Anand Keshava Murthy - Chennai (Madraas), India
last updated 22nd June 2012

Jagannath rath yatra-2012 in my home

New rath for Jagannath balabadra subadra and sudarshan

With New Cloths before alankar

after alankar, inside the rath

Jagannath with his colour Yellow with abaya muthra

Baladev wit blue, subadra with red and jagannath with yellow attire

Neela chakra on the top of the rath

deities inside the rath

sudarshan salagram in the front

Neivedyam which i prepared for jagannath ji

Aarthi is performed to the deities

upacharam are performed to the lord

shadari in the front of the deity

salagram aradhana




salagram aarathanam

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