Bhadrasena dasa & Gitavali devi dasi - DAS - Auckland, NZ
last updated 30th October 2014

Krishna decorated with flowers before going off with the cows this morning:-)

13th August 2014

Gaura Nitai and Sri Vatsa this morning

2nd January 2014

Krishna this morning. 2014 jan.

30th September 2011

Sri Vatsa

This Saligram was originally gifted to Jaya Tirtha Charan dasa by Ameyatma prabhu 1996ish. HH Devamrita swami asked JTCd if he had any nice Salagram to give to his disciples and Sri-vatsa put up His hand. Devamrita swami kindly gave Sri-vatsa into the care of Bhadrasen prabhu and his good wife mother Gitavali.


darshan on 8th July 2011

My Sweet Lord ... i really want to see you ... i really want to be with you. And now he lives with US ... George Harrison was right ....

Beauty ...... aahhhhhh

oh Govinda!!!!

Sri Vatsa with new green necklace made by Sruti cari .... so sweet .... BS

Krsna is beautiful .....

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