The "isms" page

The solution to all problems in the world is Krishna or God consciousness that is FREE from personal motivation, or political gain.

If we can be thus Krishna conscious then it is posible that harmony will spread throught the world.

Spiritual solutions to material problems

There have been so many "isms"; communism, capitalism, feminism, liberalism, so many - all reactionary to challenges of the material realm. Their scurrying around trying to organise their petty ideals is compared to re-aranging the deck-chairs as the Titanic is sinking below the waves.

Suicidal Civilization page - discussion with HDG Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada:

And the arguments go on, year after year.............

Prabhupäda: That is still less intelligence, still less intelligence. Kartäham iti manyate.
Svarüpa Dämodara: Because life is something which is beyond experimental knowledge...
Prabhupäda: That means they do not know. Say that, “beyond experimental knowledge” or “beyond your capacity.”
Svarüpa Dämodara: Still, they are hesitant to say that.
Prabhupäda: That is their poor fund of knowledge. A gentleman will accept, “Yes, we do not know.” But they, in round about way, in order to keep their position, they’ll bluff. That is most dangerous, bluffing.
Svarüpa Dämodara: That’s the difficulty.
Prabhupäda: Yes. No, that is the... If one wants to be cheated and wants to cheat others, you cannot... Sarpaù krüraù khalaù krüraù. There are crooked living entities; one who is snake, and one is man. So you can control the snake, but you cannot control this rascal crooked man. That is very difficult. Khalaù kena niväryate. He’ll remain crooked, however you say. I told you that story? Scissor? Scissor? Yes. Because he’s human being, he’ll persist, and the other one, the animal, you can bring her, bring that animal under control. But because he is human being, you cannot bring him under control. He will persist.
Gurukåpä: What was that story of Caesar?
Prabhupäda: Huh? Tell him.
Satsvarüpa: Scissors. Two men were arguing...
Gurukåpä: Oh, the scissors.
Prabhupäda: Scissor logic.
Devotee: What is that?
Satsvarüpa: One man said a knife was used...
Prabhupäda: Yes.
Satsvarüpa: ...and the other said, “No, it was a scissor that was used.” And they began arguing back and forth, and finally one man who held that it was a knife, he threw the other man in the river...
Prabhupäda: That “You accept that it is done by scissor.” So he said, “No, I won’t tolerate.” Then he pushed him in the water. Then he was doing like this. (laughter) Scissor logic.
Bhägavata: Argumentum vaculam.
Prabhupäda: That was used. He was put in the water. “Either you accept or I shall push you in the water.” “No, I’ll not accept.” (laughter) So these rascals are like that. They are failure. They cannot. Still, they’ll do, (laughter)
(A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. 1st February 1977. Morning Walk in Bhubaneshwar, India.)