Braj sevaki devi dasi - Mayapur, India
last updated 19th August 2014

Chota's new 22K smile and tilak. And altar....Happy Janmastami

(the smile and tilak are 22K gold, solid. The altar is 22K plated)

It's the Boys via Xoom pic listening to the sounds of monsoon Mayapur

20th June 2014

Chota-lal's altar

A seriously elegant Gaura....

Nitai in a skirt made years ago, Their "tulasi dress," a soft green lace with sequins the colour of Krishna-manjaris. So He wanted tulasi in His hair today


The Boys on the first day They were worshipped, installed on Panca-tattva's altar by Jananivasa & Pankajanghri prabhus and the other pujaris on Janmastami in 2007.
Please note that They are positioned between Gaura and Gadadhara, the SMALL Panca-tattva Deities! Tiny sweet dancers

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