Iskcon Bhadrakh - Orissa India
last updated 5th June 2006

Recently when in India 2005 some devotees showed me pictures of Jagannath Baladev Subhadra that had been carved over six feet tall, and the devotee told me of how they went to the Kali Gandhaki river to find Saligrams that would be placed inside the Dharu-brahman of Jagannath after being plated in gold (we are hoping and praying that some pictures and story of that will also come our way soon).

We are expecting those pictures and report anytime now, but prabhus please don't hold your breath while waiting.........

You can visit their page here and even contribute to assisting the Lord in His wonderful temple there.

Iskcon Bhadrakh: the shilas (below) that were placed in the Dharu-brahman of Jagannath after being encased in gold

Please visit this temple's page showing some of the installation and opening

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