last updated - 5th August 2008


You wish to have painted eyes for your Sila it is my greatest pleasure to try to help if Silas you serve does not mind. To place you order you have to make following decisions.

1. Material eyes painted on (look in eyes section).
2. Size (measure your Sila).
3. Shape (look in eyes section).
4. Budget

Please send me your decisions, Silaís name, photo, size and some words about. Iíll try to do something and then will send you photo of what have being painted to chouse.

At the moment I have ceramic on cupper eyes and mother of pearl carved eyes. Also I have simple form eyes made of pearl colour conch and bigger eyes painted on small Puri conches. Also small eyes painted on small conches available are.

Advantage of ceramic on metal is long-term use and solidity.
Advantage of mother of pearl is unparalleled beauty.

In ceramic and conch eyes I charge only for work and no charge for material.
Extra charge is for the eyes carved from mother (from 50 to 1000 rupees depends on size and quality).

Budget. Usually you can get eyes from $10 to $300 per pair. So just quote a price and you will get accordingly. Simple quality eyes can be ready in one day. Better painting takes from few weeks to month or more.


The best is to fix them on Sila with a beeswax. Otherwise you can use vegetarian adhesive like Bostick Blu-tack or White tack.
Usually I send with eyes piece of beeswax.

SPECIAL REQUEST!!! Please when you give massage to your Sila, avoid to put scented oil into eyes. This oil can melt after long use not only eyes, but everything around. The best if you give massage to your Lord with ghee or other herbal oil and use scented oil just as a perfume.


The devotees can place orders in advance through the e-mail on this page and pay through Western Union money transfer to me in Volzhskiy town  (Volgograd region) and I can mail the items to them or I'll bring their orders to Mayapur Gaura Purnima Festival 2006.
If we meet in Mayapur it is better as there they will see if they like or not and if the eyes sit beautifully on their Silas. It is the best, for it is one thing is to see your order on photo and to put on Sila. Sometimes they do not perfectly match. Eyes have to be YOUR SILAís eyes.

But if I have order in advance I prefer to make options, mean to make double or triple order and then person can choose which is better in presence of Sila.

Also there in Mayapur I do paint jobs on Silas and Deities.  Usually I charge 2000 Rupees for middle size Deities (without painting lotus), 3000 for very small (with lotus), and from 3000 up to $300 for big Ones. Depends on quality. Pair of Deities (if nothing complicated) takes 2-5 days. If this Deities are already worshiped, pujaris have to take off colour themselves. But we can discuss maybe some part of colour they can leave.

BUT ! Even with higher payment I do not do this myself because I do not have time.
But if this year I'll have assistance for many orders are expected my assistant will help me. ys, MKdd

Contact: Madhurya Kadambini devi dasi RSP