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last updated 12th September 2014

"Achyutanad Prabhu shares a very special relation with Giriraj Ji. He has crossed all human boundaries in serving the Lord, either directly with his Prem Snigdh Shringaar that he does, or indirectly by serving the devotees of the Lord. Probably that is the reason he receives such strong reciprocation from his Giridhari and its a very mutual relation they both share - serving, protecting and loving each other. Always lost in the thoughts of each other. That is the reason I call Achutanand Prabhu a Favourite of the Lord. Below are some of the Captivating Pictures of our Giridhari; the beautiful Shringaar done by Achutanand Prabhu."

Giridhari speaks to him through his Deep (Deeper than the Oceans) Eyes.

Giridhari maharaj ki jayho

Giridhari in his Red Hot look.. Ready to steal the Hearts.

Giridhari in a Flamboyant look.

When Giridhari showed his LOVE for Sri Radhe by writing her name on himself. His Exuberant Pagdi danced with Ecstasy.

This Flawlessly Curly look of the Pagdi looks so attractive on him.

His Rosiness and his Smiling Lips showed his Erotic mood that day..

On this day Sri Krishna himself personally held Achutanand Prabhu by the hand and made him do this  Extraordinary Shringaar.

Lord Govind through his MERCY upon us made us design this Vrindavan for him. Lord Keshav is Wonderful.

He is Smart, Clever yet Extremely Sweeeet. He is our Care Taker. By his Causeless Mercy he has made us his Servant. HE makes arrangement for the service, HE helps us serve and HE receives service from us. Everything from Head to Toe is done by HIM but yet HE Thanks US by reciprocating with US. Achuyatanand Prabhu often says that if someday he stopped reciprocating with us because of our bad Karma, we wont be able to question him for Anything. As we did Nothing, his Mercy was always Causeless. Such is the Lordship of My Lord and such is my Lord.

He Stands Out.. decorated in White Flowers.. The Perfection of his Pagdi is Exemplary.

How can he ever Smile Straight knowing that he is a lot More Attractive than a Peacock. The Agitator of Hearts..

An Exotic Look!!

This is when his Pagdi was spoiled during his Love Sports with the Vrajangnas..

The Hue of his Golden Tilak and the Flowery Kapols were once claimed to be the Stellar Stealer of Hearts.

I wish to write a lot on his Lips in this Picture.. but some things are better unsaid.. Intensely Appealing!!

A Budding new Tilak and Flower Shringaar on Kapols looks so bright and refreshing in the season of Spring.

This Lost look sitting between Pristine White Flowers and wearing that Black and White Pagdi was Transdental that day.

The Impeccable Tilak along with the Expertly knotted Soft Pagdi

Our Giridhari celebrating Christmas and Rejuvenating our lives.

Srimad Bhagavatam. - 3.2.12
(Sri Uddhav told Vidurji)- "That form of Lord Krishna was meant to perform pastimes in
this world. He had manifested that form to exhibit the power of His Yogmayi. Even He
was wonder struck by His Own beauty. Lady Fortune too covets it. He is so handsome
that He needs no ornament to beautify Himself; instead He beautifies the ornaments He wears."

Our Giridhari proves this everyday without any effort...

madhuram madhuram vapurasya vibhor
madhuram madhuram vandanam madhuram,
madhu – gandhi mridu – smita – meta meta – daho madhuram,
madhuram madhuram madhuram (K.K.92)

Sriman-Mahaprabbhu Who was afloat in the flood of Sri Krishna's sweetness, expressed
the sweet meaning of this verse from Sri Krishna-Karnamritam to Sanatan Goswami in
the following manner –

"O Sanattan! Krishna's sweetness is an ocean of nectar, while my heart is like a typhoid–
patient. It wants to devour the entiire ocean. Nevertheless, Dr. Misfortune does not allow
me to drink a single drop.

Krishna's body is like a sweet dish with a sweet filling inside it. And His moon–face is
sweeter than sweet. And His moonlight smiile is sweeter than sweeter than sweet.

He is sweeter than sweet, sweeter than that, still sweeter than THAT!!! A single drop of
this sweetness immerses entire creation while the sweet filling floods all the directions.�

Krishna Karnamrit - Verse 13
"The beauty of Sri Krishna's eyes is wonderful. They are ras-full and
look even more remarkable since they are full of love for Sri Radha!
He is signalling Her to go to a secluded flower grove. The naturally
beautiful eyes are now studded with Sri Radharani's love, as if a
beautiful gold ornament has been decorated with diamonds. His
eyes are glowing with love for Radharani. Obviously, they now
appear supremely attractive to Sri Lilashuk who is in the mood of a sakhi."

Krishna Karnamrit - Verse 14
When Sri Radha deserted the Radha-floor, Sri Krishna Who is the reservoir of all joy
remembered the pleasure of sporting with Her in seclusion. Here He is signalling to Her
for nocturnal pastimes. Hence, His beautiful form is expressing unlimited nectarine
ecstasy. We can see His beautiful face wearing a ras-full smile. What sort of smile? It is a
soft smile that only Sri Radha can decipher. His face is like the full moon and His smiles
are like moon rays. These rays agitate the ocean of
Sri Krishna's sweetness and cause huge waves in it.
This ocean is full of passionately intoxicating waves.
Sri Radharani's intoxicates this divine youthful Madan (Sri Krishna).
Hence, we call this bhav as Madan".

I have seen his Smile getting more Beautiful, more Attractive and more Magical everyday.
It is like an Addiction, an Attraction, a Taste that goes on increasing and bears no limits, unlike the Tastes of the Material World.

Our Lord! Our Giridhari! Sri Madhav! He has been EVERYTHING for us. He has shared all sorts of Relationships with us.
He has been a Father while protecting us, an Elder Brother while guiding us, a Mother while caring for us and also a Lover while making us feel the intimacy between us.
The more I write about him, the lesser I feel. So I believe I should give the Words some rest and let the Feelings and Love Blossom in our Hearts.
Again as Achuyatanand Prabhu says - Feelings hold value only till they are inside a Throbbing Heart, they become value less as soon as they come out.

Oh Madhav! let our hearts boil, let our tears shed, let our bodies tremble in Love for you.
Allow us to be Crazy about you, allow us to go Mad. We have read in your scriptures once; if someone surrenders unto you, you don't leave that person ever.
So let me tell you something.. Even we didn't start this relation to End it.
Let the time Spin its Wheel, let the Karma play its Role and Allow the Circumstances to act own their own.
We are not going to leave you EVER. I don't have Scriptures to back my lines but that is the word of your servant.
That is the word of your DAS and a good servant is exctly like his Master. Then we shall see who Loved more...

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