Caitanya Bhagavat dasa

Caitanya Bhagavat prabhu is the head pujari in San Diego, California - Iskcon.

T he whole altar. Gaura Nitai are the original deities from Laguna Beach... the Ones that Srila Prabhupada took darshan of a few times. The marble semi-circle peice of marble under Them is also part of the original altar.

Ananta and Sadasiva (Salagrama)... self explanitory photo

Balarama looking very dashing

Balarama looking even more dashing the next day

Relax for a moment with Ganapati

Balarama with His Younger Brother

Kurma. Mandara Mountain with Vasuki wrapped around on top of Him (I found This Salagram sitting on top of some stones on the Gandaki just like this. On Their left is Mohini Murti with a small sudarshan Dvarkara sila and small Danvantari in front. [The whole pastime!]

Matsya Avatara

Another of Matsya with Visnu next to Him

Close up of Mohini Murti

Varahadeva and Shanti Nrsimha sitting on His left

Sri Vishnu

The stories how each one came coming soon.

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