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last updated 14th March 2008

Sri Gajendranath

the history is about 2 years ago, some indu woman that i teach astrology ask for me to help her relatives, contact to me by internet, there are from a Brahmin family with a great mood and faith, send to me his information and i advise something with remedial meansure, later ask for me about my fees, i said only a daksina, then said that send for me something special for me, my mood and my advise workd, two weeks later i receive a wonderfull salagram sila, i call them and said for me this is a Krsna-Ganapathi Salagram Sila is so hard to get because is not easy to find, i ask to my Guru and He blessing me and gave the name:Sri Gajendranath and i worship since this time.

I share to you and attach a picture that i hope you can post in your amazing webpage.

Your Servant:

Ambujaksa dasa

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