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last updated 2nd January 2010

Founder Acharya of ISKCON Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad.

H.H.Bhakti aloka Tapasvi Maharaja, He is Srila Prabhupada's disciple from Croatia. He received sannyasa from Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja.
Maharaja is very very enthusiastic although 60 years old, he jumps like a little child during kirtans !

Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha Mandir, Pula - Croatia



Sri Guru Gauranga jayatah !

Dear devotees.

This Govardhana sila is so beautiful and it was given to me by Srimati Sasavata pavana mataji.
She is Srila Prabhupada's disciple from France.I gave her also two Salagrama silas.

Giriraja Maharaja ki-jay !

Candra pati dasa

Candra Pati dasa and his spiritual family back in Slovenia


Dear devotees,

Here are the most beautiful Salagrama silas in the world( that goes for my Salagramas of course), because each and every devotee thinks in that very same way- Krishna is mine or I'm Krishna's!

Govindaji  came 7 years ago, He is with his crown, then came the beautiful Ananta sila,closed and opened - He came to me in a very mystical way a few months after Govindaji, and then the Salagramas kept coming, so I coudn't worship them all ( They were around 20) so I decided to give some of Them to the Brazilian devotees while I was living in Brazil ).

So, you can see the beautiful Krishna Balaram - black and white, and a little Dvaraka sila -  the  little cow who is taking rest!!!
The Varaha sila sitting in the silver asana looks very attractive, there are also two Salagramas that I got just a few months ago. there are together happily smiling!

Sri Sri Nitay Gauracandra and Sri Sri  Radha Syamasundar are here to bless us too !!!

Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva Ki -Jay

It is a very special mercy to have that spiritual family!

Hare Krishna!

Candra pati dasa


taken at Pula Balaram festival 16th August 2008 - Appearance Day of Lord Balaram

taken at Pula Balaram festival 16th August 2008


The late Sriman Acyuta Krishna Prabhu

Dear devotees !

I've received two Salagrama silas back , but this time I feel nectar mixed with poison. They belonged to Acyuta Krishna Prabhu.

Sriman Acyuta Krishna Prabhu was a disciple of H.H. Hridayananda Das Goswami. Acyuta as I used to call him was very devoteed to Tulasi Devi, he lived in Franco da Rocha (state of Sao Paulo, Brazil ) and with his elder brother Sri Krishna and his family they changed the life of many people-by distributing Prasadam and organizing huge festivals, like Ratha Yatra .

He was very humble and ready to serve whoever he met without any discrimination.

In his sadhana he was very strict, always chanting his rounds, fasting for Ekadashi and above all, he was always enthusiastic.

With his big car (Veraneia) called Gauranga and Sri Krishna's car Nityananda, they used to travel to different festivals around Brazil – both cars were literally packed with devotees !!!

Once we traveled together  to Gaura Vrindavana farm, where H.H. Purushatraya Swami kindly invited both of us  to see his Salagrama Silas .He had a metal trunk full of Salagramas.

With Acyuta we couldn't believe  our eyes – such beautiful Salagrama we have seen and each Salagrama was carefully enveloped in a piece of paper and Maharaja opened them one by one.I remember that Maharaja showed us his own Salagrama Sila, very beautiful indeed.

Three years ago- the day H.H. Bhakti Tirtha  Swami came for the first time to Franco da Rocha Temple, I gave Acyuta one Salagrama , the big one , the next day we sat together and did the puja. Acyuta also received a Salagrama and a Govardhana sila from H.H.Rasananda Swami.

Then last year before leaving Brazil I gave Acyuta one more Salagrama ( Kalki , the black and white one).

On the 1st. of June 2006 Acyuta drove us to the Sao Paulo airport, where we hugged and cried in separation for the last time.

Acyuta  left his body in a car accident on the 30 th. of may 2007, he was only 33 years old.

 All glories to Sriman Acyuta Krishna Prabhu !!!!

All glories to Sri Salagrama Sila  !!!!

Candra pati dasa

Dear devotees,

The Salagrama and Dwaraka silas present in Govinda Asrama November 2008

Giriraja decided to leave me and go back to France.
I hope that one day, I will have enough devotion to keep Giriraja for a longer period,but what
can I say is truth:the worship of Salagrama is sweeter than honey !!!!


Candra pati dasa


January 2010

Giriraja came,He was given to me by  a very humble pujari in Vrindavan,now the family is complete !
Hare Krishna,
Candra pati dasa

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