World Environment Day
5th June Every Year

updated 15th March 2004

Changing the face of the Earth, Giving the children new birth.
Opening their eyes to the spiritual sky, showing them what life's really worth.
(Mangalananda dasa - Michael Cassidy)

From a Krishna conscious perspective what does this mean? What can we do to help?

There are many simple practical things that individuals can do, that groups of people can do, that entire communities can do, and that human society in general can do to emprove things in tangible ways, that will have an immediate effect on the environment around us, and a subtle effect due to the consciousness under which it is done.

Stop poluting the environment:
personal - stop intake of harmful toxins; nicotine - tobaco, drugs of dependence, caffein, alcohol, adopt a vegetarian life-style.
communial - make others aware of these dangers, and the results of these dangers.
social - put articles in newspapers and magazines exposing poluting factors and offer a positive alternative way of life.

There are many factors that can be addressed directly through the philosophy and life-style of Krishna consciousness, as mentioned in the following web-pages:

Changing the Face of the Earth campaign

The Environment and Economic Development

If each and every one of us take it upon ourselves and display some personal self discipline in what we do, what we eat, what we use in the world, by first looking at the nature of each of them according to Bhagavad Gita's teachings; are things environmentally friendly - in the mode of goodness; are they a real dire necessity in life, or an unnecessery burden to get, to deal with, and to dispose of - mode of passion; or are they dangerous in every way, destined to bring about harm, self destruction, or even global destruction through their use, through their disposal etc. - mode of ignorance.

In this day and age there are more environmentally aware options available in society if we just take a few moments to look. Once we have found items that are environmentally friendly; through limiting waste, and where waste is essential "grey waste/grey water", proper filtration methods, examining and choosing packaging, disposal through re-cycling, etc.

We can look at a few items here:
Use organic produce where possible - but still check as some use blood and bone of animals under "organic flags"
Use products that have not caused others suffering to attain them
Avoid anything that has exploited or harmed others, including animal bodies.
Avoid anything/anyone that has implicated or manipulated other's economy through wars etc.........
Support those who try to create sustained ecology environments - permaculture, organics etc.
Don't waste the energy given to us; be it food, wealth, time, they are opulences, not to be gambled and lost....

Sri Isopanishad tells us that there's been given an alotted amount for each of us according to our karma and that we should not encroach upon others' alotted domains. We cannot get more happiness than is destined to us, as we cannot also get less, what is our portion can only be achieved, if we do exploit another then as a thief is punished we will also face a natural reaction called imballance. Imballances are now prominent all over the world and it is due to our lack of for-thought primarily that so much of this is going on.

Simple Living & High Thinking


"An old man, one year past his allotted threescore and ten, wandered into New York's East Village and set about to prove to the world that he knew where God could be found. In only three months, the man, Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta, succeeded in convincing the world's toughest audience -- Bohemians, acidheads, potheads and hippies -- that he knew the way to God: Turn Off, Sing Out, and Fall in. This new brand of holyman, with all due deference to Dr. Leary, has come forth with a brand of 'Consciousness Expansion' that's sweeter than acid, cheaper than pot, and nonbustible by fuzz. How is all this possible? 'Through Krishna,' the Swami says."

(From The East Village Other, October 1966) opposed to Sinful Living and No Thinking !!!

Encroachment into the everglades - Florida
Encroachment into the Amazon HERE & HERE
.....deforestation of the Amazon to fatten live-stock for animal slaughter
 Anthropogenic Changes and Effects on Land Surfaces Worldwide

Vegetarianism and Beyond

Remember the Valdez oil pollution disaster in Alaska?
Get a reminder here at

This is just one example, and it happens time and time again around the world

Could it happen again ???

Indonesia's Burning off forests.............

....................come it isn't that difficult !!!!!!

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