped rising and went down a little but now
rains are forecast for the next three days. The rains are starting as I type.

We went to the boy¹s ashram yesterday afternoon they are without power and
drinking water, they have a boat so some of the boys go to the main temple
area every day to bring water and food.

Last night 11:00 pm Gouri Devi dasi, her daughter and brother in law were
cremated at the Goshala.

The rain is pouring and the skies are black.

Padmalochan dasa

Date: Sat, 30 Sept  2006 14:23 +0530
Subject: Mayapur flood update

2:00 pm 30th it is raining steadily although there were clear skies all
morning and the water has gone down by four inches.

The water left Panchatatvas alter this morning.

Power is still on almost every were although there are regular breaks of 15 to 20 minutes.

Dysentery and fever is the main problem at the moment for most devotees.

Padmalochan das