Baladeva Vidyabhusana dasa (BVKS ) from Slovenija - Ljubljana  &
Lalasamayi devi dasi ( GPS) Mexico - Guadalajara
last updated 3rd January 2010

All Salagram & Govardhan silas & Krsna Balaram dieties is given to us by Damana Krsna Prabhu. Dvaraka Sila is given to us by Mahavirya Prabhu . Daily puja is done by my wife Lalasamayi devi dasi a Guru Prasad Swami disciple. I don`t worship yet becouse i don`t have second initiation. I`m disciple of Bhakti Vikasa Swami.We will also send you photos of abhiseka festivals that we organize here in Slovenija we are planing to make a blog with one devotee. We will tell all details how silas came after .

I hope will not be too many photos i just send you few we have soo many more.

Your servants Baladeva Vidyabhusana das (BVKS ) from Slovenija -Ljubljana  &
Lalasamayi d.d. ( GPS) Mexico -Guadalajara

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27th April 2009

Ugra Nrsimha

Kurma sila is our Pradhan sila

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